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Which English county is famous for its pottery?Staffordshire
What is the tallest mountain in the world?Mount Everest
What animal would you find on top of ‘Gibraltar Rock’?Monkeys
In which County is the city of Truro?Cornwall
In which British Country is the County East Lothian?Scotland
In what Country is the longest street in the world?Yonge Street is 1178 miles long in Canada
In the UK, over what river does the QEII Bridge cross?River Thames
Which town/city comes first after you cross the Severn Bridge into Wales?Magor
La Rambla is a famous street in the centre of which Spanish city?Barcelona
Which country is famous for its pyramids?Egypt
What State is home to Alcatraz, Folsom and Chino Prisons?California
What river partially separates the counties of Cornwall and Devon?Tamar
A Hoosier is a native of which American state?Indiana
Ascension Island is an overseas territory of which European Country?United Kingdom
How is the magnitude of an earthquake measured?Richter Scale
How many linguistic regions are there in Switzerland?Four
I am at the site of a famous battle, where an English King was defeated. Where am I?Hastings
I am eating Strawberries and Cream watching tennis at the oldest tennis tournament in the World. Where am I?Wimbledon
I am in a City in Scotland where the Castle is perched on top of an ancient volcano. Where am I?Edinburgh
I am in the Old Bailey, the site of which former Prison? Where am I?Newgate
I am on a wall 73 miles long which stretches across some of the UK's most dramatic landscape. Where Am I?Hadrian's Wall
I am sailing on the second largest lake in the Lake District? Where am I?Ullwater
I am taking tea in the Midland Hotel in the third largest City in England. Where am I?Manchester
I am walking the length of Britain's longest river. Where am I?Thames
I have just climbed the highest mountain in England. Where am I?Scafell Pike
I have just visited the highest pub in Britain. Where am I?Tan Hill, Yorkshire
In transport what does the abbreviation 'HGV' mean?Heavy Goods Vehicle
In which Country is the UK’s highest mountain?Scotland
In which Country is Transylvania?Romania
In which county does the River Thames rise?Gloucestershire
Is Arbroath on the East Coast or the West Coast of Scotland?East Coast
Is Chesterfield closer geographically to Sheffield or Derby?Sheffield
Is London’s Docklands, north, south, east or west of the city?East
Lima is the capital city of which country?Peru
On which river does the City of Ely stand?River Ouse
Phillip Island is located off which country?Australia
St Anne’s lies to the south of which British seaside resort?Blackpool
The Angel of the North was erected next to which major road?A1
The Apennines are a mountain range in which country?Italy
The George Washington Bridge spans which river?Hudson
The second tallest waterfall is situated in South Africa. Name it?Tugela Falls
The Severn bridge can take you from England to which country?Wales
Tirupati Temple is located in which Country?India
True or False? Any person granted the freedom of the Welsh City of Cardiff has the right to run naked around the castle walls on two specified dates in the calendar year?False
True or False? The highest point in the Maldives is less then eight feet above sea level?True
What city was historically known as Constantinople and Byzantium?Istanbul
What city-state is administered by the UK but claimed by Spain?Gibraltar
What continent is Mexico in?North America
What in the USA is the ‘Last Frontier State’?Alaska
What is a native of Aberdeen called?Aberdonian
What is officially the smallest city in Great Britain?St David's
What is the capital of Greece?Athens
What is the capital of Scotland?Edinburgh
What is the Capital of Uruguay?Montevideo
What is the currency of Thailand?Baht
What is the highest mountain peak in Japan?Mount Fuji
What is the island called that is centered between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales?Isle of Man
What is the most populous City of the US?New York
What is the most populous US State?California
What is the name of the river that flows through Oxford and London?The River Thames
What is the national currency of Bulgaria?Lev
What is the ring road surrounding Greater Manchester known as?M60
What is the World’s largest Marsh?Everglades
What name is given to the part of a beach that lies between low and high tide?The Foreshore
What nationality is former Prime Minister Gordon Brown?Scottish
What river forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico?Rio Grande
What river meets the Gulf of Mexico in New Orleans, Louisiana?Mississippi River
What sort of an institution in London is Bart’s?Hospital
What term describes the Great Lakes and the Midwest States of the US, referring to economic decline and urban decay?The Rust Belt
What two modern day countries complete the Iberian Peninsula?Spain and Portugal
What was New Zealand’s Capital before Wellington?Auckland
Where are the shores of Tripoli?Libya
Where in the world is the Bering Sea?Alaska
Where is Amber Valley located in England?Derbyshire
Where is Bangkok?Thailand
Where is Carisbrooke Castle?Isle of Wight
Where is Montenegro?Europe
Where is the Canterbury Cathedral located?United Kingdom
Where is the leaning Tower of Pisa located?Italy
Where is the Shard?London
Where is the Table Mountain?Cape Town
Where would you find Disko Island?Coast of Greenland
Where would you find Table Mountain?Cape Town
Where would you find the Trafford Centre?Manchester
Which Caribbean Island wants to be a state of the United States of America?Puerto Rico
Which City is the capital of India?New Delhi
Which cliffs are most well known for their white chalk surface?White Cliffs of Dover
Which coast of England is Holy Island off?East
Which continent has land completely covered with ice?Antarctica
Which country can be represented by a red dragon?Wales
Which country has more lakes than the rest of the world combined?Canada
Which Country has the longest coastline in the World?Canada
Which county has the abbreviation Beds?Bedfordshire
Which English gorge takes its name from a nearby village?Cheddar
Which flower is the emblem of Scotland?Thistle
Which Irish City has lent its name to a brand of crystal glassware?Waterford
Which is larger, Dartmoor or Exmoor?Dartmoor
Which is the largest port in Germany?Hamburg
Which mountain range gets its name from the Sanskrit language meaning 'abode of snow'?Himalayas
Which New England State doesn’t border the Atlantic Ocean?Vermont
Which of the following cities if also a country? Beijing, Vatican City, Tokyo or LondonVatican City
Which road runs from London to Fishguard in Wales?A40
Which Royal Residence stands by the River Dee?Balmoral
Which sea is located off the east coast of Canada?Labrador Sea
Which sea separates Australia and New Zealand?Tasman Sea
Which state has the second greatest coverage of glacial ice?Wyoming
Which Tanzanian island is famous for it's spices, and it's historic role in the slave trade?Zanzibar
Which tunnel has the second longest underwater section in the world?The Channel Tunnel, UK/France



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