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The oldest of regular pantomimes in the U.K., in which play is the title character about to be thrown off her land because she cannot pay rent to the Squire and his Bailiffs but is saved by a bird named Priscilla?Mother Goose
Which actor played a pantomime dame for 38 consecutive years until 2007, when his participation in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here prevented him from appearing that year?Christopher Biggins
The pantomime Aladdin is traditionally set in which country?China
Which pantomime character is sometimes billed in the show’s title alongside his cat?Dick Whittington
From the audience’s viewpoint in a pantomime, does the villain enter from the left or the right of the stage?Left
In December 2009, who was the unlikely Genie of the Lamp at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London?Pamela Anderson
Which long-running soap has a regular pantomime in the village hall produced by Linda Snell?The Archers
Which traditional pantomime features the most characters in the title?Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
According to pantomime tradition, what should never be spoken in rehearsal?The last lines of the panto
Originally Clorinda and Thisbe, which pantomime characters have been Daisy and Buttercup, Hysteria and Hydrophobia, Alexis and Krystle and Sharon and Tracey?The Ugly Sisters


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