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  1. What is the definition or meaning of the Latin phrase ‘Quid pro quo’?
  2. Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the original word for the fear of what?
  3. In which country is the ‘doing nothing’ competition annually held?
  4. Shoshone Falls is located in what state?
  5. Who originally coined the term cancer?
  6. What is the carat value for pure gold?
  7. Which monarch is it likely that Queenstown in South Island of New Zealand is named after?
  8. Why does Queen Elizabeth II have no passport?
  9. What fear do people with haphephobia have?
  10. What is somnambulism?
  11. What is the top of a super volcano called?
  12. What great philosopher, tutored Alexander the Great?
  13. Which commodities would you buy at a PYO Centre?
  14. What sort of ‘Academy’ did Cat Deeley co-host?
  15. What does FT stand for in the name of the financial daily newspaper?
  16. Which punctuation mark would an American call a period?
  17. According to the proverb, imitation is the sincerest form of what?
  18. In which sport is there a foil discipline?
  19. According to the saying, what do birds of a feather do?
  20. The Dauphin was heir to which European throne?
  21. In 2001, which release returned Kylie Minogue to No. 1 in the album charts?
  22. William ‘Fatty’ Foulkes played which sport?
  23. A skulk is the collective name for a group of which animal?
  24. What did Charles Perrault collect?
  25. Jacob Marley was the business partner of which Dickens character?
  26. Michael French left which soap to become a Crime Traveller?
  27. What title does the brother of the late Princess Diana have?
  28. Which black wood is used for piano keys?
  29. Who was born John Eric Bartholomew?
  30. In which 1990s musical film did Madonna change costume 85 times?
  31. In which country is the battle site of El Alamein?
  32. What service does Microsoft Outlook offer?
  33. Whose ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ was back in the UK Charts in 2005?
  34. Which football club’s nickname is the Toffees?
  35. Which school did Prince Harry attend when he was 13?
  36. What is sugar added to, to make meringues?
  37. Which member of the Beatles was murdered in 1980?
  38. By what name was soprano Maria Anna Kalogeropoulos better known?
  39. Which American actor, who attended school in England, starred in the films High Noon and Mr Deeds Goes to Town?
  40. What was the pen name of the British author Eric Blair?
  41. Which novel by Charles Dickens features that character Abel Magwitch?
  42. Which British author wrote the poem The Hunting of the Snark?
  43. Which actress starred in the films Annie Hall and Baby Boom?
  44. Which singer and actress was Liza Minelli’s mother?
  45. Which nun received the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize?
  46. Who became Britain’s youngest prime minister in 1783 at the age of 24?
  47. Who was Mao Zedong?
  48. Amelia Earhart made history doing what?
  49. What do the initials NIMBY stand for?
  50. Which oath begins with the words ‘I swear by Apollo….’?
  51. What was the Roman name for Scotland?
  52. What does an apiarist keep?
  53. What is the deepest part of the world’s oceans called?
  54. Which dog spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner?
  55. Why was May 12 chosen as International Nurses Day?
  56. Made into the film ‘Breathe’, what caused Robin Cavendish to be paralysed from the neck down?
  57. Which city lends its name to a comma specifically put before the word ‘and’ at the end of a list?
  58. Which hot drink would you associate with England?
  59. Which is the smallest in the Saxophone family?
  60. What does RSPB stand for?
  61. What term is used for an artificial bird used by hunters to attract ducks?
  62. What does a light year measure?
  63. What was Mr. Incredibles son named?
  64. Where is the tallest building in the world located?
  65. Greenland is a dependency of what European Country?
  66. What name is given to the study of skin?
  67. Which animals give names to themselves?
  68. Which long-running radio programme was devised by Roy Plomley?
  69. Who presented the first series of ‘Big Brother’?
  70. Which Irish Comedian held a cigarette, sat on a barstool and chatted?
  71. What kind of animal is Eeyore in the children’s classic?
  72. The Abbey Theatre is in which Irish City?
  73. ____ is a website where people can make, sell, buy and collect unique items?
  74. ____ is a Swedish furniture brand that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture?
  75. ____ is the command on a computer that reverses the last action?
  76. Instagram’s 1-minute video feature is called ____?
  77. ____ Musk is the founder of SpaceX?
  78. A ____ is a sacred hymn?
  79. ____ can be sent to your junk mail folder or is also a name used for a pork meat?
  80. ____ is a metaphorical place for a skeleton?
  81. Chuck Berry song covered by ELO – Roll Over ____?
  82. ____ ____ is a boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs and baked or deep-fried
  83. What is celebrated every year by playing practical jokes and hoaxes?
  84. What is eaten traditionally in the UK the day before Ash Wednesday?
  85. Who is the patron saint of Ireland?
  86. In India what is the wife of a Raja called?
  87. What festival in Cannes France most famous for?
  88. What does a Zamboni do?
  89. What is a warlock?
  90. What is Mensa?
  91. Why was the dinosaur ‘Triceratops’ called ‘Triceratops’?
  92. In what city was the Nightingale Home and Training School for Nurses set up in 1860?
  93. Which Welsh actress won an Oscar for her role in the film ‘Chicago’?
  94. Who was the sixth female pharaoh of Egypt?
  95. What is another name for a Guinea Pig?
  96. Who painted the Waterloo Bridge?
  97. What do you call part of a song that is repeated and faster to learn?
  98. In which country was Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ banned?
  99. What Stephen King novel features a rabid dog terrorizing a mother and son?
  100. What is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland?
  101. In what city did historical figure Lady Godiva ride naked through the streets on horseback?
  102. The Japanese word ‘Sakura’ means the blossoming of what kind of tree?
  103. What lady was known for her work among the poor of India?
  104. She died on 23 July 2011. Who was she?
  105. Who is the founder and CEO of Facebook?
  106. Who was the first Scottish born chef to win three Michelin stars?
  107. What did Dutch teenager Laura Dekker become the youngest person to achieve in 2012?
  108. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?
  109. Jude Law is a famous English….?
  110. Who was Clarice Cliff?
  111. Who is Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, married to?
  112. Who was the second man to walk on the moon?
  113. How many days does a leap year have?
  114. What is the right side of a ship called?
  115. ‘Syntax’ is concerned with the arrangement of what?
  116. What is the fear of heights called?
  117. What process is deemed far more environmentally friendly than cremation for the disposal of dead bodies?
  118. What is Philanthropy?
  119. What is ‘Sfyria’?
  120. Yiddish is mainly a mixture of what two languages?
  121. Which aircraft is also known as the ‘Jumbo Jet’?
  122. What was Abigail Adams’ position about slavery in the 18th century?
  123. Who built the Morro San Felipe in Puerto Rico?
  124. Which Brand has a Siren in an Ancient Norse woodcut in it’s logo?
  125. What is the collective noun for a group of Witches?
  126. What novel or novella was written by acclaimed Russian author, Leo Tolstoy? The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Anna Karenina, War and Peace or All of the above
  127. Where did chocolate originally come from?
  128. What was the name of the boy that can make his nose grow longer by lying?
  129. Which UK City is associated with Robin Hood?
  130. What is the highest military medal given in the United Kingdom?
  131. Who is the only British Prime Minister to have received the Nobel Prize in Literature?
  132. Socrates was sentenced to death by the forced ingestion of what type of plant?
  133. What do Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo make?
  134. If you perform a rim shot, what instrument are you playing?
  135. In the Chinese calendar which year follows the year of the rat?
  136. What are you if you are caught in a Haboob?
  137. What was the wrestler Big Daddy’s real name?
  138. What trade did a webster follow?
  139. Who wrote the book ‘The Prodigal Daughter’?
  140. Where does the River Seine empty?
  141. What is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?
  142. What day of the week did Solomon Grundy get married?
  143. What type of food is most associated with Germany’s fifth largest city?
  144. The biggest debate over whether or not it is a biscuit or a cake revolves around which brand?
  145. For which type of boot is the brand Hunter most famous?
  146. On what would you ‘But It, Sell It, Love It’?
  147. What bar of soap has a sticker on top that never seems to wash away?
  148. With which brand did Michelle Keegan launch a fashion and homeware partnership in October 2017?
  149. Which of these is the name of a football club in the Egyptian second division… Marmite FC, Coca-Cola FC, Kit-Kat FC or Special K FC?
  150. Which soap bar is embossed with something that may be of interest to an ornithologist?
  151. Which TV Channel did tennis fans have to sign up for if they wanted to watch the 2019 US Open tennis tournament?
  152. What items of footwear are sold by Tsunami surviving brothers, Rob and Paul Forkan in order to help underprivileged children around the world?
  153. What is the capital city of Iceland?
  154. What do Sumo Wrestlers use to purify the ring before a match?
  155. What name is given to sausages wrapped in bacon?
  156. Watership Down is about a community of which animals?
  157. How many millimetres are there in 1.5 metres?
  158. Which designer brand created the Kelly Bag?
  159. Nepal is a landlocked country between which two countries?
  160. Who played The Joker in the 2019 movie of the same name?
  161. In cricket, what is a score of 0 also known as?
  162. Who had the 2008 hit ‘Chasing Pavements’?
  163. How many strings does a Cello have?
  164. Who is Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest son?
  165. What is the chemical symbol for water?
  166. Who wrote the Twilight series?
  167. How many members did the band ‘One Direction’ form with?
  168. In which Galaxy is Earth located?
  169. What is the first element in the periodic table?
  170. How many years are in a millennium?
  171. What is the fastest land animal?
  172. What colour is scarlet?
  173. What is a Chameleon capable of changing?
  174. Which delivery man had a cat named Jess?
  175. Cheviot and Suffolk are both types of what?
  176. What is another name for Snake poison?
  177. In 1996, who did the Spice Girls say was their Girl Power model?
  178. Which metal is made from bauxite?
  179. Where did Tung Chee-Hwa become chief executive in July 1997?
  180. Which Renault advertising character frequently found her father in compromising situations?
  181. Billy Smart produced what type of family entertainment?
  182. Which is the only mammal able to fly?
  183. Who was Orlando Bloom’s co-star in Elizabethtown?
  184. Where does the rattlesnake have its rattle?
  185. In which musical does Fagin appear?
  186. Which scientist discovered alpha, beta and gamma rays?
  187. Which Chaplin song proved a hit for Petula Clarke and Harry Secombe?
  188. How was Edward Teach better known?
  189. In the 1970’s/1980’s TV Show, how was The Hulk better known?
  190. What do the Lacrimal Glands produce?
  191. What does the C stand for in BBC?
  192. Who was the most famous creation of Elzie Segar?
  193. Which US President was born earliest in the 29th century?
  194. What do you call a pony or horse with a golden coloured coat and a flaxen mane and tail?
  195. What is the codename of Halle Berry’s character in the X-Men films?
  196. In which film was Scotsman David Hume famous?
  197. Which was the only NBA team Magic Johnson ever played for?
  198. What is an Ocarina?
  199. What does the TV Channel EPSN stand for?
  200. In which city would you be if you were relaxing on the Copacabana Beach?
  201. Which female politician was the Prime Minister of Australia between 2010 and 2013?
  202. Which two colours are on the flag of Poland?
  203. In which year was Margaret Thatcher first elected as British Prime Minister?
  204. How many US States border Texas?
  205. In computing, what does HTML stand for?
  206. In which musical would you find the songs ‘Mr Cellophone’ and ‘Cell Block Tango’?
  207. Paraguay has borders with Brazil, Bolivia and which other Country?
  208. On a British Monopoly Board, what must you pass to collect £200?
  209. Who was the first choice for the role of Holly Golightly in ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ before Audrey Hepburn?
  210. Who was the Greek Goddess of War?
  211. What is the French word for Monkey?
  212. ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’ is the opening line to which Shakespeare play?
  213. Which birthstone is associated with the month of January?
  214. Where did Team GB finish in the London 2012 Summer Olympics medal table?
  215. What do apiphobics fear?
  216. In a standard deck of cards which ace usually has the largest symbol?
  217. What caused about 50 million deaths all over the world in 1918?
  218. In what year was the original World Trade Center built?
  219. Which classic novel is subtitled ‘Meg, Jo. Beth and Amy’?
  220. What five spirits does a Long Island Iced Tea typically contain?
  221. Which European Artist painted over 60 self-portraits?
  222. Which actor appeared in ‘Witness’, ‘Mosquito Coast’ and ‘Patriot Games’?
  223. In which country was Mel Gibson born?
  224. Who connects the rules of boxing to the downfall of Oscar Wilde?
  225. Who was older, Laurel or Hardy?
  226. What controversial website was created by Ross Ulbricht?
  227. Who is Angelina Jolie’s father?
  228. Which actress was voted the American Film Institutes ‘Screen Legend of the Century’?
  229. In what year was Stan Lee born?
  230. Grace Kelly was allegedly a member of what cult group?
  231. Who was the Teflon Don?
  232. Whose autobiography was entitled The Bedwetter?
  233. Which children’s character created by Jean de Brunhoff shares his name with one of the nicknames of Zahir-ud-din Muhammad, the founder of the Mughal dynasty in the Indian subcontinent?
