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  1. How many symphonies did Beethoven write?
  2. Which British Prime Minister’s painting of ‘The Goldfish Pool’ was sold for £1.8 million in 2014?
  3. What is the ending of the popular quote ‘I love you to the…’?
  4. Who composed ‘Swan Lake’?
  5. Who wrote the plays ‘End Game’ and ‘Waiting for Godot’?
  6. What is the Zodiac symbol for Pisces?
  7. Who is the author of ‘El Hombre de Arena’ (‘Sandman’)?
  8. Which present day female actor share the name of William Shakespeare’s wife?
  9. The device on which ceramic artists create pots is called what?
  10. What’s the ballet term of a 360 degree turn on one foot?
  11. What type of painting technique involves using small dots of paint to blur bright colours together? Splatting, Flicking, Dotillism or Pointillism
  12. Who said ‘We think too much and feel too little?
  13. ‘La Joconde’ is the French name for which famous painting?
  14. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
  15. Which famous artist was born in Malaga?
  16. Which of these is not a type of paint or ink used by artists? Powder Paint, Printing Ink, Putty Paint or Acrylic Paint
  17. What do the initials DIY usually stand for?
  18. What style of art was used in the construction of Notre Dame?
  19. What kind of instrument is a trumpet?
  20. A five finger exercise is a piece of music written for the purpose of practicing on what instrument?
  21. Which famous Art Gallery houses the Mona Lisa?
  22. The novel Wuthering Heights charts the tragic love story of which two people?
  23. Which artist famously cut of his own ear?
  24. Who is famous for painting ‘Matchstick Men’?
  25. Elizabeth and Mr Darcy can be found in which Novel written by Jane Austen?
  26. Who wrote the book ‘1984’?
  27. Who designed St Paul’s Cathedral?
  28. Who painted The Hay Wain?
  29. In which City would you find The Tate Gallery?
  30. What did Samuel Taylor Coleridge hang around the neck of the Ancient Mariner?


  1. 9
  2. Winston Churchill
  3. Moon And Back
  4. Tchaikovsky
  5. Samuel Beckett
  6. Fish
  7. E T A Hoffman
  8. Anne Hathaway
  9. Wheel
  10. Pirouette
  11. Pointillism
  12. Charlie Chaplin
  13. Mona Lisa
  14. Leonardo da Vinci
  15. Pablo Picasso
  16. Acrylic Paint
  17. Do It Yourself
  18. Gothic
  19. Brass
  20. Piano
  21. The Louvre
  22. Heathcliffe and Catherine
  23. Vincent Van Gogh
  24. Lawrence Stephen Lowry
  25. Pride and Prejudice
  26. George Orwell
  27. Sir Christopher Wren
  28. John Constable
  29. Liverpool
  30. An Albatross