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Is Holy Island off the east or west coast of England?East
What is a native of Aberdeen called?Aberdonian
Is London’s Docklands, north, south, east or west of the city?East
The Angel of the North was erected next to which major road?A1
Which English gorge takes its name from a nearby village famous for its cheese?Cheddar
Which county has the abbreviation Beds?Bedfordshire
St Anne’s lies to the south of which British Seaside Resort?Blackpool
Which Royal residence stands by the River Dee?Balmoral
In which country is the UK’s highest Mountain?Scotland
What sort of institution in London is Bart’s?Hospital
On a London Tube Map, the Central Line is what colour?Red
In which Scottish City did you find the Gorbals?Glasgow
Which motorway links London to Winchester?M3
Which Isle of the South Coast of England is a County in its own right?Isle of Wight
What is Britain's most Southerly Country?England
Norwich is the administrative centre of which County?Norfolk
In which City did the National Trust buy the childhood home of Paul McCartney?Liverpool
Which Motorway runs almost parallel to the A4?M4
With which profession is London’s Harley Street associated?Medical Profession
What is Britain’s largest International Airport?Heathrow
In which County is Lands End?Cornwall
What colour are most London Buses?Red
Which motorway goes from Lancashire to Yorkshire east to west?M62
What is the background colour of road signs to tourist sites?Brown
In which part of the UK is ‘Land of My Fathers’ a traditional song?Wales
Winchester is the administrative seat of which County?Hampshire
Aston University is near which Midlands City?Birmingham
Most of the Lake District is in which County?Cumbria
What red flower does Lancashire have?Rose
In which City is the Barbican Centre?London



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