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‘Build your own’ quiz night with a large selection of pub quiz questions


The holiday island of Ibiza belongs in which country?Spain
Which European country popular with Brits has the rivers Guadiana and Tagos?Portugal
In which ocean is Fiji?Pacific
What name is given to America's most westerly time zone?Pacific
On which European island is the beach of Mazzaro?Sicily
The resort of Kuta is on which island - Bali or Malta?Bali
Which island are you on if you visit Mellieha?Malta
In Australia, which state is commonly called the 'Sunshine State'?Queensland
In which country is the much-visited Saumur Castle?France
What is another name for Tonga?Friendly Islands
Which motorway links Exeter with Birmingham?M5
Schiphol Airport serves which European City?Amsterdam
The home ground of Manchester City FC is named after which Airline?Etihad
Olympic Airlines was the national flag carrier airline of which Country?Greece
The SNCF is the national railway of which Country?France
Longbridge, the site of a former massive car factory is in which City?Birmingham
‘Driving in my Car’ was a number four hit in 1982 for which Band?Madness
Which area of London gives its name to a type of taxi?Hackney (Carriage)
The National Railway Museum is in which English City?York
The motor manufacturer Daewoo is based in which Country?South Korea