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Pot Luck Questions – Page 3

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Who took over from David Blunkett as Secretary of State for Education in 2001? Estelle Morris

Who introduced Woman’s Hour and presented Radio 4’s Today from 1994 to 2002? Sue MacGregor

Ruthie Henshall and Ute Lemper were the first West End Stars of which Musical? Chicago

On what date does All Saints Day fall? 1 November

Which Musical does ‘Tell Me Its Not True’ come from? Blood Brothers

Ian Fleming’s Jamaican Home gave its name to which Bond Movie? Goldeneye

Banana and toffee are the main two ingredients of which pie? Banoffee

‘Rhythm of Life’ comes from which Musical? Sweet Charity

Who was the first British Player Pete Sampras faced in a Wimbledon Singles semi-final? Tim Henman

In which Year did the programme Blue Peter first appear on TV? 1958

In addition to your computer, what else does a modem need to be plugged into? Phone

Which Saint reputedly rid Ireland of snakes? Patrick

What is the Great Sphinx of Giza made out of? Rock

Who played Reggie Hammond in the movie 48 Hours? Eddie Murphy

Who was the presenter of the very first edition of Countdown on TV? Richard Whiteley

How many children did Princess Elizabeth have when she became Queen Elizabeth II? Two

Which Group had Hits including ‘Homely Girl’ and ‘Kingston Town’? UB40

Which John made the bestselling album ‘Rhymes and Reasons’? Denver

Who succeeded Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa and leader of the ANC? Thabo Mbeki

In which Year did the Trans-Siberian Railway open? 1904

Who was the White Witch in the 2005 version of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe? Tilda Swinton

Who was the first female to win five track and field medals at a single Olympics? Marion Jones

Hawthorn traditionally blooms in which Month? May

In which Country was King Juan Carlos of Spain born? Italy

Which Isle lies between England and Northern Ireland? Isle of Man

From which language does the word chassis originate? French

What was the central building of a castle called? Keep

Who became the first male tennis player to win 100 tournaments? Jimmy Connors

What was the first British top ten hit for Ray Charles? “Hit The Road Jack”

The Importance of being…. What was the name of an Oscar Wilde play? Earnest

What is the official currency of Liechtenstein? The Swiss Franc

In which village does Sid Perks run The Bull? Ambridge (The Archers)

What name is given to animals which do not hunt or eat meat? Herbivore

Which island is to the south of Australia? Tasmania

What used to go round at thirty-three and a third r.p.m? Long Playing Records

Porta-Vila is the capital of which island country? Vanuatu

Which female soul star made the album ‘I Never Loved a Man (the Way I Love You)? Aretha Franklin

Which ruler referred to the English as a nation of Shopkeepers? Napoleon Bonaparte

Who was poet laureate before Sir John Betjeman? Cecil Day Lewis

In which African country is Timbuktu? Mali

What is the name of Andy Capp’s wife? Flo or Florrie

What were Egyptians kings called? Pharaohs

Which musical is based on the story of Romeo and Juliet? West Side Story

Which London palace is famous for its outdoor maze created by hedges? Hampton Court

What is heraldic black called? Sable

Who became King of Spain in the 1970’s following General Franco’s death? Juan Carlos

Where in Ireland did the ‘Bloody Sunday’ shootings take place? Londonderry

What is the name of The Saint created by Leslie Charteris? Simon Templar

In which Century was Geoffrey Chaucer born? 14th

Whoopi Goldberg provided the voice of which character in The Lion King? Shenzi


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