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Who said, ‘One cannot really argue with a mathematical theorem’?Professor Stephen Hawking
What album did Coldplay’s ‘Speed of Sound’ come from?X and Why
In Albert Einstein’s famous equation, which letter represents the speed of light?C
Cady Heron, Mean Girls’ protagonist, belongs to which extra-curricular group?The Mathletes
Which British swimmer became the first man to break 26 seconds for the 50m breaststroke in 2017?Adam Peaty
Who is the patron saint of mathematicians?Saint Hubertus
How many months are there in twelve years?144
A dress has a thirty percent discount applied and is on sale for £63. What was the original price of the dress before the reduction?90
How many edges are there on a tetrahedron?6
How many minutes are there in a quarter of a day?360


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