  234. Bela Fleck, Steve Martin and Earl Scruggs are particularly associated with playing which musical instrument?
  235. In January 2009, which brand temporarily renamed their Butter Pecan ice cream to ‘Yes, Pecan!’ in honour of newly elected US President Barack Obama?
  236. Which word can refer both to a thick soup made from pureed seafood or vegetables or a handicapping mechanism used in croquet and real tennis?
  237. In 1889, the Frenchwoman Herminie Cadolle invented and patented what she initially called ‘corselet-gorge’. It has been called the first modern example of which undergarment?
  238. Which plant’s shoots account for 99% of a giant panda’s diet?
  239. Which London Dry Gin was created by James Burroughs in a Chelsea distillery that he purchased in 1862?
  240. Which Eltham-born comedian’s book ‘I Never Left Home’ was 1944’s bestselling non-fiction book in the US?
  241. In 1962, which DIY company introduced the world’s first cordless outdoor product – the cordless hedge trimmer?
  242. Led by Vivian Stanshall, which eccentric British band’s album ‘Gorilla’ contains tracks called ‘Cool Britannia’, the origin of that phrase, and ‘Death Cab for Cutie’, the origin of the bands name?
  243. What was invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892?
  244. In 2017, Leo Varadkar became the youngest prime minister of which country?
  245. Veteran Royal, Prince Philip announce his retirement from public engagements in 2017. True or False?
  246. In 2018, President Macron of France announced his intention to loan Britain which historic artifact?
  247. Which celebrity couple gave birth to twins, Alexander and Ella in June 2017?
  248. What organisation was founded on 7 April 1948?
  249. In what year did the UK adopt decimal currency?
  250. There is an airport in Turkey called Batman Airport: True or False?
  251. What is the only country to have a non-rectangular flag?
  252. So far 12 British Prime Ministers have served under Queen Elizabeth II. True or False?
  253. Who wrote ‘How the Leopard Got His Spots’?
  254. Who painted the picture called ‘Irises’?
  255. On which form of transport would you find knifeboards?
  256. Handel’s ‘Water Music’ was composed for which English King?
  257. Whose hits include ‘Victims’ and ‘Church of the Poison Mind’?
  258. What is Rupert Murdoch’s first name?
  259. In a calendar year what is the second quarter day in England?
  260. Which Fashion Designer opened a shop in 1957 called Bazaar?
  261. Which actor was Rita’s tutor in the film Educating Rita?
  262. Which Saint has 15 July as his Feast Day?
  263. In which Shakespeare play does a ghost walk on the battlements?
  264. In Madagascar where do the animals escape from?
  265. Which group had No.1 hits with ‘Babe’ and ‘Pray’ in 1993?
  266. Charterhouse Public School is found in which county?
  267. Whose autobiography was called Bermondsey Boy?
  268. Which 1987 TV series featured the ageing rock band The Majestics?
  269. What is a gallivat?
  270. Which British island is 230 miles West of the Hebrides in the Atlantic?
  271. Which Michael lost his Enfield seat in the 1997 general election?
  272. A skulk is the collective name for a group of which animal?
  273. In what Country was Osama Bin Laden born?
  274. In 2016, 34 years after the original was released, the pop group ABC released a sequel to which of their best-selling albums?
  275. Pripyat in the Ukraine, Hashima Island in Japan and Varosha, Cyprus, are all 20th-century examples of what?
  276. What is the name of the video game publishers behind the multi-million-selling Grand Theft Auto Franchise?
  277. How many times did the film star Elizabeth Taylor get married?
  278. The name for a baby of this type of animal is a leveret; a group of them is called a drove. What is the animal?
  279. The first recorded death by Segway was in 2010 in Wes Yorkshire. What was notable about the victim, Jimi Heselden?
  280. How many US States have the word ‘New’ in their title?
  281. Electronic music group Kraftwerk formed in which German city?
  282. If your body has been ‘cryopreserved’, what has happened to it?
  283. What is the red line on the London Underground map?
  284. In which year did Glastonbury start?
  285. How many players are in a rugby union team?
  286. How many X chromosomes do women have?
  287. In which sport does your team need to travel 3.6m to win?
  288. Which Port is capital of the Falkland Islands?
  289. which poem by Rudyard Kipling ends with the line ‘And which is more, you’ll be a man my son’?
  290. Which Labour leader was filmed falling into the sea at Brighton beach in 1983?
  291. Which actress emerged from the sea in Dr No wearing a white bikini?
  292. In which month does Mardi Gras take place in New Orleans?
  293. What is the nations favourite dog contest?
  294. What was the language of Jesus?
  295. What is the American version of Strictly Come Dancing?
  296. What bank did Abbey National become?
  297. What major war memorial is located on Whitehall, London?
  298. What town lies on the southern bank of the Tyne, opposite Newcastle?
  299. What Welsh City is regarded as Britain’s smallest city in terms of both size and population?
  300. What was the name of Gary and Phil Neville’s dad?
  301. What search engine is believed to be the most popular website in the World?
  302. What was the surnames of Bonnie and Clyde?
  303. In which country is the majority of The Da Vinci Code set?
  304. How many metres in a kilometre?
  305. What was the name of the first dog in space?
  306. Hepatitis is the inflammation of which of the body’s organs?
  307. In what country was Queen Elizabeth II when her father died?
  308. Which Texas city is nicknamed ‘The Yellow Rose Of Texas’?
  309. Who discovered penicillin?
  310. In which film did Liam Neeson sat ‘I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you’?
  311. In 2001, who was wrongly convicted for the murder of Jill Dando?
  312. How is the Eighty Years War also known?
  313. What colour were British Passports before they changed to meet European standards?
  314. The remains of Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling are all burried where?
  315. What sauce is traditionally served with beef?
  316. The name of which German care manufacturer translates as ‘Peoples Car’?
  317. In the Christian calendar, what name is given to the Sunday before Easter?
  318. An elver is the young of which animal?
  319. Mary, Queen of Scots was the mother of which English King?
  320. In a normal human body what is the strongest muscle?
  321. By what name is the sport of toxophily better known?
  322. The common name for the Cercis tree comes from the fact that a Biblical character allegedly hanged himself on it; what is the name?
  323. How many eyes does a bee have?
  324. In how many Countries is English an official language?
  325. How many competitive matches did David Beckham play as a professional footballer?
  326. How many weeks did Michael Jackson’s 1982 album ‘Thriller’ spend at number one in the US Charts?
  327. How many Oscars did the 1977 film ‘Star Wars’ receive?
  328. How old was Charlie Chaplin when his youngest child was born in 1962?
  329. How many square feet are there in a square metre?
  330. How many British Kings went to Eton?
  331. How many kilometres are there in a mile?
  332. What was the TV audience in Britain for the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997?
  333. Bizarre is the name of a showbiz column in which newspaper?
  334. Edward Smith was the captain of which ill-fated ship?
  335. A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in treating which part of the body?
  336. Which actor has played Brian Clough, Tony Blair and David Frost on film?
  337. In computing, what does the acronym ROM stand for?
  338. Glamis Castle is in which part of the UK?
  339. What motorway stretches from Exeter to Birmingham?
  340. Martin Luther King delivered his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech in which city?
  341. What did Queen want to do in their 1984 hit?
  342. What is decompression sickness more commonly known as?
  343. Which actor played Neil in ‘The Young Ones’?
  344. What TV Chef is always having Kitchen Nightmares?
  345. The UK began the Brexit negotiations by triggering the Lisbon Treaty’s Article 20; 30; 40 or 50?
  346. Name the ride which failed catastrophically at Alton Towers in 2015?
  347. What is the year 2018 in Roman Numerals?
  348. If you had Pogonophobia what do you have a fear of?
  349. Glenn Durrant became 2017 World Champion in what Sport?
  350. Which 1960’s rock group recorded ‘A Lighter Shade Of Pale’?
  351. John Moores University is in which English City?
  352. Which song from ‘Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat’ gave Jason Donovan a No 1 UK Hit in 1991?
  353. What is the name of the fibrous substance found in hair and nails?
  354. In olden times, which plant with a forked root was said to scream when pulled out of the ground?
  355. The battle of the Three Emperors in 1805 is more commonly known by what name?
  356. Cryptography is the study of what?
  357. What is the name for the skull-cap worn by some Jewish men?
  358. Which is number one of the Seven Deadly Sins?
  359. The Japanese drink, Sake is made from the fermentation of which staple food crop?
  360. Which part of the body is inflamed if one suffers from encephalitis?
  361. Which great circle lies around the Earth at a latitiude of zero degrees?
  362. Who was the car manufacturer arrested on cocaine smuggling charges in 1982?
  363. Which famous chef has a wife known as Jules?
  364. Which Helen starred in Prime Suspect?
  365. Indira Gandhi International Airport is in which Country?
  366. What word can go after “top” and before “trick”?
  367. Which Mike directed Imelda Staunton in the movie Vera Drake?
  368. What colour are Holland’s International Soccer Shirts?
  369. Whose Number One follow up to their first Number One was “Say You’ll Be There”?
  370. What did Wigan’s Name become for the 1997 rugby league season?
  371. What is the administrative centre for the county of Buckinghamshire?
  372. The Character Captain Kirk appeared in which TV Series?
  373. Who was the Singer with Roxy Music?
  374. The Characters Fletcher and Godber appeared in which TV Series?
  375. Which General made a Last Stand at Little Big Horn?
  376. The Airline Iberia is from which Country?
  377. On a Monopoly Board, what colour is Strand?
  378. Which Hurricane devastated New Orleans in September 2005?
  379. What is the only English Anagram of COULD?
  380. What type of a rectangle has four equal sides and angles?
  381. Who introduced ‘The Eight who are going to generate’?
  382. Who was the Youngest Leadership contender in the 2005 race for the Tory Leadership?
  383. In 2004, which Country finished with second most gold medals, only three behind the US?
  384. Ludwig II built a fairytale-style castle in which German state?
  385. Bonny and Read were what type of rather unusual pirate?
  386. Who were the first African Country to reach the World Cup quarter finals?
  387. Are sea urchins animal, vegetable or mineral?
  388. How is Hollywood Actor John Charlton Carter better known?
  389. In which Country is the County of Tayside?
  390. Desmond Douglas was associated with which Sport?
  391. Which type of Transport was designed by Christopher Cockerell in the 1950’s?
  392. A French wedding cake is traditionally made from which type of pastry?
  393. What is the Capital of Denmark?
  394. What is the only piece on a chess board that doesn’t move in a straight line?
  395. What is the name of a place in the desert where there is fresh water and plants growing?
  396. What is the term used when the moon passes in front of the sun and blocks out the light?
  397. Where is the smallest bone in your body?
  398. What is your navel also known as?
  399. What is the boiling point of water in Degrees Celsius (at normal pressure)?
  400. What does FIFA stand for?
  401. On a standard computer keyboard, which is the largest key?
  402. What does the abbreviation CIA stand for?
  403. What is 0.88 as a percentage?
  404. What does Volkswagen mean in English?
  405. How many degrees are in a right angle?
  406. What is a Barracuda?
  407. Which famous band did Cheryl Cole belong to?
  408. Who wrote ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’?
  409. Which Sport is associated with Costantino Rocca?
  410. What flavour is Pernod?
  411. What are the four main ingredients of a Waldorf Salad?
  412. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a week and once in a year?
