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‘Build your own’ quiz night with a large selection of pub quiz questions


80 Questions

What Animal does Ireland not have?Snake (As the St. Patrick legend says, Ireland has no native snakes)
What was responsible for the potato crop failure that caused the Great Irish Famine?A Fungus
Dublin's Trinity College Library houses an extremely rare artifact. What is it?The Book of Kells
Was James Joyce awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?No. Even though he was never awarded this prestigious prize, he is still celebrated as one of the most important Irish Authors
What body of water separates the island of Ireland from the island of Great Britain?Irish Sea
What is Ireland's Eye?A small Island
Are the bands, The Cranberries, Boyzone and Us all Irish Bands?Yes
What is Ireland's most popular tourist attraction?Cliffs of Moher
What are the Selkies of Celtic Legend?Seals that transform to humans
Irish Mythology refers to the 'Four Treasures of Ireland' that comes from four specific Irish Cities. What are the Four Treasures?Stone, Spear, Cauldron and Sword
Irish Slang - What would you be doing if you were ‘codding’?Joking
Irish Slang - If something is ‘grand’, then what is it?Fine or OK
Irish Slang - What does it mean to describe something as ‘cat’?Awful
Irish Slang - Who would you be describing if you called someone a ‘culchie’?Country Person
Irish Slang - Who might someone describe as an ‘amadán’?A fool
Irish Slang - What does ‘gas’ mean?Funny
Irish Slang - A person described as ‘stocious’ would be what?Very drunk
Irish Slang - If you have made a ‘hames’ of something, what have you done?Made a mess of it
Irish Slang - What is a ‘yoke’?A thing
Irish Slang - Who could be described as a ‘pup’?A cheeky young person
Irish Slang - What is happening if someone is ‘suckin’ diesel’?They are doing really well
Irish Slang - What does the word ‘quare’ mean?Very
Irish Slang - What would someone or something be if they were described as ‘banjaxed’?Broken
Irish Slang - What type of person might be described as a ‘bowsie’?A good for nothing person
Irish Slang - Why would someone use the word ‘musha’?Ah well
Irish Slang - What would someone mean if, during a conversation, they said: “Go ‘way out o’ that”?Surely not. I don’t believe you
Irish Slang - What was your evening like if ‘the craic was 90’?Brilliant
Irish Slang - What does the word ‘hape’ mean?Large Amount
Irish Slang - What does it mean if someone says: “That’ll crown ya?”That will do you good
Irish Slang - What does ‘ara’ mean?Ah Well
Which famous Irish writer wrote ‘Youth is wasted on the young?’George Bernard Shaw
When is St Brigid’s Feast Day?1st February
O’ at the start of an Irish surname means…The grandson or descendant of
How many miles is the Wild Atlantic Way?1553
What is the most common Irish surname?Murphy
What does the ‘Green Man’ represent?The lushness of flourishing vegetation and the coming of spring.
What is the currency in Ireland?Euro
What does Sláinte mean?Good Health
Which of these symbols was banned in Ireland for 200 years?Harp
Legend says the Blarney Stone gives you the gift of…The gab – the ability to speak with wit, charm and persuasion.
Before becoming an actor, Gabriel Byrne had various jobs including teacher, cook and archeologist. But what did he train to be as a youngster?A Catholic Priest
Before all his success as an actor, Colin Farrell hoped to become a music star, and auditioned to be a member of which famous Irish band?Boyzone
Liam Neeson's career began as a youngster back home in County Antrim when he signed up to take part in a school play, but what has Neeson said was the reason he first started acting?He wanted to impress a girl who was also acting in the play
Before he got his big break, Pierce Brosnan spent three years performing in a circus in the UK. What was his act?Fire-eater
In 2004, Maureen O'Hara released her autobiography, but what was it called?'Tis Yourself
For which role did Brenda Fricker receive an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress?Mrs Brown in My Left Foot
One of his last roles before his death in 2002 was as headmaster Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films. However, Richard Harris reportedly turned down the role initially, before what changed his mind?His 11-year-old granddaughter persuaded him to take the role, threatening to have nothing to do with him if he didn’t.
