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  1. What year saw the introduction to Government Health Warnings for cigarettes?
  2. English singer and actress, Julie Covington had a hit with what song in 1977?
  3. In 1971, George Harrison staged two charity concerts in New York for _______?
  4. Following his death on 28 September 1978, Albino Luciani spent only 33 days as _______?
  5. What controversial musical opened at the Palace Theatre, London in 1972?
  6. Bobby Fischer became the World Champion of what in 1972, billed the ‘Match of the Century’?
  7. Their first single ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’ reached number 1 in the UK, which Scottish band was fronted by singer Sally Carr?
  8. During the 1970’s, the latest wet craze for sleepers was the ________?
  9. Chrissy, Jo and Robin shared a flat together in what 1970’s TV Sitcom, which had two spin-off series, ‘Robins Nest’ and ‘George and Mildred’?
  10. From 1979, the most popular Scarecrow was _____?
  11. Which famous American comedian rose to fame on the popular 70s show Mork & Mindy?
  12. After the Beatles, what did John Lennon protest about?
  13. Which cult leader murdered 918 followers in 1978?
  14. The 1979 Hostage Crisis occurred in…?
  15. Published in 1975, Against Our Will by Susan Brownmiller sparked a movement to stop……?
  16. Who wrote and performed the controversial song “Sweet Home Alabama?”
  17. Margaret Thatcher became the UK Prime Minister in…. ?
  18. When did Jimi Hendrix die?
  19. In 1975, who founded a company named Microsoft?
  20. The ’70s started with the devastating news that a music group was disbanding for good. Which band was it?


  1. 1971
  2. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Pope John Paul I
  5. Jesus Christ Superstar
  6. Chess
  7. Middle of the Road
  8. Water Bed
  9. Man About The House
  10. Worzel Gummidge
  11. Robin Williams
  12. The Vietnam War
  13. Jim Jones
  14. Iran
  15. Sexual violence
  16. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  17. 1979
  18. 1970
  19. Bill Gates
  20. The Beatles