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  1. What does the ‘T’ stand for in the trade union TSSA?
  2. Who had a 1970’s number one album with ‘Sing it again Rod’?
  3. John Steinbeck won a Pulitzer Prize for which novel?
  4. A Zony is half Pony and half what other animal?
  5. Who wrote the classical piano trio called ‘The Ghost’?
  6. In Newspaper announcements, ‘Obit’ is short for what?
  7. Frank Bruno lost to Mike Tyson twice in what Nevada City?
  8. ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ was a number one for what band?
  9. Radar was developed before and during what war?
  10. Cardinal Wolsey appears in what Shakespeare play?


  1. Transport
  2. Rod Stewart
  3. The Grapes Of Wrath
  4. Zebra
  5. Beethoven
  6. Obituary
  7. Las Vegas
  8. The Verve
  9. World War Two
  10. Henry the Eighth