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Pub Quiz Week 4 | Game Of Thrones

  • Listed: April 2, 2019 21:43
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Are you a true Game Of Thrones fan?

20 questions – 3 minutes




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#1 How many actors have played the role of Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)?

#2 During her teenage years, believing that her betrothal to Rhaegar would soon be announced, Cersei brought her companions Melara Hetherspoon and Jeyne Farman to a witch. What was the name of the witch?

#3 ‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die’ is a famous saying in the series. Who did Queen Cersei first mention this to?

#4 What is the name of the poison that was used to kill King Joffrey at the Purple Wedding?

#5 What did Tyrion Lannister murder his father with?

#6 ‘Any man who must say, I am the king, is no true king’. Who made this statement?

#7 Bran Stark has a gift of seeing beyond the time he is in; he could see the future as well as the past. What name is given to people with this gift?

#8 Daenerys is known by many phenomenal names but which of these is not one of them?

#9 Jon Snow was given a gift after saving Lord Commander Mormont’s life from the wight that attacked the wall. What was its name?

#10 What does ‘valar dohaeris’ mean?

#11 Which woman said this memorable line to a Kingsguard: ‘You sound like a bloody woman’?

#12 What is Davos Seaworth most notable for?

#13 Who named Peter Baelish, Littlefinger?

#14 Westeros was originally inhabited by ________?

#15 Lord Varys is also nicknamed…..

#16 One of these tribes does not belong: Stone Crows, Burned Men, Second Sons and Black Ears. Pick the odd one out.

#17 Who ordered Ned Stark to be beheaded, despite Ned’s confession of treason and offer of fealty?

#18 ‘Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe’. Who said this?

#19 At the Siege of Meereen what does Daenarys catapult over the walls?

#20 The Nights Watch consists of three groups. Which one of the following is not one of them?



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