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‘Build your own’ quiz night with a large selection of pub quiz questions


40 Questions

Which English County has the longest coastline?Cornwall
Who is responsible for the blue plaques in London?English Heritage
Where is England's largest Castle?Windsor
Which dukes are associated with Woburn Abbey?Bedford
In which London Borough are there the most blue plaques?Westminster
Which two english cathedrals have three spires each?Lichfield and Truro
What is the stately home owned by the Spencer family in Northamptonshire called?Althorp
Which county used to be divided into two parts?Lincolnshire
What was Marble Arch originally designed to be?Gateway to Buckingham Palace
Where are Grimes Graves?Norfolk
Alphabetically what is the last County?Worcestershire
In which Metropolitan County are Trafford and Tameside?Greater Manchester
In which National Park is Scafell Pike?Lake District
On which bank of the Thames is the City of London?North
In which town is the modernist De La Warr Pavilion to be found?Bexhill-on-Sea
Which City is served by John Lennon Airport?Liverpool
Which county lies between the North Sea and Greater London?Essex
What is Lindisfarne also known as?Holy Island
In which county is Hadrian's Wall?Northumberland
From which London Station are there trains direct to the continent through the Channel Tunnel?Kings Cross St Pancras
The Severn, the Trent and the Ouse are all what?Rivers
In which County are all 10 of England's highest peaks?Cumbria
Which is the second largest City in England?Birmingham
Which London Station was named after a long-reigning Queen?Victoria
In which County are the seaside resorts of Clacton and Southend?Essex
Leeds Castle is in Kent. Where is Leeds?Yorkshire
Which Seaside Resort is famous for its Tower and its Golden Mile?Blackpool
What might you see at Regents Park, Chester and Whipsnade?Zoo
What is the name of the famous Cathedral in York?The Minster
Which is the largest Island in England?Isle of Wight
Which English Town changed its name after it was ridiculated by comedian Ali G?Staines
Which two cities are the home of England's two oldest universities?Oxford and Cambridge
Which range of northern hills is called the backbone of England?Pennines
Which moorland area of southwest Devon is the site of a high-security prison?Dartmoor
What were Dagenham, Luton and Cowley famous for producing?Cars
Where would a Manx Person come from?Isle of Man
Which famous stones can be seen on Salisbury Plain?Stonehenge
Whose birthplace might you be visiting in Stratford-on-Avon?Shakespeare's
How many square miles is the City of London?One
What was England's smallest County before the 1974 changes?Rutland