  413. Who was nicknamed the ‘Chingford Skinhead”?
  414. What type of Alphabet is the NATO Alphabet?
  415. Who was the first Bowler to take 400 Test Wickets?
  416. In which 1975 Film is there a Character called Homer Simpson?
  417. What terrorist group’s name means ‘The Base’?
  418. What heroic figure ruled Scotland for 20 Years?
  419. In what dance do yoy slap thighs, knees and soles of feet?
  420. What film takes place on Skull Island?
  421. Whose 2008 Debut album Rockferry went to No 1?
  422. Whose Catchphrase was ‘It’s turned out nice again’?
  423. In Little Britain, who runs the fat-fighting class?
  424. Which English Cathedral has the largest monastic cloister?
  425. What was the first European nation to give Women the vote?
  426. What colour is ‘Verdant’?
  427. Where is the San Siro Stadium?
  428. Who was South Africa’s second post-apartheid president?
  429. Which instrument did Glenn Miller play?
  430. On which English Canal is the Blisworth Tunnel?
  431. What does the Russian Word Sputnik mean?
  432. Which land creature has the biggest eyes?
  433. Who was presented with a special MTV Award in 2005 for organising the Live8 Concert?
  434. The Zodiac Sign Virgo, covers which two Calendar Months?
  435. Is a poppadum crisp or soft?
  436. In which City did Martin Luther King make his “I have a dream” speech?
  437. What was St Petersburg called for much of the twentieth century?
  438. Who was the star of the action movie Last Action Hero?
  439. Which Cardinal, who later became Pope, led the opening prayer at John Paul II’s funeral?
  440. What was the first UK Top Ten Hit for Bob Dylan?
  441. Who wrote the novel Schindler’s List?
  442. Which June starred in Happy Ever After?
  443. What kind of Tree do Dates grow on?
  444. People still visit Graceland in the USA to pay tribute to which legend?
  445. VSO stands for what type of service overseas?
  446. How many hills of Rome are there?
  447. Is Coventry North or South of Leicester?
  448. Who was the last Beatle to marry twice?
  449. Which game uses flattened Iron Rings thrown at a hob?
  450. What was the title of Captain Sensible’s Number 1 UK Hit in 1982?
  451. Which famous director of Westerns was born Sean Aloysius O’Feeney?
  452. Which US State is known as the Wolverine State?
  453. Which singer turned transvestite for Little Britains special Comic Relief show?
  454. Which Rupert launched the Satellite TV Station which became Sky?
  455. Which of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs had a name that begins with a Letter H?
  456. Trumpets and Cornets belong to which section of instruments?
  457. Which Spanish King sent his unsuccessful Armada to England?
  458. Which food has given its name to a road network near Birmingham?
  459. Who carried the spirits of dead warriors to Valhalla?
  460. In which Sitcom did Richard de Vere marry Audrey?
  461. In which Country is the City of Srinagar?
  462. Which William wrote the novel Rites of Passage?
  463. Who topped the UK and US Charts with the Album ‘Kid’?
  464. Who played the part of Sergeant Bilko?
  465. Who is the Elder of the Neville Brothers?
  466. Which method of fast writing did Pitman develop?
  467. What type of egg is covered in sausage meat?
  468. Who played the bandit in Smokey and the Bandit?
  469. In which Country was the first kidney transplant carried out?
  470. Which Baseball team are Giants?
  471. Which TV Series has characters called Gracie, Sicknote and George?
  472. To within three years, when did Lester Piggott first ride a Derby Winner?
  473. Who has presented the BBC’s Question Time since 1994?
  474. Which sport is also a type of shirt?
  475. Which is further South, Italy or Switzerland?
  476. The character Sonny Corleone was in which sequence of movies?
  477. What colour is the flesh of an Avocado?
  478. Which colour goes with the name of Mr Adair, the firefighter and oil well trouble-shooter?
  479. What do mammary glands produce?
  480. In a Shakespeare Play, who kills Desdemona?
  481. Which Country has the time zones Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific?
  482. The feet of Zebra’s take what form?
  483. In which city is the Prado Art Gallery?
  484. How many friends were there in the TV Series of the same name?
  485. Andrew Ridgeley was the lesser known half of which famous pop duo?
  486. What is the main filling ingredient in a quiche?
  487. In which US State did the first Wal-Mart Store open?
  488. Which part of your body would interest a Rhinologist?
  489. Which British Bridge became the Worlds longest when completed in 1980?
  490. Mesopotamia was the ancient name for which modern-day country?
  491. Colin Jackson was a World Record Holder in which event?
  492. Whose report in the 1940’s was vital in setting up the welfare state?
  493. What is the maximum score with 3 darts?
  494. In Which state is the US Open played?
  495. Were the Eurythmics a duo, trio or quartet?
  496. Which three letters contain no straight lines?
  497. In Italy, what is mascarpone?
  498. In board games, what colour is the Reverend in Cluedo?
  499. Which mammals will expire when stranded on dry land?
  500. Which Countrys Capital is on the Potomac river?
  501. In Which Country were the Winter Olympic’s held in Nagano?
  502. Teddy Bourne competed in Three Olympics at which event?
  503. What is the minimum number of times the racket must hit the ball in a game of tennis?
  504. Which company developed the iPod?
  505. Who was known as ‘The Godfather Of Soul’?
  506. How many sides does a heptagon have?
  507. What was Saigon renamed after the North Vietnamese take-over?
  508. Which Vera Lynn song was a No. 1 UK Hit in 1954?
  509. In finance what is an ISA?
  510. Who was given Blenheim Palace as a reward for his Military Service?
  511. In the Bible, who denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed twice?
  512. A Turk’s Head is a type of what?
  513. Who took over from David Blunkett as Secretary of State for Education in 2001?
  514. Who introduced Woman’s Hour and presented Radio 4’s Today from 1994 to 2002?
  515. Ruthie Henshall and Ute Lemper were the first West End Stars of which Musical?
  516. On what date does All Saints Day fall?
  517. Which Musical does ‘Tell Me Its Not True’ come from?
  518. Ian Fleming’s Jamaican Home gave its name to which Bond Movie?
  519. Banana and toffee are the main two ingredients of which pie?
  520. ‘Rhythm of Life’ comes from which Musical?
  521. Who was the first British Player Pete Sampras faced in a Wimbledon Singles semi-final?
  522. In which Year did the programme Blue Peter first appear on TV?
  523. In addition to your computer, what else does a modem need to be plugged into?
  524. Which Saint reputedly rid Ireland of snakes?
  525. What is the Great Sphinx of Giza made out of?
  526. Who played Reggie Hammond in the movie 48 Hours?
  527. Who was the presenter of the very first edition of Countdown on TV?
  528. How many children did Princess Elizabeth have when she became Queen Elizabeth II?
  529. Which Group had Hits including ‘Homely Girl’ and ‘Kingston Town’?
  530. Which John made the bestselling album ‘Rhymes and Reasons’?
  531. Who succeeded Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa and leader of the ANC?
  532. In which Year did the Trans-Siberian Railway open?
  533. Who was the White Witch in the 2005 version of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe?
  534. Who was the first female to win five track and field medals at a single Olympics?
  535. Hawthorn traditionally blooms in which Month?
  536. In which Country was King Juan Carlos of Spain born?
  537. Which Isle lies between England and Northern Ireland?
  538. From which language does the word chassis originate?
  539. What was the central building of a castle called?
  540. Who became the first male tennis player to win 100 tournaments?
  541. What was the first British top ten hit for Ray Charles?
  542. The Importance of being…. What was the name of an Oscar Wilde play?
  543. What is the official currency of Liechtenstein?
  544. In which village does Sid Perks run The Bull?
  545. What name is given to animals which do not hunt or eat meat?
  546. Which island is to the south of Australia?
  547. What used to go round at thirty-three and a third r.p.m?
  548. Porta-Vila is the capital of which island country?
  549. Which female soul star made the album ‘I Never Loved a Man (the Way I Love You)?
  550. Which ruler referred to the English as a nation of Shopkeepers?
  551. Who was poet laureate before Sir John Betjeman?
  552. In which African country is Timbuktu?
  553. What is the name of Andy Capp’s wife?
  554. What were Egyptians kings called?
  555. Which musical is based on the story of Romeo and Juliet?
  556. Which London palace is famous for its outdoor maze created by hedges?
  557. What is heraldic black called?
  558. Who became King of Spain in the 1970’s following General Franco’s death?
  559. Where in Ireland did the ‘Bloody Sunday’ shootings take place?
  560. What is the name of The Saint created by Leslie Charteris?
  561. In which Century was Geoffrey Chaucer born?
  562. Whoopi Goldberg provided the voice of which character in The Lion King?
  563. In Desperate Housewives, who was Martha Huber killed by?
  564. Which was the first of the Beckham’s children to be born in Spain?
  565. What is the popular leisure creation of Alfred Butts?
  566. William Morris, Lord Nuffield was the first UK Manufacturer to mass produce which item?
  567. Supermodel Naomi Campbell appeared in the flop movie Miami…. What?
  568. Which Author won the Man Booker Prize in 2005?
  569. Who succeeded Hussein as King of Jordan?
  570. ‘Waterloo’ was the first chart success for which Group?
  571. Who won an Oscar for Best Actor in ‘The King And I’?
  572. The letter M is on which row of letters on a keyboard?
  573. Who are the Guys in the title of a musical show about Gangsters?
  574. Who was the first wife of a President in office to appear before a Grand Jury?
  575. In TV’s Will ad Grace, what is the name of Grace’s assistant?
  576. What did Dionicio Ceron win in London in 1994, 1995 and 1996?
  577. Which meandering river is Brisbane built around?
  578. In which year did America’s Declaration of Independence take place?
  579. What is the only English Anagram of CAUTION?
  580. What is the first name of Charles Saatchi’s brother of Saatchi & Saatchi fame?
  581. Who played King Arthur in the film musical Camelot?
  582. Which prime minister supported Huddersfield Town football team?
  583. In a Knock Knock Joke what is always the second line?
  584. Which animal was used by Jenner to develop the vaccine against smallpox?
  585. Which Country in the World has the most computers?
  586. What is a Davenport?
  587. Who composed the music for, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’?
  588. Who has hits with ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Word In Motion’?
  589. What is mincemeat made from?
  590. Which former tennis player bought Hull Football Club?
  591. Which film starred Richard Gere, Debra Winger and Louis Gosset Jr?
  592. Name the first yacht to win the Americas Cup?
  593. At which West End Theatre did ‘The Woman In White’ open?
  594. Who played opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie ‘The Gangs of New York’?
  595. Which City of Central England gave its name to a shade of green?
  596. On a Monopoly Board, what colour is Whitechapel?
  597. Which Egyptian Canal links the Red Sea and the Mediterranean?
  598. Which girl is the lecturer educating in the play by Willy Russell?
  599. Which U.S State is known as the Gem State?
  600. Which John wrote the play ‘Look Back In Anger’?
  601. Which cop series featured the characters ‘Crockett & Tubbs’?
  602. Businessman Samuel Ryder initiated a cup in which sport?
  603. Which Club has been managed by Sir Bobby Robson and Jose Mourinho?
  604. Which Country did motor racing’s Juan Manuel Fangio come from
  605. What is a Bodhran?
  606. In which decade of the twentieth century did Chaplin die at the age of 88?
  607. What word can go after SOAP and before GLASSES?
  608. Which Country is situated to the immediate South of Croatia?
  609. What is the name of the surfing beach on the outskirts of Sydney?
  610. Sixteenth-Century Flemish painter Pieter Brueghei painted ‘The Blind Leading……’ the whom?
  611. Which US State is a collection of islands in the Pacific?
  612. What type of shop features in the musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’?
  613. Which Heavyweight Boxer divorced on St Valentines Day 1989?
  614. Which Disney Film shows Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra?
  615. What does the ‘G’ stand for in WYSIWYG?
  616. What is the only mammal to live as a parasite?
  617. Which words complete the title of the comedy, ‘No Sex Please…..’?
  618. The International Car Registration V applies to vehicles from where?
  619. Which US State is directly west of Vermont?
  620. Who created the carrot crunching cartoon character Bugs Bunny?
  621. In Greek Mythology, Attis is the god of what?
  622. Which Actress’s real name was Maria Magdalena von Losch?
  623. Who did Alex Ferguson replace as manager of Manchester United?
  624. Boa Vista and Sao Nicolau are in which Island group?
  625. In which fictitiousterrace did Eric Sykes and sister Hat live?
  626. What is the approximate distance of New York airport from London in Miles?
  627. What does blubber consist off?
  628. What is the only English anagram of the word PATERNALISM?
  629. In which Country was Bruce Willis born?
  630. What name was given to the second of Neptune’s moons to be discovered?
  631. In which City was Andre Previn born?
  632. When did Denmark join the European Union?
  633. Who played God in ‘Dogma’?
  634. “I’m lovin’ it” replaced the famous “We love to see you smile” slogan for what restaurant?
  635. Which bird score do batsmen in cricket try to avoid?
  636. In the Bible, who was thrown into the lion’s den?
  637. Which band named itself after an American spy plane?
  638. In a decathlon, which is the first of the ten events?
  639. What do wrestlers, guns and sewing have in common?
  640. The armadillo has been used to help in the study and treatment of which dread disease?
  641. “It was a bright, cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen..” is the first line of what famous novel?
