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  1. Which is larger, Dartmoor or Exmoor?
  2. Where is Carisbrooke Castle?
  3. Which Country has the longest coastline in the World?
  4. What was New Zealand’s Capital before Wellington?
  5. What in the USA is the ‘Last Frontier State’?
  6. In which Country is Transylvania?
  7. What is the Capital of Uruguay?
  8. The George Washington Bridge spans which river?
  9. What is the World’s largest Marsh?
  10. On which river does the City of Ely stand?
  11. Is Holy Island off the east or west coast of England?
  12. What is a native of Aberdeen called?
  13. Is London’s Docklands, north, south, east or west of the city?
  14. The Angel of the North was erected next to which major road?
  15. Which English gorge takes its name from a nearby village famous for its cheese?
  16. Which county has the abbreviation Beds?
  17. St Anne’s lies to the south of which British Seaside Resort?
  18. Which Royal residence stands by the River Dee?
  19. In which country is the UK’s highest Mountain?
  20. What sort of institution in London is Bart’s?
  21. In which County is Lands End?
  22. What colour are most London Buses?
  23. Which motorway goes from Lancashire to Yorkshire east to west?
  24. What is the background colour of road signs to tourist sites?
  25. In which part of the UK is ‘Land of My Fathers’ a traditional song?
  26. Winchester is the administrative seat of which County?
  27. Aston University is near which Midlands City?
  28. Most of the Lake District is in which County?
  29. What red flower does Lancashire have?
  30. In which City is the Barbican Centre?
  31. On a London Tube Map, the Central Line is what colour?
  32. In which Scottish City did you find the Gorbals?
  33. Which motorway links London to Winchester?
  34. Which Isle of the South Coast of England is a County in its own right?
  35. What is Britain’s most Southerly Country?
  36. Norwich is the administrative centre of which County?
  37. In which City did the National Trust buy the childhood home of Paul McCartney?
  38. Which Motorway runs almost parallel to the A4?
  39. With which profession is London’s Harley Street associated?
  40. What is Britain’s largest International Airport?
  41. Which motorway links Exeter with Birmingham?
  42. Schiphol Airport serves which European City?
  43. The home ground of Manchester City FC is named after which Airline?
  44. Olympic Airlines was the national flag carrier airline of which Country?
  45. The SNCF is the national railway of which Country?
  46. Longbridge, the site of a former massive car factory is in which City?
  47. ‘Driving in my Car’ was a number four hit in 1982 for which Band?
  48. Which area of London gives its name to a type of taxi?
  49. The National Railway Museum is in which English City?
  50. The motor manufacturer Daewoo is based in which Country?
  51. I am in the Old Bailey, the site of which former Prison? Where am I?
  52. I am on a wall 73 miles long which stretches across some of the UK’s most dramatic landscape. Where Am I?
  53. I have just visited the highest pub in Britain. Where am I?
  54. I am walking the length of Britain’s longest river. Where am I?
  55. I am at the site of a famous battle, where an English King was defeated. Where am I?
  56. I am in a City in Scotland where the Castle is perched on top of an ancient volcano. Where am I?
  57. I have just climbed the highest mountain in England. Where am I?
  58. I am sailing on the second largest lake in the Lake District? Where am I?
  59. I am taking tea in the Midland Hotel in the third largest City in England. Where am I?
  60. I am eating Strawberries and Cream watching tennis at the oldest tennis tournament in the World. Where am I?


  1. Dartmoor
  2. Isle of Wight
  3. Canada
  4. Auckland
  5. Alaska
  6. Romania
  7. Montevideo
  8. Hudson
  9. Everglades
  10. River Ouse
  11. East
  12. Aberdonia
  13. East
  14. A1
  15. Cheddar
  16. Bedfordshire
  17. Blackpool
  18. Balmoral
  19. Scotland
  20. Hospital
  21. Cornwall
  22. Red
  23. M62
  24. Brown
  25. Wales
  26. Hampshire
  27. Birmingham
  28. Cumbria
  29. Rose
  30. London
  31. Red
  32. Glasgow
  33. M3
  34. Isle of Wight
  35. England
  36. Norfolk
  37. Liverpool
  38. M4
  39. Medical Profession
  40. Heathrow
  41. M5
  42. Amsterdam
  43. Etihad
  44. Greece
  45. France
  46. Birmingham
  47. Madness
  48. Hackney (Carriage)
  49. York
  50. South Korea
  51. Newgate
  52. Hadrian’s Wall
  53. Tan Hill, Yorkshire
  54. Thames
  55. Hastings
  56. Edinburgh
  57. Scafell Pike
  58. Ullswater
  59. Manchester
  60. Wimbledon