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Eating carrots helps you see in the dark?False – Eating carrots will only improve your vision if you are already deficient in Vitamin A
Eating cheese before bedtime causes nightmares?False – Eating a little cheese before bedtime aids sleep and makes dreams more vivid, but it does not cause nightmares
Throw back the first fish you catch, then you’ll be lucky the whole day fishing?False – Throwing back the first catch of the day will not improve your luck, and may even scare other fish away
Swallowed chewing gum remains in your stomach for seven years?False – In the majority of cases, gum swallowed in moderation is usually excreted and does not remain in the stomach. Gum should always be discarded rather than swallowed, but accidentally swallowing gum generally only leads to intestinal problems as a result of excessive consumption.
Sitting too close to the television damages eyesight?False – Sitting too close to the television does not damage your eyesight, but it may cause eye stain or be a sign of near-sightedness
Don’t eat the first snow?False – Snow does contain Environmental Pollutions but so long as you eat small quantities and avoid dirty brown or yellow snow, you won’t do yourself any harm
Eating spicy food causes ulcers?False – Spicy food cannot cause ulcers and may even prevent them, but it can make existing ulcer pain worse.
Chicken Soup fights a cold?True – Chicken Soup fights the symptoms of a cold, even shop-bought chicken soup
45% of body heat is lost through the head?False – About 10% is lost through the head
Sugar makes children hyperactive?False – Sugar does not affect behaviour, but it does influence the way that parents who believe the myth interact with their children.


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