  642. True or False. Jean Claude Van-Damme was a two-year undefeated martial arts champion before becoming a movie star?
  643. What did Madonna call her second child?
  644. Which Susan starred in the Movie ‘The Witches of Eastwick’?
  645. Which fashion item is Oscar Levi Strauss responsible for?
  646. What colour is pure gold?
  647. Geronimo was involved in a struggle against which Government?
  648. Which good king looked out on the feast of Stephen?
  649. Which invention was developed last: CD, fax or photocopier?
  650. Which nickname did George III have linked to agriculture?
  651. What is the approximate distance of Frankfurt airport from London in miles?
  652. What colour is a female pheasant?
  653. Which fabric literally means “cord of the kings”?
  654. Mint Julep is the traditional drink at which American race meeting?
  655. “Workers of all lands unite” is the epitaph on whose grave?
  656. Which future American president, worried about his grades at Duke University Law School, broke into the dean’s office to find records indicating he was top of the class?
  657. Arch and Cantilever are two types of what?
  658. What was the name of Puff The Magic Dragon’s human friend?
  659. What is the name for a collection of stars bound together by gravity?
  660. What river flowers through Rome?
  661. Which actor played Carlin in Scum, Gary Dove in Sexy Beast and Beowulf in the computer generated film of the same name?
  662. What would you call a person whose occupation is to shoe horses if a blacksmith makes the shoes?
  663. The flag of which country consists of a green star on a red background?
  664. Which internet search engine was originally called ‘BackRub’?
  665. What is a mangel-wurzel?
  666. There have been several “Big Berthas” of various kinds throughout the world from time to time. One of them lived in Ireland from 1945 to 1993. Who or what was this Irish Big Bertha?
  667. Because the British Parliament building is considered a royal palace, what is it illegal to do inside its walls?
  668. The Great Barrier Reef is found in what sea?
  669. In this card game, ‘bags’ are bad. What game is it?
  670. He was known to many who watched his TV show as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. What was his real name?
  671. This band had a guitar player that went by the name of ‘Slash’. Who were they?
  672. How many episodes of ‘Fawlty Towers’ were made?
  673. What number is opposite 5 on a standard dartboard?
  674. What does RSVP stand for on an invitation?
  675. Which of William Shakespeare’s plays is considered his final one written alone?
  676. Gozo is the sister to which Mediterranean Island?
  677. In the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, 2014 was the year of what Animal?
  678. What does the actress Pamela Anderson have tattooed on her left arm?
  679. Which British Group had hits with ‘The Scientist’ and ‘Clocks’?
  680. What two Chemical Elements are combined to produce ammonia?
  681. Who have children called Scout, Rumer and Tallulah?
  682. John Steinbeck won a Pulitzer Prize for which novel?
  683. Which US Sporting Team plays at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara?
  684. In World War II, which two Countries did the ANZAC troops come from?
  685. Which European Country comes first in the Alphabet?
  686. Who wrote The Hunchback of Notre-Dame?
  687. Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer of which US Band?
  688. Which Country’s flag features three vertical bands of black, yellow and red?
  689. Which Professional Golfer is also known as the Great White Shark?
  690. In what year did Prince Charles marry Lady Diana Spencer?
  691. How many Countries does India share its borders with?
  692. What was the name of Simba’s father in Disney’s The Lion King?
  693. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is more commonly known as what?
  694. What is the name of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Daughter, born in 2012?
  695. What Country has the vehicle registration ‘CH’?
  696. How many dominoes would you find in a regular set?
  697. What is the Capital of Sicily?
  698. How man seasons of ‘Sex and the City’ were there?
  699. What is the lowest female singing voice?
  700. Which Planet was discovered by Urbain Le Verrier , Johann Galle and John Couch Adams in 1846?
  701. In which US City was the movie ‘Hairspray’ set?
  702. Which Political Figure was also known as ‘Il Duce’ meaning ‘The Leader’?
  703. Russell Crowe received an Oscar in 2000 for his role in which movie?
  704. Where would you find the Netherlands seat of Government?
  705. Who composed ‘Water Music’?
  706. How many US States begin with the letter ‘O’?
  707. What is the name of Michael Jackson’s posthumous 2014 album?
  708. A Game of Thrones is the first book in which series of novels by George R R Martin?
  709. Where was tennis player Greg Rusedski born?
  710. Approximately how many grams are there in a pound?
  711. What was the name of Anne Hathaway’s character in the movie, Les Miserables?
  712. Where would you find your pollex?
  713. How many active volcanoes are there in Australia?
  714. What does CPU stand for in computing?
  715. In which Country would you find the Atacama Desert?
  716. Which annual 3-day music festival was created by Jane’s Addiction Singer Perry Farrell in 1991?
  717. What does the acronym SCUBA stand for?
  718. Who composed the famous musical Funny Face?
  719. What part of your body does a Brannock Device measure?
  720. Who played Katniss Everdeen’s mentor, Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games movies?
  721. How many US States do the Rocky Mountains run through?
  722. Who were Nicole, Ashley, Kimberly, Melody, Jessica and Carmit collectively known as?
  723. Which ex-politician published a biography of Churchill in 2001, two years before his death?
  724. Which Planet has two moons called Phobos and Deimos?
  725. What is the most common element in the Universe after Hydrogen?
  726. In which Country was Earl Spencer’s acrimonious divorce settlement heard?
  727. Who was the first female Prime Minister in Europe?
  728. What does the ‘B’ stand for in ASBO?
  729. Who recorded the album ‘The Violin Player’
  730. Which middle name is shared by David Beckham and Kevin Keagan?
  731. The Caribbean in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was known as the Spanish what?
  732. What type of creature is an Aylesbury?
  733. Where in the USA was the atom bomb developed?
  734. ‘Caesar and Cleo’ was the original name of which Singing Duo?
  735. Which England Cricketer was nicknamed ‘Arkle’?
  736. In which year was the NHS launched?
  737. Who was the first-ever winner of The X Factor?
  738. What does Popeye have tattooed on his arm?
  739. Which metal makes the strongest magnets?
  740. Which hand is more valuable in poker, a flush or a full house?
  741. What is a filly?
  742. What is the abbreviated word ‘fax’ short for?
  743. The horror monster Godzilla was a version of what kind of creature?
  744. Costa Rica was the first country in the world to abolish what?
  745. The film The Color of Money is centred around which sport?
  746. Which creature can be described as taurine?
  747. Which bird is known by the alternative name peewit?
  748. Which U.S. national landmark is on the back of a U.S. $50 bill?
  749. What are Macs to a rapper?
  750. In TV, how many feet did Victor Meldrew have In the Grave?
  751. Australia is famous for the mining of which semiprecious stone?
  752. Which U.S. soul singer released the 1969 hit For Once in My Life?
  753. What is ‘ie’ Short for?
  754. What is the National Anthem of the USA?
  755. Which Indian City has the largest population?
  756. In which English City is Winson Green Prison?
  757. Who was the first President of the French Fifth Republic?
  758. What is the judicial capital of South Africa?
  759. What is the common name for Ethylene Glycol?
  760. Which singing star changed her name from Mary O’Brien?
  761. In which county is the Isle of Wight?
  762. What is Ian Botham’s middle name?
  763. What is the German word for Street?
  764. The rivers Bure, Waveney and Yare are in which English County?
  765. To what family do cabbages and cauliflowers belong?
  766. Flu-flu and Footed are types of what?
  767. Who said ‘If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts’?
  768. What is the video-game character Donkey Kong?
  769. How many Grand Nationals did Red Rum run?
  770. What Scottish Tribe built fortified homesteads called ‘brochs’?
  771. What penal colony was off the coast of French Guiana?
  772. How many masts does a sloop have?
  773. Which Australian TV Series featured students from the fictional school Hartley High?
  774. Where would you find NATO’s headquarters?
  775. Which Planet in our Solar System has a large moon called Titan?
  776. From which State was Hillary Clinton elected to serve in the Senate in November 2000?
  777. Which Irish Singer was born Paul Hewson?
  778. What is the second episode of the Star Wars films called?
  779. How many FIFA World Cup titles has Italy Won (as of 2017)?
  780. Which US State is also known as the ‘Bluegrass State’?
  781. Whose hit singles have included ‘Diamonds’, ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Stay’?
  782. Who was Eva Braun married to for just 40 minutes in 1945?
  783. Which renowned comedian said ‘I never forget a face, but in your case, I’d be glad to make an exception’?
  784. Which Planet is named after the Roman Ruler of the Gods and Heavens?
  785. In relation to time, what do the initials AM stand for?
  786. Which European City is known locally as Den Haag?
  787. Which best-selling British Band took their name from a South African Football Team?
  788. In 2011, Hosni Mubarak was ousted as President of which Country?
  789. What were the first names of the motor manufacturers Rolls and Royce?
  790. What do the initials ‘PVC’ stand for?
  791. Britain’s most prestigious theatre awards are named after which actor?
  792. Which American Golfer won his second US Masters title in three years in 2014?
  793. What is a male witch called?
  794. Which English cricket county’s badge features three pears?
  795. If you are Ergophobic, what are you afraid of?
  796. What, in sporting terms does WSM stand for?
  797. Which pier features in a George Orwell book title?
  798. What is the ridge between the shoulder blades of a horse called?
  799. Where in London is Poets Corner?
  800. On which day of the week did Solomon Grundy get married?
  801. Which ex-wife of a President was sentenced to jail in 2003?
  802. What is the connection between the last 9 questions?
  803. The former army drill instructor R. Lee Ermey played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in which Vietnam War Film?
  804. The bible used by Barack Obama at his swearing in as the 46th President had last been used at which other President’s inauguration?
  805. Using T-Discs, which ‘Hot Beverage System’ is a single-serve coffee machine that was first introduced in France in 2004? The original machines were made by Saeco?
  806. It can also be found in the Shar Pei, but a blue/black tongue is most characteristic of which Dog Breed?
  807. In which war was the last shot fired on 22 June 1865?
  808. Anaconda, Guillotine, Peruvian Necktie and Rear-Naked are types of which martial arts submission hold?
  809. Judge (Joseph) Dredd made his first every appearance in the second issue of which British comic in 1977?
  810. ‘Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die’ is a much-repeated quote, spoken by Mandy Patinkin in which film, based on a William Goldman novel?
  811. A nine-foot-high bronze statue of which comedian was unveiled in his home town of Caerphilly by Sir Anthony Hopkins, a big fan?
  812. Which criminals, the so-called Resurrection Men, are thought to have supplied Dr Robert Knox with at least 17 bodies for anatomical dissection?
  813. What year did Germany begin their attack on France during WWII?
  814. According to The Bible, how many loaves of bread did Jesus use to feed the five thousand?
  815. Which US State is abbreviated to OK?
  816. What do the letters SPF on sunscreen stand for?
  817. What is lockjaw better known as?
  818. What is 4995 divided by 15?
  819. What did David and Victoria Beckham name their first child?
  820. What type of shark was Jaws?
  821. Which Rock Band did Brian May belong to?
  822. Which pop group had eighteen consecutive top ten hits in the UK in the 1970’s?
  823. In the Wizard of Oz, what does the scarecrow, tin man and lion want from the wizard?
  824. Who painted the roof of the Sistine Chapel?
  825. Which Footballer said in 1986 that he scored with The Hand of God?
  826. Which animal was responsible for the death of the Australian Wildlife expert, Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter?
  827. Whose English Mustard uses a Bull on its packaging?
  828. What is the longest Snake in the World?
  829. How many dots are there on a die?
  830. What year was the National Lottery introduced into Great Britain?
  831. Mr Spock was half man and half what?
  832. What is the most popular name for a Public House in Great Britain?
  833. Which well-known pair live at 6 West Wallaby Street, Wigan?
  834. In which Country will the 2018 Winter Olympics be held?
  835. Who wrote the hugely influential book ‘On the Origin of Species’ first published in 1859?
  836. In 1984, in accordance with his wishes, what was played three times as Olympic Swimmer Johnny Weismuller’s coffin was lowered into the grave?
  837. Which is both the longest venomous snake in Africa and the fastest snake in the World?
  838. Who was the first US President to be assassinated?
  839. Which Asian Country is ruled by the only remaining monarch in the World who reigns under the title of ‘Emporer’?
  840. Currently, it produces 5 million barrels per day and measures 174 miles by 19 miles. The World’s largest oil field by far, Ghawar is in which Country?
  841. Which transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania, was first played by Tim Curry in the 1973 London production of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’?
  842. Code-named Operation Dynamo, the mass wartime evacuation from which port-city features in the Ian McEwan novel Atonement?
