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Sweyn Forkbeard was a feared leader of which army? A. The Vikings B. The Normans C. The Salvation ArmyA. The Vikings
A German Shepherd dog was arrested in the Spanish city of Seville for doing what? A. Persistently fouling the pavement B. Snatching handbags from shoppers C. Biting the mayor on the backsideB. Snatching handbags from shoppers
What words did Paul McCartney originally use instead of ‘Yesterday’ while composing the lyrics for the song of that title? A. Scrambled Eggs B. Elbow Pads C. Monkey NutsA. Scrambled Eggs
Rocky Mountain Oysters are another name for which dubious North American delicacy? A. Rattlesnakes Eyeballs B. Elk’s Ears C. Bull’s TesticlesC. Bull's Testicles
What did Swiss-Portuguese footballer Paulo Diogo leave behind on the perimeter fence after scoring in a 2004 Swiss League Game? A. A boot B. His Shorts C. Part of his fingerC. Part of his finger
What is celebrated globally on 23 February each year? A. International take a Tarantula to the office day B. International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day C. International Trim Your Toenails DayB. International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
George is prone to the occasional thorough cough. Does this mean that he…? A. Coughs and breaks wind at the same time B. Coughs so violently that his dentures fall out C. Coughs while he is eating, thereby spraying morsels far and wideA. Coughs and breaks wind at the same time
Who once said ‘If I had to live my life over again, I’d be a plumber’? A. John Lennon B. Albert Einstein C. LiberaceB. Albert Einstein
What animal lives in a lodge? A. Squirrel B. Beaver C. FreemasonB. Beaver
George has a box of 120 golf balls. He plays twice a week and loses on average 4 balls per round. How many weeks will it be until George runs out of balls and finally admits he cant play the game?15



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