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Pot Luck Questions – Page 4

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In Desperate Housewives, who was Martha Huber killed by? Paul Young

Which was the first of the Beckham’s children to be born in Spain? Cruz

What is the popular leisure creation of Alfred Butts? Scrabble

William Morris, Lord Nuffield was the first UK Manufacturer to mass produce which item? Cars

Supermodel Naomi Campbell appeared in the flop movie Miami…. What? Rhapsody

Which Author won the Man Booker Prize in 2005? John Banville

Who succeeded Hussein as King of Jordan? Abdullah

‘Waterloo’ was the first chart success for which Group? Abba

Who won an Oscar for Best Actor in ‘The King And I’? Yul Brynner

The letter M is on which row of letters on a keyboard? Bottom

Who are the Guys in the title of a musical show about Gangsters? Dolls

Who was the first wife of a President in office to appear before a Grand Jury? Hillary Clinton

In TV’s Will ad Grace, what is the name of Grace’s assistant? Karen Walker

What did Dionicio Ceron win in London in 1994, 1995 and 1996? London Marathon

Which meandering river is Brisbane built around? Brisbane River

In which year did America’s Declaration of Independence take place? 1776

What is the only English Anagram of CAUTION? Auction

What is the first name of Charles Saatchi’s brother of Saatchi & Saatchi fame? Maurice

Who played King Arthur in the film musical Camelot? Richard Harris

Which prime minister supported Huddersfield Town football team? Harold Wilson

In a Knock Knock Joke what is always the second line? Who’s There?

Which animal was used by Jenner to develop the vaccine against smallpox? Cow

Which Country in the World has the most computers? USA

What is a Davenport? A sofa or a desk

Who composed the music for, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’? Ennio Morricone

Who has hits with ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Word In Motion’? New Order

What is mincemeat made from? Dried Fruit

Which former tennis player bought Hull Football Club? David Lloyd

Which film starred Richard Gere, Debra Winger and Louis Gosset Jr? An Officer and a Gentleman

Name the first yacht to win the Americas Cup? America

At which West End Theatre did ‘The Woman In White’ open? The Palace

Who played opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie ‘The Gangs of New York’? Cameron Diaz

Which City of Central England gave its name to a shade of green? Lincoln

On a Monopoly Board, what colour is Whitechapel? Brown

Which Egyptian Canal links the Red Sea and the Mediterranean? Suez

Which girl is the lecturer educating in the play by Willy Russell? Rita

Which U.S State is known as the Gem State? Idaho

Which John wrote the play ‘Look Back In Anger’? Osborne

Which cop series featured the characters ‘Crockett & Tubbs’? Miami Vice

Businessman Samuel Ryder initiated a cup in which sport? Golf

Which Club has been managed by Sir Bobby Robson and Jose Mourinho? Porto

Which Country did motor racing’s Juan Manuel Fangio come from? Argentina

What is a Bodhran? Drum

In which decade of the twentieth century did Chaplin die at the age of 88? 1970’s

What word can go after SOAP and before GLASSES? Opera

Which Country is situated to the immediate South of Croatia? Bosnia Herzegovina

What is the name of the surfing beach on the outskirts of Sydney? Bondi Beach

Sixteenth-Century Flemish painter Pieter Brueghei painted ‘The Blind Leading……’ the whom? The Blind

Which US State is a collection of islands in the Pacific? Hawaii

What type of shop features in the musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’? Florists


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