What did Cillian Murphy originally plan to do before his teacher convinced him to carry on acting?Rock Star
Peter O’Toole holds the unusual record of being nominated for an Academy Award the most about of times, without ever winning it. Do you know how many times was O’Toole nominated?Eight
Saoirse Ronan's father Paul Ronan is also a famous face in Ireland, but what does he do?Also an Actor
What is the name of the lead singer of the band The Corrs?Andrea Corr
Which Irish band had a hit song called ‘Drunken Lullabies’?Flogging Molly
Which road do the Saw Doctors sing about in a song of homesickness and emigration?The N17
What year did the Pogues form?1982
How many 'shades of green' does the song say can be found in Ireland?40
What was the name of the song Dana sang in the Eurovision Song Contest?All Kinds of Everything
Which Daniel sang 'Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love?Daniel O'Donnell
Which all girl band sounded like they had magical powers?B*Witched
According to Percy French's song, What do the Mourne Mountains famously do?'Sweep down to the Sea'
Which instrument is James Galway famous for playing?The Flute
Name the song... “By a lonely prison wall I heard a young girl calling”. “Michael they have taken you away”. “You stole Trevelyan’s corn so the kids might see the morn”. “Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay.”Fields of Athenry
Name the song... “I called my wife and I said to her will you kindly tell to me”. “Who owns that head upon the bed where my old head should be?”Seven Drunken Nights
Name the song... “She bid me take things easy as the leaves grow on the tree”. “But I being young and foolish with her did not agree.”Down by the Salley Gardens
Name the song... “Just a lad of 18 summers”. “Yet there’s no one can deny”. “As he marched to death that morning”. “He proudly held his head on high.”Kevin Barry
Name the song... “Tell me who is the giant with the gold curling hair”. “He who rides at the head of your band”. “Seven feet is his height with some inches to spare”. “And he looks like a king in command.”Kelly the Boy From Killane
Name the song... “But the Water is wide, I cannot swim over”. “Nor have I, the wings to fly.”Carrickfergus
Name the song... “Now when we’re out a sailing and you are far behind”. “Fine letters I will send to you with the secrets of my mind.”The Holy Ground
Name the song... “She is handsome, she is pretty”. “She is the belle of Belfast city.”I’ll Tell Me Ma
Name the song... “I saw the danger yet I passed along enchanted way”. “And I said let grief be a fallen leaf at the dawning of the day.”Raglan Road
Name the song... “I went to an alehouse I used to frequent”. “And told the landlady my money was spent”. “I asked her for credit she answered me nay!”. “Such a custom as yours I can get any day.”Wild Rover
Elected in 1990, the first female President of Ireland said: “I was elected by the women of Ireland, who instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system.” Who was she?Mary Robinson
Which inspirational speaker, who coined the phrase ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’, led the Dublin workers to strike for more than seven months in order to gain better working conditions?James Larkin
Which popular Irish actor and comedian discovered the details of his grandfather’s murder during the Irish War of Independence when he was filming the BBC documentary Who Do You Think You Are?Brendan O'Carroll
The people of Ireland were robbed of eleven days of their lives when the British finally decided to adopt the Gregorian Calendar instead of the less-accurate Julian Calendar. The date changed from 2nd September to the 14th September in a single night, and there is no record of anything happening in the eleven days in between. In what year did this date change take place?1752
In 1916, a group of Irish nationalists seized control of the General Post Office in Dublin and declared Ireland an independent republic, free from British rule. What was the name of the man who read out the proclamation of Independence?Pádraic Pearse
Father John Murphy was a Catholic priest and reluctant leader of the Irish rebels in which major conflict in history?1798 Rebellion
During the 14th century, the British government worried that which group of people were becoming ‘more Irish than the Irish’, and passed a piece of legislation to curb the adoption of Irish tradition and culture?The Normans settlers
Great Irish folk songs such as Fields of Athenry and Skibbereen were written about which major event in the history of Ireland?Great Potato Famine
Who is widely recognised as the last ‘High King of Ireland’ and is thought by some to be the man who finally ended the reign of power held by the Vikings?Brian Boru
Michael Collins is one of the most famous characters from Irish history, and thought by some to be the greatest Irish man to have ever lived. He was killed during the Irish Civil War after his vehicle was ambushed by anti-treaty IRA members. Collins had been warned by his advisers that the journey was dangerous but insisted they go ahead saying: “They’ll never shoot me in my own county.” What was the county in which Collins was born, and then killed?Cork