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How many children did Winston Churchill have? 5
Henry I was King of England from 1100 to 1135; how many children did he have?29
How many times did Stephen Hendry play in a World Snooker Championship Final?9
According to the 1881 census, how many men in Britain were named Derek?8
How many British Prime Ministers have been assassinated?1
How many Countries have a border with Switzerland?5 (Austria, France, Germany, Italy & Liechtenstein)
On his British tour in 2010-11, Peter Kay set a record as the first comedian to sell out how many nights at the o2 Arena in London?15
How many words are there in the English translation of Leo Tolstoy's novel 'War and Peace'?561093
How many Premier League Titles did Manchester United win under the management of Alex Ferguson?13
How many million passengers passed through London's Heathrow airport in 2014?73.41 million
How many eyes does a bee have?5
In how many Countries is English an official language?67
How many competitive matches did David Beckham play as a professional footballer?719
How many weeks did Michael Jackson's 1982 album 'Thriller' spend at number one in the US Charts?37
How many Oscars did the 1977 film 'Star Wars' receive?7
How old was Charlie Chaplin when his youngest child was born in 1962?72
How many square feet are there in a square metre?10.764
How many British Kings went to Eton?None
How many kilometres are there in a mile?1.61
What was the TV audience in Britain for the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997?32.1 million




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