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  1. PEOPLE – Which famous couple met on the set of the film ‘Cleopatra’?
  2. PLACES – Which Country’s Cars have the registration letters CH?
  3. SPORT – Which League football team became known as the Milton Keynes Dons in 2004?
  4. SHOWBIZ – What was the name of the Coffee Shop where TV’s ‘Friends’ used to meet?
  5. AFFAIRS – What did the Ecology Party change its name to in the 1980’s?
  6. HISTORY – In which Lane did the Great Fire of London begin?
  7. BOOKS – Who wrote the novel ‘Moby Dick’?
  8. WORDS – Which drink is names after the town Jerez in Spain?
  9. BRITAIN – Which town in Greater Manchester gives its name to a rounded pastry with a dried fruit filling?
  10. SPELLING – PRIVILEGE… A benefit or immunity granted under certain conditions?
  11. PEOPLE – Not a lot of people know this but which actors real name is Maurice Micklewhite?
  12. PLACES – Which country did Paddington Bear come from?
  13. SPORT – Which American sporting event was first won by the Green Bay Packers in 1966?
  14. SHOWBIZ – Which Dale Winton TV Quiz Show was set in a shop?
  15. AFFAIRS – What stopped being free for Primary School Children in 1971?
  16. HISTORY – Which War took place between 1956 and 1975?
  17. BOOKS – Who was Edgar Rice Burrough’s most famous creation?
  18. WORDS – What is a Tsunami more commonly known as?
  19. BRITAIN – How often does a British Census take place?
  20. SPELLING – Spell: KAMIKAZE… A Japanese pilot performing a suicidal mission
  21. PEOPLE – Who is the founder of the Virgin Empire?
  22. PLACES – Which Country is said to be in the shape of a boot?
  23. SPORT – Which sport involves a combination of cross country running and map reading?
  24. SHOWBIZ – Which Coronation Street character has been in the soap from the beginning?
  25. AFFAIRS – Which colour are the seats in the House of Commons?
  26. HISTORY – Which two houses took part in the War of the Roses?
  27. BOOKS – Name the three Bronte Sisters?
  28. WORDS – What name is given to the Chinese Art of paper folding?
  29. BRITAIN – What colour is the Central Line on a London Underground Map?
  30. SPELLING – RHYTHM… A melody of a regular group of beats?


  1. Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor
  2. Switzerland
  3. Wimbledon
  4. Central Perk
  5. The Green Party
  6. Pudding Lane
  7. Herman Melville
  8. Sherry
  9. Eccles
  10. P R I V I L E G E
  11. Michael Caine
  12. Peru
  13. Super Bowl
  14. Supermarket Sweep
  15. Milk
  16. The Vietnam War
  17. Tarzan
  18. Tidal Wave
  19. Every 10 Years
  20. K A M I K A Z E
  21. Richard Branson
  22. Italy
  23. Orienteering
  24. Ken Barlow
  25. Green
  26. York and Lancaster
  27. Emily, Charlotte and Anne
  28. Origami
  29. Red
  30. R H Y T H M