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Pot Luck Questions – Page 2

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Who topped the UK and US Charts with the Album ‘Kid’? Radiohead

Who played the part of Sergeant Bilko? Phil Silvers

Who is the Elder of the Neville Brothers? Gary

Which method of fast writing did Pitman develop? Shorthand

What type of egg is covered in sausage meat? Scotch Egg

Who played the bandit in Smokey and the Bandit? Burt Reynolds

In which Country was the first kidney transplant carried out? USA

Which Baseball team are Giants? San Francisco Giants

Which TV Series has characters called Gracie, Sicknote and George? London’s Burning

To within three years, when did Lester Piggott first ride a Derby Winner? 1954

Who has presented the BBC’s Question Time since 1994? David Dimbleby

Which sport is also a type of shirt? Polo

Which is further South, Italy or Switzerland? Italy

The character Sonny Corleone was in which sequence of movies? The Godfather

What colour is the flesh of an Avocado? Green

Which colour goes with the name of Mr Adair, the firefighter and oil well trouble-shooter? Red

What do mammary glands produce? Milk

In a Shakespeare Play, who kills Desdemona? Othello

Which Country has the time zones Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific? USA

The feet of Zebra’s take what form? Hooves

In which city is the Prado Art Gallery? Madrid

How many friends were there in the TV Series of the same name? Six

Andrew Ridgeley was the lesser known half of which famous pop duo? Wham!

What is the main filling ingredient in a quiche? Eggs

In which US State did the first Wal-Mart Store open? Arkansas

Which part of your body would interest a Rhinologist? Nose

Which British Bridge became the Worlds longest when completed in 1980? Humber

Mesopotamia was the ancient name for which modern-day country? Iraq

Colin Jackson was a World Record Holder in which event? Hurdles

Whose report in the 1940’s was vital in setting up the welfare state? William Beveridge

What is the maximum score with 3 darts? 180

In Which state is the US Open played? Georgia

Were the Eurythmics a duo, trio or quartet? Duo

Which three letters contain no straight lines? C, O & S

In Italy, what is mascarpone? Cheese

In board games, what colour is the Reverend in Cluedo? Green

Which mammals will expire when stranded on dry land? Whales

Which Countrys Capital is on the Potomac river? USA

In Which Country were the Winter Olympic’s held in Nagano? Japan

Teddy Bourne competed in Three Olympics at which event? Fencing

What is the minimum number of times the racket must hit the ball in a game of tennis? Four

Which company developed the iPod? Apple

Who was known as ‘The Godfather Of Soul’? James Brown

How many sides does a heptagon have? Seven

What was Saigon renamed after the North Vietnamese take-over? Ho Chi Minh City

Which Vera Lynn song was a No. 1 UK Hit in 1954? My Son, My Son

In finance what is an ISA? Individual Savings Account

Who was given Blenheim Palace as a reward for his Military Service? Duke Of Marlborough

In the Bible, who denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed twice? Peter

A Turk’s Head is a type of what? A Knot


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