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‘Build your own’ quiz night with a large selection of pub quiz questions


Which darts player won the 2022 Masters and their first major title?Joe Cullen
Meat Loaf sadly passed away on 20 January, but which was the only one of his songs to reach number one in the UK?I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged in January, but what is unique about the ring he gave her?It's thorned, so if she tries to take it off, it hurts
The fifth installment of which horror film series was released in January, 25 years after the very first film?Scream
Which tennis player was threatened with deportation from Australia in January?Novak Djokovic
Which American singer got a tattoo of a giant spider on the side of their head in January?Demi Lovato
Which English Rock Band celebrates their 60th Anniversary this year?The Rolling Stones
Which nation topped the medal table at the 2022 Winter Olympics, winning a record-breaking 16 golds?Norway
Kell Brook defeated Amir Khan in the 6th round by TKO on 12 February. Which arena did the fight take place?AO Arena, Manchester
Which animated childrens TV show came to an end after te finale of the 25th season aired on 21 February?Arthur
Elden Ring was released on 25 February to 10 out of 10 & 5-star reviews, Which famous author worked on the game?George RR Martin
How many years does Queen Elizabeth II celebrate on the throne this year?70
What web-based game, created by Welsh Software Engineer, Josh Wardle was purchased by the New York Times in February?Wordle
What personal item, lost by Paul Bishop in Benidorm, Spain in 2011 was returned to him this month?His dentures

A US man from Georgia, was sentenced to 3 years in jail after lying about owning a small business and having to support his 10 employees, using his $85,000 COVID19 relief loan to buy a trading card from which popular series?
800 stunned workers were left shocked after being sacked in March, without notice via video message. Which company made this brutal and appalling decision?P&O Ferries
19 March marked 30 years since which couple separated after 6-years of marriage and within 5-years, they were divorced?The Duke & Duchess of York, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
Who became the first female jockey to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup, riding A Plus Tard, making her the first woman in history to win the worlds two biggest horse races, the first being the Grand National 2021?Rachael Blackmore
What did rocker, Bryan Adams flop at, only receiving 1 clap after a performance in New York in March?Karaoke - singing 'Youve Lost That Loving Feeling'
In her book 'A Bit Of Me' who revealed that an illegal revenge porn tape of her, filmed secretly by her 23-year-old abuser, losing her virginity at the age of just 15-years-old, was shown around a pub?Denise van Outen
Launched by The Spice Girls in 1997, which TV Channel celebrates its 25th birthday on 30 March?Channel 5
Who quit popular TV Game Show 'Pointless' after 13 years in April?Richard Osman
Which host quit Countdown in May, after just 1 year in the role following a pay dispute? Anne Robinson
Which greedy tennis legend was jailed in April for 2.5 years for not declaring and hiding £2.5 million of assets?Boris Becker
Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall joined which celebrity baker in April, to announce the recipe for the Queens 'Platinum Pudding'?Dame Mary Berry
In April, the UK Health Security Agency started an investigation due to a rise in what medical condition affecting children?Hepatitis
James Corden quit what American TV Talk Show after 7 years as the host to move back to the UK, even after being offered £15 million to present for 2 more years?The Late Late Show
In April, vets restored a Toucans broken bill using _____. The bird arrived at the wild animal re-hab centre with a large chunk of its beak missing?A 3-D Printer
____ ____ acquired Twitter for $44 billionElon Musk
This religious leader defended mother-in-laws, saying they are not the devil often perceived?The Pope (Pope Francis)
Vets in Runcord had to operate for over 2 hours on a two-year old Boxer to remove 16 ___ what?Golf Balls
The conspiracy theorist brother of Jeremy, Piers Corbyn was fined £250 in May, Piers accused NHS staff of doing what on the lead up to his arrest in January, when he protested with a group of Anti-Vaxxers? Murdering People
It was announced in May that which popular comedian is set to make a comeback with a stand-up tour, following an hiatus of over a decade?Peter Kay
One-half of the Hairy Biker duo, Dave Myers announced in May that he would be taking a break from TV this year. What influenced his decision?Undergoing chemotherapy following a recent diagnosis of cancer
35-year-old Sherrilyn Speid pleady guilty to dangerous driving in May resulting in a 12-month driving ban, £250 fine and 20 days of community service. What was her offence?She nudged an Insulate Britain protester with her range rover who was blocking the road
A letter written by Charles Dickens, found after 164 years, where he calls a man 'Blunder-headed' was valuated and given an auction starting price of £___?£5,000