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‘Build your own’ quiz night with a large selection of pub quiz questions


Which Canadian city name means 'Muddy Water'?Winnipeg
Which country is the Black Forest located?Germany
Niagara Falls is located in the United States and what other country?Canada
In which US city would you find the Golden Gate Bridge?San Francisco
The city of Odessa is on which sea?The Black Sea
Of which country is Calcutta now known as Kolkata, the chief port?India
Golden Gate Bridge is located in which country?USA
Which city is the Mojave Desert located?Las Vegas
What is the capital of the Philippines?Manila
Quebec is a French-speaking province of which country?Canada
Pashto is an official language of which country?Afghanistan
How many countries make up South America?12 (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela)
A trip to India's Golden Triangle comprises Jaipur, Agra and which other City. Home of the Red Fort?Delhi
How many boroughs are there in New York City?5
How many hills is Rome famous for?Seven
If you visited the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final, which City did you travel to?London
In 1955, where did Walt Disney open his Disneyland theme park?Anaheim, California
In which American City could you watch The Dolphins football team and The Merlins baseball team?Miami
In which City could you take photos of The Little Mermaid statue?Copenhagen
In which City is the Taj Mahal located?Agra, India
In which Country could you sail in the Bay of Plenty?New Zealand
In which Country is the Sinhala Language spoken?Sri Lanka
In which Country would you find The Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the World?Venezuela
Located in South Eastern Europe, which country saw the end of the rule of the Communist Party on October 14, 1991?Bulgaria
Name the two countries bordering Tunisia?Algeria and Libya
The Atlas Mountain range is found in which country?Morocco
The Bay of Biscay lies to the north of which country?Spain
The Mirabell Palace in which European country?City of Salzburg, Austria
The Negresco Hotel is found in which European city?Nice
The Tyrrhenian Sea is found between which two land masses?Italy and the islands of Sardinia and Corsica
The world's largest railway station opened in New York City in February 1913. What was it called?Grand Central Terminal
What Central American capital city was devastated by an earthquake in 1972?Managua, Capital of Nicaragua
What country was ruled by King Zog until 1939?Albania
What does DC stand for in Washington DC?District of Columbia
What is the longest river in the US?Missouri River
What is the lowest point in North America?Death Valley
What river carved its way through the Grand Canyon?The Colorado River
What Spanish City became famous in the middle ages for swords and fine steel?Toledo
Where is Stewart Island?Below South Island, New Zealand
Which Country has a name that means 'Lowlands’?Netherlands
Which Country is home to the airline Lufthansa?Germany
Which Island group includes Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza?Balearic Islands
Which Island nation, formerly a British colony, had Sinhalese and Tamil as its two official languages?Sri Lanka
Which Italian City was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79?Pompeii
Which Japanese town was devastated by an earthquake in 1995?Kobe
Which two European nations are called 'The Low Countries'?The Netherlands and Belgium