  843. How many ribs are in a human body?
  844. What is represented by the rings on the Olympic Games symbol?
  845. Who is the lead singer of Simply Red?
  846. Which country is known as ‘The Land of the White Elephant’?
  847. Who invented the gramophone?
  848. What is the female part of a flower called?
  849. Which vegetable is zucchini (pronounced zukkini) better known as in the UK?
  850. Which actress married John McEnroe?
  851. What year was the Lockerbie disaster?
  852. What part of a horse can be examined to determine its age?
  853. What sea creature will evaporate on dry land?
  854. If you put a raisin in a fresh glass of champagne, what will happen?
  855. The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, never phoned his wife or his mother. Why?
  856. Facebook branding is blue. Why?
  857. What occupation was listed on Al Capone’s Business Card?
  858. Which is the only Continent without a desert?
  859. In 2004, Who’s used bubble-gum was sold on eBay for $14,000?
  860. Which two members of the Royal Family have won BBC Sports Personality of the Year for equestrianism?
  861. What is the main difference between an ape and a monkey?
  862. What was invented after a researcher walked past a radar tube and the chocolate bar in his pocket melted?
  863. Which Country voted to keep the queen in 1999?
  864. In the song, ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, how many lords are leaping?
  865. When is the UK’s National Flag called a Union Jack?
  866. According to the Bible, what was the dove carrying upon its second return to Noah’s Ark?
  867. What Planet does Superman come from?
  868. What does a soldier keep in a frog?
  869. What is the second largest Country in the World ?
  870. Which Olympic Sport prohibits the wearing of a beard?
  871. What is the largest spider in the World?
  872. What is added to wine to make Port?
  873. When a Scout says ‘dyb, dyb, dyb’, what does ‘dyb’ mean?
  874. Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Christian Louboutin have all designed fashion items for which non-human follower of fashion?
  875. How many fingers are used in a British Army Salute?
  876. What pop icon named herself after a track by the rock band Queen?
  877. What is the correct term for a female elephant?
  878. “Who Dares Wins” is the motto of which British Organisation?
  879. Which troubled American Singer has launched perfumes called Fantasy, Believe and Curious among others?
  880. Which band took their name from a villain in the 1968 sci-fi film Barbarella?
  881. In which Year did man first walk on the Moon?
  882. What is Miss Marple’s first name?
  883. What do the letters ‘LOL’ stand for in text language?
  884. What was the Worlds first Postage Stamp?
  885. Which two Countries fought in the Falklands War?
  886. What total do the two numbers on the opposite sides of a die always add up to?
  887. What flavour is Pernod ?
  888. What do the letters CEO stand for in Business?
  889. Which famous band does Cheryl Tweedy belong to?
  890. What type of animal only eats plants?
  891. What makes up 80% of the human brain?
  892. How many holes are there in a standard ten-pin bowling ball?
  893. What, generally weekly, activity was described by Prime Minister Harold Wilson as ‘Going to see Mother’?
  894. Robert (or Robin) Gunningham from Bristol is alleged by some to be which graffiti artist?
  895. Which BBC sitcom featured the Brockman Family comprising parents Pete and Sue and their three children Jake, Ben and Karen?
  896. Matt Bellamy is the lead singer with which big-selling rock band from Devon that has released albums including ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ (2006) and ‘The Resistance’ (2009)?
  897. From its completion in 1981, which British bridge was, for the first 16 years, the longest single-span suspension bridge in the World?
  898. Which popular pet rodent, whose incisors never stop growing, comes in 24 different species, including the Syrian, the Russian Dwarf and the Roborovski?
  899. In Arthurian legend, the Fisher King, who lives at the castle of Corbenic (or Corbin), is charged with keeping which cup?
  900. A Roman Soldier who was martyred by decapitation in AD303, Who is the Patron Saint of Catatonia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Portugal and Serbia, as well as Leprosy, Herpes and Syphilis?
  901. Which action star has been a Kickboxer, a Hard Target, a Timecop and a Universal Soldier?
  902. On 1 January 1892, the 15-year-old Irish Girl Annie Morris became the first ever person to pass through which immigration station?
  903. Which King of England died after falling off the toilet and smashing his head on a cabinet while straining to relieve constipation. George I, II or III?
  904. True or False? Dobermans take their name from a nineteenth-century German Tax Collector, Ludwig Dobermann, who bred the dogs to help him put the frighteners on clients?
  905. What is ironic about rock band ZZ Top’s Frank Beard?
  906. Which of these is a variety of apple? Fecking Farmer, Bloody Ploughman or Damned Drayman?
  907. What did Swiss-Portuguese footballer Paulo Diogo leave behind the perimeter fence after scoring in a 2004 Swiss League Game?
  908. Which South Pacific Island is home to more than a thousand mysterious giant statues?
  909. What is the name for the collective noun of a group of crows?
  910. On which Ship did the Pilgrim Fathers sail to America?
  911. What birds are said to bring bad luck if they ever leave the Tower of London?
  912. In what garment was horror film star Bela Lugosi buried?
  913. Which song was a British No. 1 for Jimmy Young, the Righteous Brothers, Robson & Jerome and Gareth Gates?
  914. EW Swanton wrote about which sport?
  915. Who links the films Rebecca, Psycho and Vertigo?
  916. Which star group was Jason Orange a member of?
  917. which author created the reclusive character Miss Havisham?
  918. Is Radio 5 Live broadcast on MW or FM?
  919. Who is killed if regicide is committed?
  920. Pink Gin is Gin flavoured with what?
  921. Who played the character Rachel in Friends?
  922. Brisbane is the Capital of which Australian state?
  923. What was invented by Alfred Bird in 1837 because his wife was allergic to eggs?
  924. Who was the ruler of England during the Commonwealth?
  925. Which Australian Bird is also called ‘The Laughing Jackass’?
  926. Who sang ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’ in 2010?
  927. Which canal links the Red Sea with the Mediterranean?
  928. To the nearest day, how many days does the Moon take to orbit the Earth?
  929. Which acid can be found in vinegar?
  930. What does 3G stand for?
  931. Which two letters are worth the most in the board game Scrabble?
  932. What garden was Jesus arrested in?
  933. ‘Mockingjay’ is a subtitle from which series of dystopian science fiction films?
  934. What is a female deer called?
  935. Who is Reg Dwight better known as?
  936. In music, how many quavers equal a minim?
  937. What was the name of the land where Gulliver met the little people?
  938. In the nursery rhyme, who ran away with the spoon?
  939. In the 1960’s which footballer was called ‘The Fifth Beatle’?
  940. How long is there in between rounds in boxing?
  941. Which is the largest land carnivore in Britain?
  942. Jodie Whittaker became the thirteenth what in December 2017?
  943. Who created Snoopy?
  944. What’s a Dactylogram?
  945. Which Band recorded the soundtrack to the first Highlander film?
  946. What is Sodium Hypochlorite more commonly known as?
  947. What type of cells are leukocytes?
  948. In the film Shrek, who was the voice of Donkey?
  949. Which US vice president famously could not spell ‘potato’?
  950. What is the largest Country in Africa by area?
  951. If you were born on 9 October, what would be your zodiac sign?
  952. Which nuts are used to make marzipan?
  953. Which John married actress Sheila Hancock?
  954. In legend, what bird rises from its own ashes?
  955. Which group revived a previous hit in the 90’s with the help of Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown?
  956. What is the salary paid to a clergyman called?
  957. Which Jockey Bob fought back from cancer to win the Grand National?
  958. How many years are there in four and a half decades?
  959. How many feet in a nautical mile?
  960. What do the “M’s” stand for in M&M’s?
  961. Moving clockwise on a dartboard, what number is next to 19?
  962. Timbuktu is on the edge of which desert?
  963. Joan Collins starred in which 1980’s soap?
  964. Which name comes from the Portuguese for ‘Snake with hood’?
  965. A day on which Planet lasts around 10½ hours?
  966. In which movie does ‘The Bride’ take revenge on ex-colleagues?
  967. Which song is also the title of a 1964 movie starring the Beatles?
  968. Dick Grayson becomes which superhero?
  969. Where do Buffy Summers and Xander Harris study?
  970. In which Prison was Robert Stroud incarcerated?
  971. Which singer starred in the 1969 version of True Grit?
  972. Which redhead was despised by Beethoven?
  973. Which was the first animal to be sent into space, a monkey, dog or fruit fly?
  974. Name the ‘Big Four’ Fashion Weeks?
  975. In electricity, voltage is measured in volts but what is current measured in?
  976. Which eponymous Virginia Wolf character changes sex halfway through the book?
  977. Does the FIFA World Cup-winning Country have its name engraved in French, English or it’s own language?
  978. David and Elizabeth Emanuel made fashion headlines in the 1980’s by designing whose wedding dress?
  979. Of what are C, SQL and Visual Basic all types?
  980. Which region in France is famous for its lavender fields?
  981. On which continent is the driest place on Earth?
  982. What is the name of the shopping strip in Beverly Hills made famous by Julia Roberts in the film Pretty Woman?
  983. What is notable about the grouper fish?
  984. For how long did Roger Bannister hold the record for the fastest sub-four minute mile?
  985. Which artists had a song banned by the BBC in the 1980’s?
  986. Between the top of a spider’s leg and the claw, how many joints are there?
  987. Which screen star directed the film ‘The Monuments Men’?
  988. Bleeding canker is a disease affecting which tree?
  989. In 1970, Michael Eavis put on what was to become the first Glastonbury festival at Worthy Farm. Who was the last-minute headliner?
  990. How much milk goes into a ristretto coffee?
  991. Which Chef runs the award-winning St John restaurant in London’s Smithfield?
  992. What is the most common element of the Earth’s crust?
  993. What can be calculated by dividing an objects mass by its volume?
  994. Which animated series features Finn and Jake?
  995. Actress Patsy Kensit has sung on two top 20 singles, but what was the name of the band she used to front?
  996. Children have Ole Kirk Christiansen to thank for creating which crafty toy?
  997. The liqueur Unicum is the national drink of which Country?
  998. What colour is Zebedee’s jacket in The Magic Roundabout?
  999. In the TV detective show, Inspector Morse has what unusual name?
  1000. Which singer was born Ellen Naomi Cohen?
  1001. In the UK, which is the least common blood group?
  1002. Which Country originated the term ‘plonk’ for wine?
  1003. Which King is said to have burnt the cakes?
  1004. Which Animal’s name comes first in the dictionary?
  1005. Who wrote the long running play ‘The Mousetrap’?
  1006. Which Welsh singer, famous for ‘Walking in the Air’ appeared on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?
  1007. Who made up Abba with Benny, Bjorn, and Anni-fred?
  1008. Which Ali was created by Sacha Baron Cohen?
  1009. Which Marie is supposed to have said, ‘Let Them Eat Cake’?
  1010. Which musical direction means at ease, at a slow comfortable pace?
  1011. Which East Coast Port is known as the Granite City?
  1012. Which singers great-great-grandfather is William Willett, promoter of Daylight Saving Time?
  1013. What is Sauerkraut?
  1014. The characters Rigsby and Miss Jones appeared in which TV Series?
  1015. What word can go after ‘Pine’ and before ‘turnover’?
  1016. Jeremy Bates is associated with which sport?
  1017. What’s the fruity link with the name of William III of England?
  1018. Who wrote the novel ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’?
  1019. In the Bible, which book immediately follows Luke?
  1020. How many pounds in a stone?
  1021. In which decade of the 20th century was George Best born?
  1022. How many pairs of chromosomes are there in human blood cells?
  1023. Who played Naameh opposite Russell Crowe in 2014’s Noah?
  1024. How many times does the letter E appear in a standard set of English Scrabble tiles?
  1025. Chamois leather comes from what?
  1026. Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space in 1961. What was the name of his spacecraft?
  1027. In which sport is there a hog line?
  1028. Which pharmaceutical drug was developed from a substance found in Willow bark?
  1029. Where is Robert Louis Stevenson buried?
  1030. The Masters snooker tournament has been held at which venue since 2012?
  1031. Who said, ‘Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much’?
  1032. What is the highest number used in a Sudoku puzzle?
  1033. What can be an island, a sweater or a potato?
  1034. In ‘Breaking Bad’ what was Walter White’s wife called?
  1035. Who is Reg Dwight better known as?
  1036. Which English Queen has the same name as a type of plum?
  1037. What is the term used for a positive electrode?
  1038. How many dots are used in each letter in the Braille system?
  1039. Which swimming stroke is named after an insect?
  1040. What is a female deer called?
  1041. “Kiss Me Kate” is a musical version of which play by Shakespeare?
  1042. ‘God Save the Queen’ is the oldest National Anthem that is still in use today. What year was it first performed? 1745, 1845 or 1945?
  1043. What was the occupation of Leicester-based, Henry Walker who served his first cooked sliced potato in 1945 and founded Walkers Crisps in 1948?
