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What type of food is most associated with Germany's fifth largest city?Frankfurter
The biggest debate over whether or not it is a biscuit or a cake revolves around which brand?Jaffa Cakes
For which type of boot is the brand Hunter most famous?Wellington
On what would you 'But It, Sell It, Love It'?eBay
What bar of soap has a sticker on top that never seems to wash away?Imperial Leather
With which brand did Michelle Keegan launch a fashion and homeware partnership in October 2017?Very
Which of these is the name of a football club in the Egyptian second division... Marmite FC, Coca-Cola FC, Kit-Kat FC or Special K FC?Coca-Cola FC
Which soap bar is embossed with something that may be of interest to an ornithologist?Dove
Which TV Channel did tennis fans have to sign up for if they wanted to watch the 2019 US Open tennis tournament?Amazon Prime
What items of footwear are sold by Tsunami surviving brothers, Rob and Paul Forkan in order to help underprivileged children around the world?Flip Flops



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