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51.Which Little Miss is never on time?

52.What Country borders Chile to the East?

53.What urbane film star started life as Reginald Carey?

54.Who was Queen Mary I’s mother?

55.A woman who is head of the family, is called a what?

56.Dogs are colour blind… True or False?

57.When did Gibraltar become a British Colony. 1713, 1723 or 1733?

58.Which 60s pop group was noted for its humorous parodies?

59.Who said: ‘The Lamps are going out all over Europe’?

60.What feline word describes a quick snooze?

61.How man ‘golds’ did Rebecca Adlington win at the 2008 Olympics?

62.In which Century was Jane Austen born?

63.From which tree do acorns come?

64.How many degrees does a right-angled triangle?

65.Which Canadian city is across the river from Detroit?

66.Who took over from Roger Moore as ‘The Saint’ on television?

67.In which County is the City of Norwich?

68.Which Jockey won the Derby in 2007 at his fifteenth attempt?

69.Who became known as the ‘Butcher of the Somme’?

70.Where in London is the National Gallery?

71.What is called ‘The Old Lady of Threadneedle street’?

72.In which war was the Battle of Balaclava?

73.What is the next prime number after 71?

74.Which best selling author also wrote as ‘Mary Westmacott’?

75.What is England’s largest national park?

76.How many hearts does Dr Who have?

77.What colour is Carmine?

78.Which grow upward, stalactites or stalagmites?

79.What blocks the sun’s ultra-violet rays?

80.Which famous riding school is in Vienna?

81.True or False: the average human body has more than 200 muscles?

82.What small yellow creatures are known by names including Dave, Stuart, Jerry, Tim, Mark, Phil and Kevin?

83.Percy, Gordon, Henry, James, Edward, Toby and Emily are characters from which TV Series?

84.Who is the Queen of England?

85.What day of the week do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

86.Which sport involves two small bats, a ball and a table?

87.Which important religious person lives at the Vatican?

88.What are the first names of the five members of One Direction?

89.What type of animal is Pluto, the Disney Character?

90.Can you unscramble this word to find the name of another type of fruit: LEMON?

91.Who was nicknamed the ‘Chingford Skinhead”?

92.What type of Alphabet is the NATO Alphabet?

93.Who was the first Bowler to take 400 Test Wickets?

94.In which 1975 Film is there a Character called Homer Simpson?

95.What terrorist group’s name means ‘The Base’?

96.What heroic figure ruled Scotland for 20 Years?

97.In what dance do yoy slap thighs, knees and soles of feet?

98.What film takes place on Skull Island?

99.Whose 2008 Debut album Rockferry went to No 1?

100.Whose Catchphrase was ‘It’s turned out nice again’?

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51.Little Miss Late


53.Rex Harrison

54.Catherine of Aragon




58.The Barron Knights

59.Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary (1914)







66.Ian Ogilvy


68.Frankie Dettori

69.Field Marshal Douglas Haig

70.Trafalgar Square

71.Bank of England

72.Crimean War


74.Agatha Christie

75.Lake District





80.Spanish Riding School



83.Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

84.Queen Elizabeth II


86.Table Tennis

87.The Pope

88.Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn

89.A dog


91.Norman Tebbit


93.Richard Hadlee

94.The Day of the Locust

95.Al Qaeda’s

96.Robert the Bruce


98.King Kong


100.George Formby’s


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