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The following questions have been asked on popular game shows including, The Chase, Bullseye and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

91 Questions

Not a lot of people know this but which actors real name is Maurice Micklewhite?Michael Caine
Who is the founder of the Virgin Empire?Richard Branson
Which famous couple met on the set of the film 'Cleopatra'?Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor
Which country did Paddington Bear come from?Peru
Which Country is said to be in the shape of a boot?Italy
Which Country's Cars carr the registration letters CH?Switzerland
Which American sporting event was first won by the Green Bay Packers in 1966?Super Bowl
Which sport involves a combination of cross country running and map reading?Orienteering
Which League football team became known as the Milton Keynes Dons in 2004?Wimbledon
Which Dale Winton TV Quiz Show was set in a shop?Supermarket Sweep
Which Coronation Street character has been in the soap from the beginning?Ken Barlow
What was the name of the Coffee Shop where TV's 'Friends' used to meet?Centrel Perk
What stopped being free for Primary School Children in 1971?Milk
Which colour are the seats in the House of Commons?Green
What did the Ecology Party change its name to in the 1980's?The Green Party
Which War took place between 1956 and 1975?The Vietnam War
Which two houses took part in the War of the Roses?York and Lancaster
In which Lane did the Great Fire of London begin?Pudding Lane
Who was Edgar Rice Burrough’s most famous creation?Tarzan
Name the three Bronte Sisters?Emily, Charlotte and Anne
Who wrote the novel 'Moby Dick'?Herman Melville
What is a Tsunami more commonly known as?Tidal Wave
What name is given to the Chinese Art of paper folding?Origami
Which drink is names after the town Jerez in Spain?Sherry
How often does a British Census take place?Every 10 years
What colour is the Central Line on a London Underground Map?Red
Which town in Greater Manchester gives its name to a rounded pastry with a dried fruit filling?Eccles
What does the ‘T’ stand for in the trade union TSSA?Transport
Who had a 1970’s number one album with ‘Sing it again Rod’?Rod Stewart
John Steinbeck won a Pulitzer Prize for which novel?The Grapes Of Wrath
A Zony is half Pony and half what other animal?Zebra
Who wrote the classical piano trio called ‘The Ghost’?Beethoven
In Newspaper announcements, ‘Obit’ is short for what?Obituary
Frank Bruno lost to Mike Tyson twice in what Nevada City?Las Vegas
‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ was a number one for what band?The Verve
Radar was developed before and during what war?World War Two
Cardinal Wolsey appears in what Shakespeare play?Henry the Eighth
Which TV Network owns digital channels 4Seven and More4?Channel 4
The song 'Take A Chance On Me' features in what stage musical?Mamma Mia!
What party did Winston Churchill rejoin in the 1920s?Conservative Party
What former home of the Earl of Shrewsbury is a Staffordshire amusement park?Alton Towers
The play 'Black Coffee' featured what Agatha Christie detective?Hercule Poirot
Which TOWIE star presented Party Wright Around the World on ITV2?Mark Wright
What word for a camera image comes from the Greek for 'light' and 'draw’?Photograph
Which PG Wodehouse character belonged to the Junior Ganymede Club for valets?Jeeves
The 1921 Treaty of Ankara was between France and what other Country?Turkey
Since 1979 the US have competed against what team for the Ryder Cup?Europe
What modern day Country was formerly known as Mesopotamia?Iraq
What is the capital of Jamaica?Kingston
Which Country has the biggest coastline?Canada
In what film did Russell Crowe play Maximus Decimus Meridius?Gladiator
For which role did Robert De Niro receive his first Oscar?Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather)
Which of the Spice Girls was the first to become a mother?Mel B
What popular Swimwear Manufacturer, whose name has become synonymous with racing briefs, was established in 1914?Speedo
What actress has the same name as William Shakespeare's Wife?Anne Hathaway
Who became ruler of North Korea in 1994?Kim Jong-il
Counter Tenor is the lowest type of Male singing voice? True or False?
What architect designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Guggenheim Bilbao and Experience Music Project?Frank Gehry
Which Agatha Christie murder mystery novel takes place on a cruise ship?Death on the Nile
What do the text messages LOL, IDK and TTYL stand for?Laugh(ing) Out Loud, I Don’t Know and Talk To You Later
In Cockney rhyming slang what does tom mean?Jewellery (Tom is short for tomfoolery which rhymes with Jewellery)
What mythological creature is also the name given to one who posts controversial or irrelevant messages in an online community?Troll
A deficiency of which vitamin can lead to night blindness?Vitamin A
How many chambers make up the heart – two, three or four?Four
A Venn diagram is created by drawing what overlapping geometric shapes?Circles
In 2003 which Country became only the third, after the US and Russia, to send its own person into space?China
In what body part would you suffer Astigmatism?Eye
If a player is at advantage in a game of tennis loses the next point, what is the score?Deuce
How long in feet is a tournament size snooker table?12
In which combined events contest did British athlete Jessica Ennis become World Champion in 2009?Heptathlon
The art of knotting string or card in patterns to make decorative articles is known as what?Macrame
With which team did Lewis Hamilton become Formula 1 World Champion in 2008?MaLaren
The Piedmont Wine Region is located in – France, Italy or the United States?Italy
Wiki, as in Wikipedia, means ‘fast’ in what language?Hawaiian
What is the largest African Country?Sudan
Which of these films does not star Ben Stiller – Dodgeball, The Wedding Singer or Night at the Museum?The Wedding Singer
Who played Simon Pegg’s flatmate and best friend, Ed, in the 2004 British zombie comedy film Shaun of the Dead?Nick Frost
What animal appears on the front of a box ofCockeral
New Zealand was first inhabited by people approximately how many years ago – 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000?1000
In what year did pupils sit O-Level examinations for the last time in the UK?1987
Who did Gordon Brown defeat to become Labour Party leader and Prime Minister in 2007?No One
Soldiers of the United Nations peacekeeping forces wear berets of what colour?Blue
The award-winning Swiss Re building in the City of London, designed by Norman Foster, is commonly known by what name?The Gherkin
Which Legendary Irish Hero is said to have built the Giant’s Causeway and lived in a cave on the island of Staffa?Finn Mac Cool or Fingal
In the SI system of units, which prefix is used to denote one thousand millionth of one unit?Nano
Which Actor plays Withnail’s Uncle Monty in the cult 1987 film comedy ‘Withnail and I’?Richard Griffiths
Which City lies on the River Usk, a few miles above its entry into the Severn Estuary?Newport
Which Author based his stories about the Spy Ashendenon his experiences in the British Secret Service during the First World War?(William) Somerset Maugham
The dried leaves of which plant that is the only member of the genus Lawsonia produce a red-orange dye that has been used since ancient times for body art and hair dye?Henna
At the Grammy’s in 2012, which British Singer won all six awards for which she was nominated?Adele (Adkins)
Which Country’s ‘perpetual neutrality’ was recognised at the congress of Vienna, in 1815?Switzerland (accept Swiss Confederate – its name at the time)


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