  1044. In Gaelic, Whiskey is known as Uisge Beatha (ish-key Byah-ha). What does Uisge Beatha mean?
  1045. In her life-time, how long does the average British Woman spend looking in the mirror?
  1046. What percentage of Welsh can speak in their Native Tongue?
  1047. Where is the oldest Mormon congregation in the World?
  1048. Before becoming an actress, what did Julie Walters originally train to be?
  1049. How many of the 30 ‘Carry On’ Films did Barbara Windsor appear in?
  1050. How many grandchildren did Queen Victoria (1819-1901) have?
  1051. When he left school, the headmaster of Which English Billionaire told him ‘I predict you will either go to prison on become a Millionaire’?
  1052. At what age did Horatio Nelson join the Royal Navy?
  1053. True or False? Sherlock Holmes never said ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’ in any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Novels?
  1054. True or False? By 1949, it was estimated that 81% of men and 39% of women in the UK were smokers?
  1055. In Britain, were infant mortality rates higher in 1800 or 1900?
  1056. What are Natives of Leeds known as?
  1057. In 2003 a traffic warden issued 101 tickets in 1 day. Why did all 101 tickets get cancelled?
  1058. Laila Morse who plays Mo Harris in EastEnders is the elder sister to which English Actor and Filmmaker?
  1059. Queen Anne (1665-1714) had 17 children but how many of them died before she did?
  1060. Wales has a population of just over 3 million people, what population of sheep does Wales have?
  1061. Bethlehem is not only a town in Israel, but is also a tiny farming village in which Welsh county?
  1062. What is the real name of Jimmy Krankie?
  1063. What does JPEG stand for, as in JPEG File?
  1064. Is rhubarb a fruit or vegetable?
  1065. What was invented for dog training by Francis Galton in 1876?
  1066. What name was given to a series of American domestic programmes in the thirties in response to the Great Depression?
  1067. What was the name of Michael Jackson’s pet monkey?
  1068. Who was Fred Flintstones wife?
  1069. Who coined the term ‘The Iron Curtain’?
  1070. Which TV Presenter set up the charity Childline in 1986?
  1071. What word is the exact opposite to Nocturnal?
  1072. Which A is the name of the largest island in Wales?
  1073. In Sleeping Beauty, what did Aurora prick her finger on to put her into the deep sleep?
  1074. Lennie and George are the two main characters in which book?
  1075. What is the title of Susan Boyle’s first album?
  1076. Which sitcom was set on Craggy Island?
  1077. What was the real first name of the American singer ‘Prince’?
  1078. What does an acrophobic fear?
  1079. What was the name of the Skipper in Moby Dick?
  1080. How old is a filly when she officially becomes a mare?
  1081. What do Sumo wrestlers throw into the ring prior to a match?
  1082. In Billiards, how many points are scored for a cannon?
  1083. Which paper size is 210mm x 297mm?
  1084. Mandarin and Blood are types of which fruit
  1085. Which A is the name of the record label set up by The Beatles?
  1086. In what part of the body will you find the temporal lobe?
  1087. Which Group had three consecutive Christmas number one singles in the 1990s?
  1088. Which actor is Quentin Tarantino’s most prolific collaborator, having appeared in five of his films?
  1089. What product was the first to appear in a UK TV commercial (in 1955)
  1090. Which military rank does James Bond hold?
  1091. What name is given to the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper?
  1092. Who wrote the song ‘White Christmas’?
  1093. Which Country would you be in if you had climbed Mount Olympus?
  1094. In the nursery rhyme, where did Mary’s little lamb follow her to?
  1095. Which Character did Harrison Ford play in Star Wars?
  1096. What was the former name of a Cadbury’s Snicker?
  1097. The UK’s first section of motorway was originally known as the Preston Bypass, today, it forms part of which motorway?
  1098. Can you name all the pieces used in a game of chess?
  1099. How was Nelson’s body preserved during his return from the Battle of Trafalgar?
  1100. Which British politician famously headbutted a German footballer in the groin?
  1101. What word can refer to a country, a type of meat or three consecutive strikes in bowling?
  1102. What were the names of the characters played by TV duo Ant and Dec in Byker Grove?
  1103. Dothraki is a fictional language that features in which television series?
  1104. What name is given to a cross between a Chihuahua and a Pug?
  1105. Which legendary lead vocalist was born Farrokh Bulsara?
  1106. What colour jacket is worn by the dog in trap one in British greyhound racing?
  1107. What is the only muscle in the body that is only attached at one end?
  1108. Which movie series features a leading character called ‘Katniss Everdeen’?
  1109. What type of shop is associated with the traditional symbol of three gold balls?
  1110. British stamps are different to any other stamps in the world as they are the only ones to not bear what?
  1111. What is the name of Willie Nelson’s Guitar?
  1112. Who was known as the Crocodile Hunter from Australia?
  1113. Coven is the collective name for a group of what?
  1114. The cartoon character ‘Scooby Doo’ is based on what breed of dog?
  1115. Which bear was originally sold in Harrods by the name ‘Edward Bear’?
  1116. Who were the last prisoners ever to be locked within the walls of the Tower of London?
  1117. Edward Teach is believed to be the real name of which famous pirate?
  1118. Which famous fantasy adventure film was released in 1939?
  1119. What are the two main ingredients of a ‘screwdriver’ cocktail?
  1120. Which character does Morgan Freeman play in Bruce Almighty?
  1121. Which Shakepearean play features the Song of the Witches: Double, double toil and trouble?
  1122. According to the song, what did Molly Malone sell on the streets of Dublin?
  1123. If you add the visible numbers on a standard dartboard together, what answer do you get?
  1124. What do the letters IP stand for in IP address?
  1125. Which 1876 battle was known as ‘Custer’s Last Stand’?
  1126. Bran Castle in Romania is commonly known as the castle of which famous fictional character?
  1127. Which female Singer/Songwriter has a daughter called Blue Ivy?
  1128. Who famously quoted “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”?
  1129. Which film series stars ‘thunder buddies’ Mark Wahlberg and the voice of Seth MacFarlane?
  1130. What do the letters DC stand for in the United State’s capital Washington D.C.?
  1131. In which city was Anne Frank’s hiding place?
  1132. Which American drama series is an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novel series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’?
  1133. How many days do the Olympic Games last for?
  1134. What colour is a giraffe’s tongue?
  1135. Which star sign is not represented by a symbol of a living creature?
  1136. What is usually sold at reduced prices during happy hour?
  1137. What are the two main ingredients of a ploughman’s lunch?
  1138. Who released their album ‘Songs of Innocence’ for free via iTunes?
  1139. What Article did the UK Government trigger in March 2017?
  1140. Dame Barbara Cartland is famous for what type of fiction?
  1141. In which City is the Louvre Museum?
  1142. What does the A stand for in APB?
  1143. Which team won the 2017 FA Cup?
  1144. Which surviving tombs were built for the Pharaoh’s of Egypt?
  1145. What type of animal was the first successful adult cloning?
  1146. Which Bill is the World’s richest businessman?
  1147. Twelfth Night marks the end of which festive season?
  1148. On which river does the Cairo stand?
  1149. What type of animal is a Chihuahua?
  1150. Who was the lead singer of rock group Nirvana?
  1151. What kind of animal is Eeyore in the children’s classic?
  1152. Which Country produces Parmesan cheese?
  1153. The Queen celebrated which landmark birthday in 2011?
  1154. What is the only Country in the World to have a medal?
  1155. Which flower is linked with Remembrance Sunday in the UK?
  1156. How many sides are there is a dozen quadrilaterals?
  1157. Which note follows the musical note ‘soh’?
  1158. What name is given to a young Elephant?
  1159. In which Country was acupuncture developed?
  1160. Which singer is known affectionately as ‘Old Blue Eyes’?
  1161. Which flag in motor racing signals the end of the race?
  1162. Whose first album was ‘Born To Die’?
  1163. Which vitamin is found in oranges and lemons?
  1164. Which composer had the forenames Johann Sebastian?
  1165. In February 2005, who became the fastest female to sail solo around the World?
  1166. Neil from the Young Ones had what No. 2 hit in 1984?
  1167. Complete the WWII Poster saying ‘Loose Lips…’?
  1168. Which Football Team play at Dean Court?
  1169. Steve McQueen started carrying a gun at all times due to fear of attack from whom?
  1170. Where would you find your metatarsal?
  1171. Which mythical figure is often depicted as a face surrounded by leaves?
  1172. The Hillsborough Disaster was a tragedy in 1989. In which City did it occur?
  1173. Theodore Roosevelt is remembered in the name of which ever popular childhood toy?
  1174. What Peter Kay Character was a parody of the generic talent show winner?
  1175. In which Irish Town was Bram Stoker born?
  1176. In which decade did John Wayne die?
  1177. For how long was a Victorian Wife supposed to have mourned a dead Husband?
  1178. If Dennis is the Menace what is Beryl?
  1179. Which Brass Instrument has a sliding, adjustable tube?
  1180. According to the nursery rhyme, who cut off the three mice tails?
  1181. Tony Christie tried to find it, but in which US State is Amarillo?
  1182. Who was older when they died, John Lennon or Elvis Presley?
  1183. Miranda Richardson played whom in the second Blackadder series?
  1184. How is the wife of a Knight addressed?
  1185. Which Day replaced Empire Day in 1958?
  1186. Duncan Goodhew held British records in which sport?
  1187. “Baby One More Time” was the debut single and global hit for which teenager?
  1188. Which 2004 British zombie comedy starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost?
  1189. Which is the next largest island in the world after Australia?
  1190. What is the opposite to Alkali?
  1191. What did Old Mother Hubbard keep in her cupboard?
  1192. Where is water stored in a cactus plant?
  1193. Kelp is a type of what?
  1194. What ingredient is balsamic?
  1195. What can be a red dwarf or a white dwarf?
  1196. What colour are wild budgerigars?
  1197. Which device did Apple CEO Steve Jobs say would ‘reinvent’ telecommunications in 2007?
  1198. In which city was Wayne Rooney born?
  1199. How many boys are in Destiny’s Child?
  1200. Who ruled England for nine days in 1553?
  1201. Before all porcelain false teeth were perfected in the nineteenth century, what were dentures often made from?
  1202. Under what name did Simon and Garfunkel perform in their early days?
  1203. What is Cornish Yarg Cheese covered in?
  1204. Which American City is home to the Liberty Bell?
  1205. What did Peter the Great of Russia insist should be kept in a jar of alcohol on his wife’s bedside table?
  1206. What can a mudskipper do that most other fish cant?
  1207. What is the name of Bill Clinton’s wife?
  1208. Whose face can be seen on an Australian 100 dollar note?
  1209. Who co-founded Microsoft?
  1210. What is a group of Panda’s called?
  1211. What is the Cenotaph made from?
  1212. What is Paul McKenna famous for?
  1213. What is the umbrella term for the Special Forces in Russia?
  1214. What was the name of the last deep coal mine in Scotland?
  1215. What is believed to be the top e commerce website in the World?
  1216. What is the nickname of Bolton Wanderers FC?
  1217. What was the name of Inspector Gadgets niece?
  1218. What was the name of the Roman Road that ran from London to York?
  1219. What was Peter Sutcliffe nicknamed?
  1220. What do Americans call a mobile phone?
  1221. What name is given to a female dog?
  1222. Whose Catchphrase was: ‘You Dirty Ol Man’?
  1223. Which Martial Artist starred in ‘The Delta Force’?
  1224. What sauce did Levi Roots promote?
  1225. In what year did Prince William marry Kate Middleton?
  1226. How many times was Michael Jackson married?
  1227. Can dogs breed with wolves?
  1228. How many stars appear on the Australian flag?
  1229. What is TV Show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ called in the USA?
  1230. In which Sitcom would you hear about Mrs Slocombe’s pussy?
  1231. Born on 23 April 1977, he is a 16 time WWE world heavyweight champion, professional wrestler, actor, rapper, and TV personality… who have I just described?
  1232. What was the name of the research ship used by Jacques Cousteau?
  1233. How many pins are there in the front two rows in ten-pin bowling?
  1234. Which writer created the character Sally Lockhart?
  1235. What are you doing if you carry out a snatch lift and a jerk lift?
  1236. How many men were executed for their part in the 1605 Gunpowder Plot?
  1237. How many bathrooms are there in Buckingham Palace?
  1238. What is the height of St Paul’s Cathedral in London (in feet)?
  1239. How many plays did Shakespeare write?
  1240. The minimum wage was introduced to Britain in 1999; what was the initial hourly rate for those aged over twenty-one?
  1241. How long is the M25 motorway (in miles)?
  1242. The world’s shortest war was between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896; how long did it last?
