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  1. Originally authenticated as genuine, only later to be revealed as fake. In 1983, the Sunday Times published the diaries of who?
  2. Which Motown artist gained his first British #1 solo single in September 1984?
  3. From 1984, the rich and powerful were mocked every week by _______?
  4. 1982, saw the launch of which ‘No Sugar, No Calories’ new soft drink?
  5. The small Californian town of Carmel welcomed ______ as its new mayor in 1986?
  6. ‘Gissa Job’ was the catchphrase of which unemployed character in the 1980’s?
  7. What fictional cash-obsessed character did Harry Enfield create in 1988?
  8. In June 1989, 19-year-old Mandy Smith became the wife of which Rolling Stone, over 30 years her senior?
  9. What personal leather-bound organiser became very popular in the 1980’s?
  10. Harrison Ford brought this thrill-seeking archaeologist to life in 1981?
  11. Which form of traffic control was first used in London on 16 May 1983?
  12. What was the average price for a pint of milk in the early 1980’s?
  13. How many UK TV channels existed at the beginning of the 1980’s?
  14. In 1989 Muslim’s in Bradford protested against which book?
  15. What was the name of the Greenpeace ship which sank on 10 July 1985?
  16. What was the name of the Yorkshire Ripper who was arrested for his crimes in 1981?
  17. Which single gave Whitney Houston her first UK number one in 1985?
  18. Who won the ladies singles most times at Wimbledon in the 1980’s?
  19. What date was the Humber Bridge opened?
  20. Who released an album called Thriller in 1982?
  21. In May 1980 the SAS stormed the embassy of which country, killing 5 terrorists and freeing all hostages?
  22. Who was the intruder found in the Queen’s bedroom in July 1982?
  23. In what year did Torvill and Dean win a gold medal for ice dancing at the winter Olympics?
  24. When did Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer marry?
  25. What year did the final episode of the original ‘Charlies Angels’ air in the 1980’s?
  26. What year did Madonna make her debut?
  27. In what year did the UK miners strike begin?
  28. What year did Margaret Thatcher return for her second term as Prime Minister?
  29. Which years of the 1980’s were leap years?
  30. What year did EastEnders first appear on British TV Screens?
  31. What fitness craze started in 1989 in the USA?
  32. In what year did British £1 notes cease to be legal tender?
  33. Which 1982 Spielberg classic was about a young boy and his pet alien?
  34. In which year did the Berlin Wall come down?
  35. Who wrote the 1987 novel ‘Misery’?
  36. Where in the Ukraine was there a nuclear explosion in 1986?
  37. What hairstyle was synonymous with the 1980’s?
  38. Who was the ‘Queen of Pop’ in the 1980’s?
  39. What year did the satrical puppet series ‘Spitting Image’ start?
  40. Changing its name in 1980 to the Rubiks Cube. What was it previously known as from its creation in the mid 1970’s?


  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Stevie Wonder
  3. Spitting Image
  4. Diet Coke
  5. Clint Eastwood
  6. Yosser Hughes (Boys From The Black Stuff)
  7. Loadsamoney
  8. Bill Wyman
  9. Filofax
  10. Indiana Jones
  11. Wheel Clamps
  12. 20p
  13. Three
  14. The Satanic Verses
  15. Rainbow Warrior
  16. Peter Sutcliffe
  17. Saving All My Love For You
  18. Martina Navratilova
  19. 24 June 1981
  20. Michael Jackson
  21. Iran
  22. Michael Fagan
  23. 1984
  24. 1981
  25. 1981
  26. 1982
  27. 1984
  28. 1983
  29. 1980, 1984 and 1988
  30. 1985
  31. Step Aerobics
  32. 1988
  33. E.T.
  34. 1989
  35. Stephen King
  36. Chernobyl
  37. Mullet
  38. Madonna
  39. 1984
  40. Magic Cube