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  1. For whose death was James Earl Ray responsible for in 1968?
  2. What kind of criminal did Michael Jackson sing about?
  3. In which decade was fingerprint evidence first used in the UK to convict someone?
  4. True or False: It is illegal in the UK to carry golf equipment in a park or open space
  5. The documentary ‘Making a Murderer’ centred on the wrongly accused Stephen Avery. How many years did Avery serve in prison before his conviction was over turned?
  6. The Gorn, Khan and the Romulans are baddies in which TV Series?
  7. What superhero has an invisible jet and a Lasso of Truth?
  8. Professor Moriarty is the arch enemy of Sherlock Holmes – what is his first name?
  9. Which TV Comedy trio provided the voices for the 1980’s Bananaman TV series?
  10. What malevolent spectre, created by the novelist Susan Hill, is the villain of the second longest-running play in the West End?


  1. Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Smooth Criminal
  3. 1900’s (1902 used to convict burglar Harry Jackson)
  4. False (apart from Derbyshire when the law was introduced in 2015)
  5. 18 years
  6. Star Trek
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. James
  9. The Goodies
  10. The Woman in Black




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