  1243. How many named characters were created by Charles Dickens?
  1244. How many countries entered the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956?
  1245. In 2000, Dr Harold Shipman was found guilty of how many murders?
  1246. By what name is this principle better known: ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’?
  1247. The world’s biggest piggy bank museum is in which European Capital City?
  1248. Which country did Winston Churchill describe as ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’?
  1249. The first recording of a human voice was by Thomas Edison in 1877; which nursery rhyme did he read?
  1250. What does the word ‘Wight’ mean in the name of the Isle of Wight’?
  1251. The body of which British Ruler was initially buried in Westminster Abbey but was dug up in 1661 and publicly hanged at Tyburn?
  1252. True or false: The Vampire Bat has more teeth than most other Bats?
  1253. What sum of money is referred to in the slang expression ‘a monkey’?
  1254. Under British law, you are not allowed to sound a horn on a motor vehicle before what time in the morning?
  1255. What is the only bird that can swim but can’t fly?
  1256. Which English King was also called ‘The Confessor’?
  1257. What was also known as ‘The Annoying Thing’?
  1258. Which football team play their home games at Goodison Park?
  1259. U, PG, 15 and 18 are all classifications for what?
  1260. How is US Lawyer Hillary Roddam better known?
  1261. In Cockney rhyming slang, what are your mince pies?
  1262. What job was done by Peter and Andrew before they were disciples?
  1263. Thailand was formerly known by what name?
  1264. Which Zodiac Sign is usually shown as a Scorpion?
  1265. Which film gave Robin Williams his first Oscar nomination?
  1266. Diana, Princess of the Amazons is the alter ego of which female superhero?
  1267. In which country was Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit born?
  1268. Captain Haddock is which fictional character’s best friend?
  1269. What name is given to the line of rocks off the western point of the Isle of Wight?
  1270. What is a Sheepshank?
  1271. What was an old five-shilling piece called?
  1272. In Scrabble, how many points it the letter J worth?
  1273. What is the currency of Australia
  1274. Which German bacteriologist gave his name to a dish used in laboratories?
  1275. Which ten-letter word for a colour combines two words to do with water?
  1276. Which actor played Frank Drebin in Police Squad and the Naked Gun Films?
  1277. What colour is Noddy’s hat?
  1278. The Sugar Plum Fairy appears in which ballet?
  1279. Who played the character of Charlene Robinson in the Australian series Neighbours?
  1280. Which band had a number 1 hit for six weeks in 1970 with ‘In The Summertime’?
  1281. Jacqueline Gold is the businesswoman behind the success of which high-street chain?
  1282. Which card game has a gin version to it?
  1283. Which artist is at the heart of the novel and film ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’?
  1284. Which political party was founded by Screaming Lord Sutch in 1983?
  1285. Whose parents were Jim & Mary, third wife Nancy and second child, Stella?
  1286. What did Martin Scorsese compare Marvel films to in an October 2019 interview?
  1287. Which British professional boxer will make his wrestling ring debut in October 2019 when he squares off against a popular WWE Wrestler?
  1288. In which year was the first PlayStation console released in Europe?
  1289. The two houses are colour coded. The Commons is green, what colour is the House of Lords?
  1290. What is the county town of Kent?
  1291. Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken is said to contain how many herbs and spices?
  1292. Alan Davies starred as which amateur detective?
  1293. Who hosted Golden Balls?
  1294. The BBC’s long-running stand-up showcase is recorded ‘Live At’ which London venue?
  1295. Italian explorer and all-round arsehole Christopher Columbus set sail in command of three ships: the Santa Maria, the Pinta and _________?
  1296. What is an aubergine called in America?
  1297. In July 2019 A chihuahua was abducted from a garden in Brighton, by what kind of bird?
  1298. Which US state was Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor of between 2003 and 2011?
  1299. Alexander Fleming is generally credited with discovering which medical innovation?
  1300. What form of poetry is also a County in Ireland?
  1301. Which school did Prince Harry attend when he was 13?
  1302. How many are there in a bakers dozen?
  1303. Douglas is the capital town of which Isle?
  1304. The Spanish city of Seville is famous for which fruit?
  1305. Where does the Trooping of the Colour take place in London?
  1306. On a darts board which number is directly opposite 20?
  1307. In which Star Wars film do the Ewoks first appear?
  1308. What flower does the vanilla pod come from?
  1309. In the UK, what game bird cannot be shot and eaten before ‘The glorious 12th’ of August?
  1310. St George is the patron saint of England but in which country is he buried?
  1311. Where was Marc Cohen walking when he put on his blue suede shoes?
  1312. Which newspaper ceased publication in 2011 that was once the biggest selling English language newspaper in the world?
  1313. How many dominoes are in a set?
  1314. Which animal represents the deadly sin of envy?
  1315. Which Roman Emperor executed his mother and wife?
  1316. Which rock band did Jimmy Page form in 1968?
  1317. Which was the first film to be given the title ‘Blockbuster’?
  1318. Which famous musician is supposed to have said ‘We’re more popular than Jesus now’?
  1319. Jon Snow is a character from which hit TV series?
  1320. Charlie Chaplin insured which body part?
  1321. Which actor starred as James Bond in the film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’?
  1322. What two toppings would you associate with Margarita Pizza?
  1323. What does NASA stand for?
  1324. What two spirits would you associate with Margarita Cocktails?
  1325. In nature, what is a Red Admiral?
  1326. Which Latin phrase is used to describe one’ old school or college?
  1327. Which three-time Grand National winner died in 1995?
  1328. What 1970 novel by Roald Dahl tells the story of a creature who must outwit three farmers?
  1329. AA Milne created which bear?
  1330. Which 1950 fantasy novel features siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie?
  1331. The Wind in the Willows was written by which author?
  1332. What is the title of EB White’s novel about a pig called Wilbur and his arachnid friend?
  1333. Which author wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?
  1334. What is Charlie’s surname in the story of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?
  1335. The World’s Worst Children series is written by which comedian and author?
  1336. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon takes its title from a quote by which fictional detective?
  1337. John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is set during which conflict?
  1338. If an epidemic is a widespread infection over a large area, what is a worldwide infection?
  1339. What was the occupation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle before he created Sherlock Holmes?
  1340. In early 2020 Donald Trump sued The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN for alleged defamation & false news. What does the acronym CNN stand for?
  1341. How many winks is a short sleep?
  1342. Who was the manager of The Beatles?
  1343. Who is the patron saint of children?
  1344. In which city did the Kray Twins operate?
  1345. Which western star first acted using the name Duke Morrison?
  1346. Which newspaper editor was arrested for assaulting her husband in November 2005?
  1347. Which 2010 film about the founding of Facebook has the tagline ‘You don’t get 500 million friends without making a few enemies?
