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A selection of General Knowlege Pot-Luck quizzes for ADULTS ONLY.

What would you do with a calumet – kill things with it, smoke it or wear it? Smoke it (it’s a peace pipe)
A British law from 1872, which still stands today, makes it illegal for anyone to be in charge of what while drunk – litter of puppies, cow or walking cane? Cow
What cheese contains live maggots that may jump out while you’re eating it – Sardinian Casu Marzu, Serbian Pule or French Vieux Lille? Sardinian Casu Marzu (It’s rotten cheese!)
Which of these has the biggest sperm in the world – sperm whale, fruit fly or elephant? Fruit Fly
Which feminist publication is ‘for women with something to get off their chests’ – Ms, Bust or Jezebel? Bust
According to 2013 research, what percentage of Americans aged 18-40 have at least one tattoo – 10%, 25% or 40%? 40%
If you look up to a bright blue sky, you should be able to see tiny blue and white dots flashing around. What are they – light flashes, white blood cells or air molecules? White Blood Cells
Who wrote the poem that opens ‘They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do’ – Samuel Beckett, Philip Larkin or Ted Hughes? Philip Larkin
In the 1990s, who released a book called Sex and an album called Erotica – Prince, Madonna or Whitney Houston? Madonna
During nine months of drumming up votes for the 2016 election, which candidate spent more then $9,000 on pizza – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Jeb Bush? Hillary Clinton
A farmer in China raised two stray ‘puppy dogs’ that turned out to be – monkeys, bears or wolves? Bears
The word chocolatiers is not an anagram of – erotic coach, chaotic loser or coital chores? Erotic Coach
What is cut in half in a hemiglossectomy, a procedure used in the 18th and 19th century in an attempt to cure people of their stutter – ear, eyelid or tongue? Tongue
What’s the not-so-secret ingredient of the Hematogen nutrition bar – human blood, cow blood or placenta? Cow Blood
Besides camel racing, India’s annual Pushkar Camal Fair is famous for – a mustache competition, dung throwing or a curry-eating contest? A mustache competition
By the time Wikipedia celebrated its first birthday in 2002, how many articles did it include – 150, 1,000 or 20,000? 20,000
Which other member of David Bowie’s household shared his distinctive trait of having different coloured eyes – his daughter, his dog or his wife? His dog
There are over 200 corpses on Mount Everest. How do they help climbers – as reminders of the perils of climbing, as waypoints or to stop them setting up camp? As waypoints
What is special about the Chromodoris Reticulata Sea Slug – it disposes of its penis after sex, it has male and female sexual organs or both? Both (It’s penis does regenerate)
According to a study, when do women look their oldest – every Wednesday at 3:30pm, every Monday at 9:30am or every Friday at 6:00pm? Every Wednesday ay 3:30pm
An Art Director had his listing removed from Airbnb in January 2016. What novel homemade accomodation was he offering – treehouse, igloo or blanket fort? Igloo
Which of these did Rihanna ban from her British concerts in 2008 – mobile phones, members of her own fan club or umbrellas? Umbrellas
Where will you find the tallest skeleton on display in the United States – The Mütter Museum, Marian Koshland Science Museum or American Museum of Natural History? The Mütter Museum
According to records, 458 grammar fiends have named their child after what punctuation mark – comma, period or semicolon? Comma
What is the name of the original stick man meme, who we were told we should aspire to ‘be more like’ in early 2016 – Bob, Bill or Phil? Bill
Which of these is a plaster masterpiece by Jamie McCartney – The Great Wall of Vagina, Rokeby Venus or The Origin of the World? The Great Wall of Vagina
What gruesome combination was used by Tudor dentists to remove rotten teeth – vomit mixed with soap, human excrement mixed with honey or ear wax mixed with tree sap? Human excrement mixed with honey
Which of these is not an alter ego of Nicki Minaj – Biccy, Cookie or Roman? Biccy
Which of these was banned in Scotland by King James II in 1457 – Whisky, bagpipes or golf? Golf
In IKEA, carpets are named after places in which country – Denmark, Sweden or Finland? Denmark
In 2015, a museum opened in Italy featuring artistic work with what theme – sweatpants, drag queens or feces? Feces
In the 19th century, what were sausages called in Britain – long meat, bags of mystery or sausigias? Bags of mystery
What does the icefish lack that all other vertebrate creatures have – eyes, hemoglobin or calcium? Hemoglobin (their blood is clear)
What do the three stars of 1955s ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ have in common – It was their first film, they all died prematurely or they all liked tapdancing? They all died prematurely
What is the name given to the string of typographical symbols that sometimes stand in for profanity – grawlix, cursers or typos? Grawlix
Roman Consul Lucius Licinius Crassus is said to have adorned which favourite pet with earrings and necklaces – cat, dog or eel? Eel
The three wise monkeys are sometimes depicted with a fourth monkey. What is his advice – smell no evil, do no evil or eat no evil? Do no evil (covers his abdomen)
Who wrote ‘How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You’ and ‘Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants’ – The Oatmeal, Butt Poems or Jo Scribbles? The Oatmeal (AKA Matthew Inman)
Why was the 38-million-gallon Mount Tabor reservoir in Oregon drained in 2014 – CCTV spotted someone peeing in it, a cow fell in and died or to fit a plughole in the bottom? CCTV spotted someone peeing in it (Reservoir provides drinking water to 1000’s of people)
What happens to the hermaphordite sea slug’s penis after sex – It becomes a vagina, it drops off or it holds the eggs? It drops off (it regenerates)
What unlikely ingredient would you find in a geisha facial – raw fish, bird droppings or dried goat’s milk? Bird droppings (Nightingale droppings)
Which of these props did Daniel Radcliffe use the most of during the filming of the Harry Potter films – specticles, capes or wands? Spectacles (He used over 150 pairs)
What did Victor Hugo lock away to avoid distractions while writing ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ – his dogs, his clothes or his wine collection? His clothes
What is a fartlek – running exercise, incontinence garment or wind instrument? Running exercise
What phrase has appeared in every episode of Family Guy except one – ‘What the hell?’, ‘Well alright’ or ‘Don’t even think about it’? ‘What the hell?’
A mystery British artist ‘Wanksy’, compelled his local council to act by scrawling giant penises on what problematic feature – road signs, potholes or park benches? Potholes
A colony of monkeys living near Bangkok used human hair shed by tourists to – make jewelry, floss their teeth or catch bugs? Floss their teeth
In Singapore, doing what in your own home could get you in trouble with the law – going nude, drinking or smoking? Going nude