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  1. What is the main ingredient in an Omelette?
  2. Which Animal does Venison come from?
  3. Which garden herb is made into a sauce, often eaten with lamb?
  4. In which Country did the word ‘Biscuit’ originate?
  5. What is traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday?
  6. What is another name for French Fries?
  7. What is a slice of bacon called?
  8. Which edible sugary substance do bees make?
  9. What is done to an herring to make it into a kipper?
  10. Which vegetable can be King Edward or Desiree?
  11. Name the creamy Greek Dip made from Cod’s Roe?
  12. Saki is a drink originating from which Country?
  13. Name the two main ingredients that make up the cocktail a ‘Bloody Mary’?
  14. Which famous TV Cook is the author of the bestselling book entitled ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’?
  15. What sauce is traditionally served with Roast Beef?
  16. Mother’s Ruin is a name associated with which alcoholic beverage?
  17. Moussaka is made with which exotic vegetable?
  18. When would you celebrate Thanksgiving?
  19. What is traditionally eaten at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships?
  20. The name of the recipe made with ice cream, sponge cake and meringue is?
  21. Which herb is used to make a classic pesto?
  22. What type of food are Bear’s Head, Black Trumpet and Chicken-of-the-Woods?
  23. Which vegetable is sometimes called ladies fingers?
  24. Which English County is home to the lamb and potato dish known as hotpot?
  25. Which fish is traditionally an ingredient of a Caesar Salad?
  26. Which fruit has varieties including Bartlett and Conference?
  27. In which European Country did the dish known as fondue originate?
  28. What does the Arabic word ‘Hummus’ mean?
  29. Which spirit goes into a Piña Colada, along with Pineapple and Coconut?
  30. What is usually the main ingredient of a borscht soup?
  31. What are the real names of the Hairy Bikers?
  32. In ‘Alice In Wonderland’, does the ‘Drink Me’ potion make Alice grow or shrink?
  33. In food science, what do the initials GM stand for?
  34. Name the Benedictine monk who invented Champagne?
  35. In 2017, professional speed eater Miki Sudo won an eating contest by eating how many hot dogs?
  36. In relation to ale, what do the letters SG stand for?
  37. Anya, Desiree and Charlotte are all types of what?
  38. Which soft drink brand sponsors Wimbledon?
  39. What is the name of the Rolling Stones seventh album?
  40. What is the name of Beyonce’s 2016 number one album?


  1. Eggs
  2. Deer
  3. Mint
  4. France
  5. Pancakes
  6. Chips
  7. Rasher
  8. Honey
  9. Smoked
  10. Potato
  11. Taramasalata
  12. Japan
  13. Vodka and Tomato Juice
  14. Nigella Lawson
  15. Horseradish
  16. Gin
  17. Aubergine
  18. The fourth Thursday in November
  19. Strawberries and Cream
  20. Baked Alaska
  21. Basil
  22. Mushrooms
  23. Okra
  24. Lancashire
  25. Anchovy
  26. Pear
  27. Switzerland
  28. Chickpea
  29. Rum
  30. Beetroot
  31. Simon King & David Myers (Si and Dave)
  32. Shrink
  33. Genetically Modified
  34. Dom Pérignon
  35. 41
  36. Specific Gravity
  37. Potato
  38. Robinsons
  39. Beggars Banquet
  40. Lemonade