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  1. He now uses his real name but, In 2001, he revived ‘Blankety Blank’ as the new host and drag queen _______?
  2. In 2003, he spent 44 days suspended in a box. Although he had had eggs and burgers thrown at him, Who was the illusionist that refused to eat solid foods for the whole duration?
  3. August 2004 saw the flotation on the stock market of which top internet company?
  4. Since 2000, which super-bug has been haunting British Hospitals?
  5. In 2002, Heather Mills shocked a CNN TV audience by doing what, whilst promoting a book?
  6. March 2005 saw the death of which 68-year-old controversial Irish Comedian?
  7. Which popular chocolate lost its familiar cylindrical packaging in 2005, much to the disappointment of fans?
  8. In a survey conducted in 2005, what was the most popular brand name on the internet. A Californian company that was founded a decade earlier in 1995?
  9. ‘The Slag of Snacks’ was the advertising tagline used in 2002 for which snack, a tagline that had to be removed by Unilever, who made the product following complaints?
  10. Apple had success in 2001, when it released the ______. Its first new century gadget?
  11. Which song from Natasha Bedingfield was the theme song of the MTV show The Hills?
  12. In what year was the first film in the Twilight series released?
  13. There were many scandals going on during the early 2000s, but nothing quite like when this golf player had his life on TV for everyone to judge. Which athlete was involved in a major cheating scandal?
  14. Married to Demi Moore from 2005 to 2013, but is now happy with his second wife, Mila Kunis. Which actor is this?
  15. Where did the company and social media monster “Facebook” begin in the early 2000s?
  16. Which company rejected an offer to buy Netflix in 2000?
  17. Which four singers released a cover of ‘Lady Marmalade’ in 2001?
  18. In ‘She’s the Man’, what is the name of Viola’s twin brother who she impersonates?
  19. Which band had a 2004 hit with ‘Maps’?
  20. The movie ‘About a Boy’ was based on whose novel of the same name?


  1. Lily Savage
  2. David Blaine
  3. Google
  4. MRSA
  5. She removed her artificial leg and handed it to the host
  6. Dave Allen
  7. Smarties
  8. eBay
  9. Pot Noodles
  10. iPod
  11. Unwritten
  12. 2008
  13. Tiger Woods
  14. Ashton Kutcher
  15. Harvard
  16. Blockbuster
  17. Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Pink and Mya
  18. Sebastian
  19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  20. Nick Hornby