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‘Build your own’ quiz night with a large selection of pub quiz questions


82 Questions

Which former 'News of the World' Editor was found guilty of conspiracy to intercept voicemails in June 2014?Andy Coulson
13-year-old Myra Gale Brown was the subject of a scandal for which rock 'n' roller?Jerry Lee Lewis
What incident led to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969?Chappaquiddick
Which Prime Minister caused outcry with his 'bunga bunga' parties?Silvio Berlusconi
Which US State bungled its vote count in the 2012 Presidential election?Florida
In 1990, which agriculture minister tried to prove beef was safe by encouraging his four-year-old daughter to eat a burger?John Gummer
'Grannygate' affected which sport in March 2000?Rugby Union
The UK Government bought 58% of which insolvent bank in 2008?Royal Bank of Scotland
Who was the 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' contestant aided by a coughing accomplice?Charles Ingram
Who calmed a potential riot by handing a can of Pepsi to a police officer?Kendall Jenner
Views of whose 2012 wild weekend in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas?Prince Harry
Which mistakenly drawn emoji led to Google being grilled in 2017?A cheeseburger
A place where an earthquake originates is called the (A) Epicentre (B) Focus or (C) Fault Line?(B) Focus
By what name was the unpopular forerunner of Council Tax usually known?Poll Tax
Established in 1892, and was made part of the Conde Nast Family in 1909, which publication features the latest fashion trends and aspirational living dreams for the modern woman?Vogue
For how many years were the Conservatives in consecutive power before Tony Blair won in 1997?18
For which newspaper did Clark Kent work for?The Daily Planet
For whose death was James Earl Ray responsible for in 1968?Martin Luther King Jr.
In newspaper jargon, what is a ‘splash’?A front page leading story
In what year of the 1970s did Margaret Thatcher become leader of the Conservative Party?1975
In which city did Taggart do his detecting?Glasgow
In which decade was fingerprint evidence first used in the UK to convict someone?1900’s (1902 used to convict burglar Harry Jackson)
In which film did Sylvester Stallone play a law enforcement officer in Mega City One?Judge Dredd
In which TV show did John Thaw and Dennis Waterman play policeman from London’s Metropolitan ‘Flying Squad’?The Sweeney
In which US State is the mammoth cave system?Kentucky
In which year in the 1970s were there two General Elections?1974
Indonesia and Japan have historically had the most active volcanoes. Which country ranks third?USA
More than 4,000 climbers have successfully summited Mt. Everest. About how many people have died trying to climb it?Over 300 People
Over which mountains does the chinook blow?Rockies
Professor Moriarty is the arch enemy of Sherlock Holmes – what is his first name?James
The documentary ‘Making a Murderer’ centred on the wrongly accused Stephen Avery. How many years did Avery serve in prison before his conviction was over turned?18 Years
The film Citizen Kane, starring Orson Welles, was loosely based on which newspaper magnate?William Randolph Hearst
The Gorn, Khan and the Romulans are baddies in which TV Series?Star Trek
The name of which type of cloud is Latin for a lock of hair?Cirrus
True or False: It is illegal in the UK to carry golf equipment in a park or open spaceFalse (apart from Derbyshire when the law was introduced in 2015)
What distinction is held by Edmund Waller, elected to parliament in 1622?Youngest ever M.P. (Age 16)
What does the Lord Chancellor sit on in the House of Lords?The Woolsack
What is Europe’s highest active volcano?Mount Etna
What is Fata Morgana and where would you see it?Mirage, Strait of Messini, Italy
What is our Solar System’s nearest stellar neighbour?Proxima Centauri
What is the highest waterfall in Norway?Utigard
What is the largest lake in the UK after Neagh?Erne
What is the name of the local newspaper in the soap, Eastenders?The Walford Gazette
What is the next largest body solar system after Venus?Mars
What is V4641 Sgr?Black Hole
What kind of criminal did Michael Jackson sing about?Smooth Criminal
What malevolent spectre, created by the novelist Susan Hill, is the villain of the second longest-running play in the West End?The Woman in Black
What name is given to an occasion when the equator is furthest from the sun?Solstice
What national newspaper is printed on ‘pink’ paper?The Financial Times
What natural disaster happened in 2003 and resulted in over 50,000 deaths? (A) Indonesian Tsunami (B) European Heatwave or (C) Plague of locusts in the US(B) European Heat Wave
What natural phenomenon is a hypocenter associated with?Earthquake
What superhero has an invisible jet and a Lasso of Truth?Wonder Woman
What was the first asteroid to be discovered?Ceres
What was the name of Celine Dion’s love song from the film Titanic?My Heart Will Go On
What was the name of the first storm to be given a name?Carol
What was the title of the 1981 series of stage charity benefits for Amnesty International featuring members of the Monty Python team, Peter Cook and Rowan Atkinson amongst others?The Secret Policeman’s Ball
Which 1990’s Eurovision Song Contest winner shares her name with a devastating hurricane?Katrina
Which Asian Country has the greatest area of inland water?India
Which Cabinet member resigned over the Iraq War on 17thMarch 2003?Robin Cook
Which comedy-drama followed the work of the fictional Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS) of the Metropolitan Police Service?New Tricks
Which Conservative politician was nicknamed 'Tarzan'?Michael Heseltine
Which Cornish Village suffered a freak flood in the summer of 2004?Boscastle
Which country has the driest inhabited area in the world?Egypt
Which country’s Rugby Team were involved in a plane crash in the Andes where the survivors remained stranded for 72 days?Uruguay
Which county is England’s wettest?Cumbria
Which daily newspaper sells the most copies in the UK?The Sun
Which former policeman gained Olympic glory alongside Jayne Torvill?Christopher Dean
Which M.P. announced she was separating from her husband David Mills in March 2006 following accusation that he had accepted bribes from the Italian government?Tessa Jowell
Which natural disaster can produce the fastest winds on Earth?Tornado
Which newspaper is nicknamed ‘The Thunderer’?The Times
Which police constable upheld the law in Toytown?P.C. Plod
Which police officer was constantly at loggerheads with Top Cat?Officer Dibble
Which policeman was immortalised in song with the lyrics; “His jolly face was wrinkled and then he shut his eyes, He opened his great big mouth, it was a wondrous size!”?The Laughing Policeman
Which politician and former Secretary of State For Wales was nicknamed 'Spock'?John Redwood
Which sea area is immediately to the South of Ireland?Fastnet
Which teen magazine closed its pages in February 2006 after 28 years in circulation?Smash Hits
Which TV Comedy trio provided the voices for the 1980’s Bananaman TV series?The Goodies
Which usually travels faster, a cold front or a warm front?Cold Front
Which volcanic rock is named after a mountain range in South America?Andesite
Who played Reverend Scott in The Poseidon Adventure?Gene Hackman
Who was the drummer for the pop group The Police?Stewart Copeland
With a beautiful blonde on its cover, which magazine hit the newsstands in December 1953 having been produced on a kitchen table in its creators Hyde Park Apartment?Playboy