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101.In Little Britain, who runs the fat-fighting class?

102.Which English Cathedral has the largest monastic cloister?

103.What was the first European nation to give Women the vote?

104.What colour is ‘Verdant’?

105.Where is the San Siro Stadium?

106.Who was South Africa’s second post-apartheid president?

107.Which instrument did Glenn Miller play?

108.On which English Canal is the Blisworth Tunnel?

109.What does the Russian Word Sputnik mean?

110.Which land creature has the biggest eyes?

111.Who was presented with a special MTV Award in 2005 for organising the Live8 Concert?

112.The Zodiac Sign Virgo, covers which two Calendar Months?

113.Is a poppadum crisp or soft?

114.In which City did Martin Luther King make his “I have a dream” speech?

115.What was St Petersburg called for much of the twentieth century?

116.Who was the star of the action movie Last Action Hero?

117.Which Cardinal, who later became Pope, led the opening prayer at John Paul II’s funeral?

118.What was the first UK Top Ten Hit for Bob Dylan?

119.Who wrote the novel Schindler’s List?

120.Which June starred in Happy Ever After?

121.What kind of Tree do Dates grow on?

122.People still visit Graceland in the USA to pay tribute to which legend?

123.VSO stands for what type of service overseas?

124.How many hills of Rome are there?

125.Is Coventry North or South of Leicester?

126.Who was the last Beatle to marry twice?

127.Which game uses flattened Iron Rings thrown at a hob?

128.What was the title of Captain Sensible’s Number 1 UK Hit in 1982?

129.Which famous director of Westerns was born Sean Aloysius O’Feeney?

130.Which US State is known as the Wolverine State?

131.Which singer turned transvestite for Little Britains special Comic Relief show?

132.Which Rupert launched the Satellite TV Station which became Sky?

133.Which of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs had a name that begins with a Letter H?

134.Trumpets and Cornets belong to which section of instruments?

135.Which Spanish King sent his unsuccessful Armada to England?

136.Which food has given its name to a road network near Birmingham?

137.Who carried the spirits of dead warriors to Valhalla?

138.In which Sitcom did Richard de Vere marry Audrey?

139.In which Country is the City of Srinagar?

140.Which William wrote the novel Rites of Passage?

141.Who topped the UK and US Charts with the Album ‘Kid’?

142.Who played the part of Sergeant Bilko?

143.Who is the Elder of the Neville Brothers?

144.Which method of fast writing did Pitman develop?

145.What type of egg is covered in sausage meat?

146.Who played the bandit in Smokey and the Bandit?

147.In which Country was the first kidney transplant carried out?

148.Which Baseball team are Giants?

149.Which TV Series has characters called Gracie, Sicknote and George?

150.To within three years, when did Lester Piggott first ride a Derby Winner?

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101.Marjorie Dawes

102.Norwich Cathedral




106.Thabo Mbeke


108.Grand Union

109.Travelling Companion


111.Bob Geldof

112.August and September




116.Arnold Schwarzenegger

117.Cardinal Ratzinger

118.The Times They Are A-Changin’

119.Thomas Keneally



122.Elvis Presley




126.Paul McCartney


128.Happy Talk

129.John Ford


131.Robbie Williams




135.Philip II


137.The Valkyries

138.To the Manor Barn


140.William Golding


142.Phil Silvers



145.Scotch Egg

146.Burt Reynolds


148.San Francisco Giants

149.London’s Burning



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