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  1. Soldiers of the United Nations peacekeeping forces wear berets of what colour?
  2. The award-winning Swiss Re building in the City of London, designed by Norman Foster, is commonly known by what name?
  3. Which Legendary Irish Hero is said to have built the Giant’s Causeway and lived in a cave on the island of Staffa?
  4. In the SI system of units, which prefix is used to denote one thousand millionth of one unit?
  5. Which Actor plays Withnail’s Uncle Monty in the cult 1987 film comedy ‘Withnail and I’?
  6. Which City lies on the River Usk, a few miles above its entry into the Severn Estuary?
  7. Which Author based his stories about the Spy Ashendenon his experiences in the British Secret Service during the First World War?
  8. The dried leaves of which plant that is the only member of the genus Lawsonia produce a red-orange dye that has been used since ancient times for body art and hair dye?
  9. At the Grammy’s in 2012, which British Singer won all six awards for which she was nominated?
  10. Which Country’s ‘perpetual neutrality’ was recognised at the congress of Vienna, in 1815?


  1. Blue
  2. The Gherkin
  3. Finn Mac Cool or Fingal
  4. Nano
  5. Richard Griffiths
  6. Newport
  7. (William) Somerset Maugham
  8. Henna
  9. Adele (Adkins)
  10. Switzerland (accept Swiss Confederate – its name at the time)