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Which Lemonade brand was made for ‘Secret Lemonade Drinkers’?R. Whites
From what book did Starbucks get their name?Moby Dick – Starbuck was the first mate
What was the first ever detergent?Persil
What advertising campaign used the phrase, ‘Cooee Mister Shifter’, in one of its famous TV Ads?PG Tips
What is ‘Flymo’ an abbreviation off?Flying Mower
Along with Corn Flakes, which cereal did Kellogg’s import to the UK in 1922?All Bran
Ethel and Frank Mars named the Snickers Chocolate Bar after which one of their favourite animals?Their Horse
What was the Snickers Chocolate Bar previously known as in the UK?Marathon
Which Spice Girl advertised Milky Bars as a child?Emma Bunton Accept Baby Spice
What brand name of household machinery started out as a noun, but has now become a verb?Hoover




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