  1348. What is the currency of Russia?
  1349. What was the name of Labour’s 1997 election campaign bulldog?
  1350. Who was the most famous voice of Bugs Bunny?
  1351. Which actress played opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet?
  1352. What does a kleptomaniac do?
  1353. The doomed ship Titanic was registered in which English city?
  1354. On which instrument could a roll be played?
  1355. What was the name of the medic who was Medicine Woman in the TV Series?
  1356. Which music App do you associate with a round green circle and three curved lines?
  1357. What colour are the hotels in the board game Monopoly?
  1358. In 2012, Facebook acquired which Social Media App, with a price tag of $1 billion?
  1359. Who was NO ANGEL according to the title of a hit album?
  1360. Oskar Schindler, whose story was told in a Spielberg movie, was from which Country?
  1361. What name is an African lake, a station and a former Queen?
  1362. Prosecutor Kenneth Starr handled impeachment proceedings against which US President?
  1363. Simon Weston became famous for his courage following horrific injuries in which war?
  1364. What colour is Shrek?
  1365. In the proverb, money is the ______?
  1366. How was Judas paid for betraying Jesus?
  1367. Sam Snead found fame in which sport?
  1368. Who was the first Twitter user to reach 20 million followers, her songs include ‘The Edge Of Glory’ and ‘Judas’?
  1369. What PEGI rating does the World Wrestling Entertainment App have?
  1370. Where would a Spanish lady wear her mantilla?
  1371. Which culinary item describes thinly cut vegetables slowly cooked in butter?
  1372. In which Country was the first beauty contest held?
  1373. In which city did the first Marks & Spencer’s open?
  1374. How many fights did Muhammad Ali have in his career?
  1375. What did the M stand for in the name of the band OMD?
  1376. Which instrument did Sherlock Holmes play?
  1377. In which pop song were ‘them good old boys drinking whisky and rye’?
  1378. Who had their one and only hit with the 1970’s No. 1 ‘Barbados’?
  1379. In The Muppet Show, what colour was Kermit?
  1380. The Character Mrs Mangel appeared in which TV soap?
  1381. Which part of the body has a crown and a root?
  1382. What is the term for good behaviour on the net?
  1383. What name is given to the coloured sugar strands used in cake decorating?
  1384. Sydney Carton appears in which Charles Dickens novel?
  1385. Nylon took its name from which two cities?
  1386. What was Lord Louis Mountbatten doing when he was murdered by the IRA?
  1387. In which city did the cartoon family The Jetsons live?







  1. Something for Something
  2. Friday the 13th
  3. South Korea
  4. Idaho
  5. Hippocrates
  6. 24
  7. Queen Victoria
  8. All British Passports are issued in the name of the Queen
  9. Fear of touch
  10. Sleepwalking
  11. The Crater
  12. Aristotle
  13. Fruit and Vegetables (Pick Your Own)
  14. Fame Academy
  15. Financial Times
  16. Full Stop
  17. Flattery
  18. Fencing
  19. Flock Together
  20. France
  21. Fever
  22. Football
  23. Fox
  24. Fairy tales
  25. Ebenezer Scrooge
  26. Eastenders
  27. Earl Spencer
  28. Ebony
  29. Eric Morecambe
  30. Evita
  31. Egypt
  32. Email
  33. Elvis Presley
  34. Everton
  35. Eton
  36. Egg Whites
  37. John Lennon
  38. Maria Callas
  39. Gary Cooper
  40. George Orwell
  41. Great Expectations
  42. Lewis Carroll
  43. Diane Keaton
  44. Judy Garland
  45. Mother Teresa
  46. William Pitt the Younger
  47. Chinese Dictator
  48. The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean (1932)
  49. Not In My Back Yard
  50. The Hippocratic Oath
  51. Caledonia
  52. Bees
  53. Marianas Trench
  54. Greyfriars Bobby
  55. Florence Nightingale’s Birthdate
  56. Polio
  57. Oxford
  58. Tea
  59. Soprillo Saxophone
  60. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  61. Decoy
  62. Distance
  63. Dash
  64. Dubai
  65. Denmark
  66. Dermatology
  67. Dolphins
  68. Desert Island Discs
  69. Davina McCall
  70. Dave Allen
  71. Donkey
  72. Dublin
  73. Etsy
  74. Ikea
  75. Undo
  76. Reels
  77. Elon
  78. Psalm
  79. Spam
  80. Closet
  81. Beethoven
  82. Scotch Egg
  83. April Fools’ day
  84. Pancakes
  85. Saint Patrick
  86. Rani
  87. Film
  88. Smooths surface of ice
  89. A male practitioner of witchcraft
  90. A High IQ Society
  91. It had 3 horns
  92. London
  93. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  94. Cleopatra
  95. Cavy
  96. Claude Monet
  97. Chorus
  98. China
  99. Cujo
  100. Cork
  101. Coventry
  102. Cherry Tree
  103. Mother Teresa
  104. Amy Winehouse
  105. Mark Zuckerberg
  106. Gordon Ramsay
  107. Sail around the World
  108. Amelia Earhart
  109. Actor
  110. Ceramic Artist
  111. Kate Middleton
  112. Buzz Aldrin
  113. 366
  114. Starboard
  115. Words
  116. Acrophobia
  117. Alkaline hydrolysis
  118. Love of Humanity
  119. A whistle language
  120. German and Hebrew
  121. Boeing 747
  122. Opposed slavery
  123. Spanish
  124. Starbucks
  125. Coven
  126. All of the above
  127. Central America
  128. Pinocchio
  129. Nottingham
  130. Victoria Cross
  131. Sit Winston Churchill
  132. Hemlock
  133. Shoes
  134. Drums
  135. Ox
  136. A Sandstorm
  137. Shirley Crabtree
  138. Weaving
  139. Jeffrey Archer
  140. The English Channel
  141. Delta
  142. Wednesday
  143. Frankfurter
  144. Jaffa Cakes
  145. Wellington
  146. eBay
  147. Imperial Leather
  148. Very
  149. Coca-Cola FC
  150. Dove
  151. Amazon Prime
  152. Flip Flops
  153. Reykjavik
  154. Salt
  155. Pigs in blankets
  156. Rabbits
  157. 1500
  158. Hermès
  159. India and China
  160. Joaquin Phoenix
  161. Duck
  162. Adele
  163. Four
  164. Prince Charles
  165. H2O
  166. Stephenie Meyer
  167. Five
  168. The Milky Way
  169. Hydrogen
  170. 1000
  171. Cheetah
  172. Bright Red
  173. Colour
  174. Postman Pat
  175. Sheep
  176. Venom
  177. Margaret Thatcher
  178. Aluminium
  179. Hong Kong
  180. Nicole
  181. Circus
  182. Bat
  183. Kirsten Dunst
  184. Tail
  185. Oliver
  186. Ernest Rutherford
  187. This Is My Song
  188. Blackbeard
  189. Incredible
  190. Tears
  191. Corporation
  192. Popeye
  193. Lyndon B Johnson
  194. A Palomino
  195. Storm – Her real name is Ororo Munroe
  196. Philosophy
  197. LA Lakers
  198. A musical instrument
  199. Entertainment Sports Programming Network
  200. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  201. Julia Gillard
  202. Red and White
  203. 1979
  204. Four – Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas
  205. HyperText Markup Language
  206. Chicago
  207. Argentina
  208. Go
  209. Marilyn Monroe
  210. Athena
  211. Singe
  212. Richard III
  213. Garnet
  214. Third
  215. Bees
  216. Ace of Spades
  217. An influenza pandemic
  218. 1973
  219. Little Women
  220. Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Triple Sec
  221. Rembrandt
  222. Harrison Ford
  223. USA
  224. John Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry
  225. Stan Laurel
  226. Silk Road
  227. Jon Voight
  228. Katherine Hepburn
  229. 1922
  230. The Order of the Solar Temple
  231. John Gotti
  232. Sarah Silverman
  233. Babar (The Elephant)
  234. Banjo
  235. Ben & Jerry’s
  236. Bisque
  237. Bra
  238. Bamboo
  239. Beefeater
  240. Bob Hope
  241. Black + Decker
  242. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
  243. Thermos Flask
  244. Republic of Ireland
  245. True
  246. The Bayeux Tapestry
  247. George and Amal Clooney
  248. World Health Organization
  249. 1971
  250. True
  251. Nepal
  252. False
  253. Rudyard Kipling
  254. Van Gogh
  255. Trams
  256. George I
  257. Culture Club
  258. Keith
  259. Midsummer Day
  260. Mary Quant
  261. Michael Cain
  262. Saint Swithin
  263. Hamlet
  264. Central Park Zoo, New York
  265. Take That
  266. Surrey
  267. Tommy Steele
  268. Tutti Frutti
  269. A boat
  270. Rockall
  271. Portillo
  272. Fox
  273. Saudi Arabia
  274. The Lexicon of Love
  275. Ghost Towns
  276. Rockstar Games
  277. Eight
  278. A Hare
  279. He owned the company that made Segways
  280. 4 – New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York and New Mexico
  281. Düsseldorf
  282. Frozen after death (with the aim of resurrection)
  283. Central Line
  284. 1970
  285. 15
  286. 2
  287. Tug of War
  288. Stanley
  289. If
  290. Neil Kinnock
  291. Ursula Andress
  292. February
  293. Crufts
  294. Aramaic
  295. Dancing with the Stars
  296. Santander
  297. The Cenotaph
  298. Gateshead
  299. St Davids
  300. Neville Neville
  301. Google
  302. Parker and Barrow
  303. France
  304. 1000
  305. Laika
  306. Liver
  307. Kenya
  308. Amarillo
  309. Alexander Fleming
  310. Taken
  311. Barry George
  312. The Dutch Wars of Independence
  313. Blue
  314. Westminster Abbey (in Poets Corner)
  315. Horseradish
  316. Volkswagen
  317. Palm Sunday
  318. An eel
  319. James I
  320. The Heart
  321. Archery
  322. The Judas Tree
  323. 5
  324. 67
  325. 719
  326. 37
  327. 7
  328. 72
  329. 10.764
  330. None
  331. 1.61
  332. 32.1 million
  333. The Sun
  334. Titanic
  335. The Skin
  336. Michael Sheen
  337. Read Only Memory
  338. Scotland
  339. M5
  340. Washington DC
  341. Break Free
  342. The Bends
  343. Nigel Planer
  344. Gordon Ramsay
  345. 50
  346. Smiler
  347. MMXVIII
  348. Beards
  349. Darts
  350. Procol Harum
  351. Liverpool
  352. Any Dream Will Do
  353. Keratin
  354. Mandrake
  355. Austerlitz
  356. Codes
  357. Yarmulke or Kippah
  358. Lust
  359. Rice
  360. The Brain
  361. The Equator
  362. John De Lorean
  363. Jamie Oliver
  364. Mirren
  365. India
  366. Hat
  367. Mike Leigh
  368. Orange
  369. Spice Girls
  370. Wigan Warriors
  371. Aylebury
  372. Star Trek
  373. Bryan Ferry
  374. Porridge
  375. Custer
  376. Spain
  377. Red
  378. Katrina
  379. Cloud
  380. Square
  381. Bruce Forsyth
  382. David Cameron
  383. China
  384. Bavaria
  385. Women
  386. Cameroon
  387. Animal
  388. Charlton Heston
  389. Scotland
  390. Table Tennis
  391. Hovercraft
  392. Choux Pastry
  393. Copenhagen
  394. The Knight
  395. Oasis
  396. An Eclipse (Solar Eclipse)
  397. In your ear
  398. Belly Button
  399. 100
  400. Fédération Internationale de Football Association
  401. Spacebar
  402. Central Intelligence Agency
  403. 88%
  404. People’s Car
  405. Ninety (90°)
  406. A Fish
  407. Girls Aloud
  408. Roald Dahl
  409. Golf
  410. Aniseed
  411. Celery, Apples, Walnuts and Grapes
  412. The letter E
  413. Norman Tebbit
  414. Phonetic
  415. Richard Hadlee
  416. The Day of the Locust
  417. Al Qaeda’s
  418. Robert the Bruce
  419. Schuhplattler
  420. King Kong
  421. Duffy’s
  422. George Formby’s
  423. Marjorie Dawes
  424. Norwich Cathedral
  425. Finland
  426. Green
  427. Milan
  428. Thabo Mbeke
  429. Trombone
  430. Grand Union
  431. Travelling Companion
  432. Ostrich
  433. Bob Geldof
  434. August and September
  435. Crisp
  436. Washington
  437. Leningrad
  438. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  439. Cardinal Ratzinger
  440. The Times They Are A-Changin’
  441. Thomas Keneally
  442. Whitfield
  443. Palm
  444. Elvis Presley
  445. Voluntary
  446. Seven
  447. South
  448. Paul McCartney
  449. Quoits
  450. Happy Talk
  451. John Ford
  452. Michigan
  453. Robbie Williams
  454. Murdoch
  455. Happy
  456. Brass
  457. Philip II
  458. Spaghetti(Junction)
  459. The Valkyries
  460. To the Manor Barn
  461. India
  462. William Golding
  463. Radiohead
  464. Phil Silvers
  465. Gary
  466. Shorthand
  467. Scotch Egg
  468. Burt Reynolds
  469. USA
  470. San Francisco Giants
  471. London’s Burning
  472. 1954
  473. David Dimbleby
  474. Polo
  475. Italy
  476. The Godfather
  477. Green
  478. Red
  479. Milk
  480. Othello
  481. USA
  482. Hooves
  483. Madrid
  484. Six
  485. Wham!
  486. Eggs
  487. Arkansas
  488. Nose
  489. Humber
  490. Iraq
  491. Hurdles
  492. William Beveridge
  493. 180
  494. Georgia
  495. Duo
  496. C, O & S
  497. Cheese
  498. Green
  499. Whales
  500. USA
  501. Japan
  502. Fencing
  503. Four
  504. Apple
  505. James Brown
  506. Seven
  507. Ho Chi Minh City
  508. ‘My Son, My Son’
  509. Individual Savings Account
  510. Duke Of Marlborough
  511. Peter
  512. A Knot
  513. Estelle Morris
  514. Sue MacGregor
  515. Chicago
  516. 1 November
  517. Blood Brothers
  518. Goldeneye
  519. Banoffee
  520. Sweet Charity
  521. Tim Henman
  522. 1958
  523. Phone
  524. Patrick
  525. Rock
  526. Eddie Murphy
  527. Richard Whiteley
  528. Two
  529. UB40
  530. Denver
  531. Thabo Mbeki
  532. 1904
  533. Tilda Swinton
  534. Marion Jones
  535. May
  536. Italy
  537. Isle of Man
  538. French
  539. Keep
  540. Jimmy Connors
  541. ‘Hit The Road Jack’
  542. Earnest
  543. The Swiss Franc
  544. Ambridge (The Archers)
  545. Herbivore
  546. Tasmania
  547. Long playing records
  548. Vanuatu
  549. Aretha Franklin
  550. Napoleon Bonaparte
  551. Cecil Day Lewis
  552. Mali
  553. Flo or Florrie
  554. Pharaohs
  555. West Side Story
  556. Hampton Court
  557. Sable
  558. Juan Carlos
  559. Londonderry
  560. Simon Templar
  561. 14th
  562. Shenzi
  563. Paul Young
  564. Cruz
  565. Scrabble
  566. Cars
  567. Rhapsody
  568. John Banville
  569. Abdullah
  570. Abba
  571. Yul Brynner
  572. Bottom
  573. Dolls
  574. Hillary Clinton
  575. Karen Walker
  576. London Marathon
  577. Brisbane River
  578. 1776
  579. Auction
  580. Maurice
  581. Richard Harris
  582. Harold Wilson
  583. Who’s There?
  584. Cow
  585. USA
  586. A sofa or desk
  587. Ennio Morricone
  588. New Order
  589. Dried Fruit
  590. David Lloyd
  591. An Officer and a Gentleman
  592. America
  593. The Palace
  594. Cameron Diaz
  595. Lincoln
  596. Brown
  597. Suez
  598. Rita
  599. Idaho
  600. Osborne
  601. Miami Vice
  602. Golf
  603. Porto
  604. Argentina
  605. Drum
  606. 1970’s
  607. Opera
  608. Bosnia Herzegovina
  609. Bondi Beach
  610. The Blind
  611. Hawaii
  612. Florists
  613. Mike Tyson
  614. Fantasia
  615. Get
  616. Vampire Bat
  617. We’re British
  618. Vatican City
  619. New York
  620. Chuck Jones
  621. Vengeance
  622. Marlene Dietrich
  623. Ron Atkinson
  624. Cape Verde
  625. Sebastopol
  626. 3,400
  627. Fat
  628. Parliaments
  629. Germany
  630. Nereid
  631. Berlin
  632. 1973
  633. Alanis Morisette
  634. McDonald’s
  635. A Duck
  636. Daniel
  637. U2
  638. 100 metres
  639. Pins
  640. Leprosy
  641. 1984
  642. True
  643. Rocco
  644. Sarandon
  645. Jeans
  646. Yellow
  647. American
  648. King Wenceslas
  649. CD
  650. Farmer George
  651. 400
  652. Brown
  653. Corduroy
  654. Kentucky Derby
  655. Karl Marx
  656. Richard Nixon
  657. Bridge
  658. Jackie Paper
  659. Galaxy
  660. Tiber
  661. Ray Winstone
  662. Farrier
  663. Morocco
  664. Google
  665. Vegetable
  666. A Cow
  667. Die
  668. Coral Sea
  669. Spades
  670. Steve Irwin
  671. Guns N Roses
  672. 12
  673. 17
  674. Repondez S’il vous plait
  675. The Tempest
  676. Malta
  677. Horse
  678. Barbed Wire
  679. Coldplay
  680. Hydrogen & Nitrogen
  681. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
  682. The Grapes of Wrath
  683. The San Francisco 49ers
  684. Australia and New Zealand
  685. Albania
  686. Victor Hugo
  687. Green Day
  688. Belgium
  689. Greg Norman
  690. 1981
  691. Six: Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, China, Nepal and Pakistan
  692. Mufasa
  693. Mad Cow Disease
  694. Blue Ivy Carter
  695. Switzerland
  696. 28
  697. Palermo
  698. Six
  699. Contralto
  700. Neptune
  701. Baltimore, Maryland
  702. Benito Mussolini
  703. Gladiator
  704. The Hague
  705. George Frideric Handel
  706. Three: Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon
  707. Xscape
  708. A Song of Ice and Fire
  709. In Montreal, Canada
  710. 450 (453.59237 to be exact)
  711. Fantine
  712. On your hand. The pollex is your thumb
  713. None
  714. Central Processing Unit
  715. Chile
  716. Lollapalooza
  717. Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  718. George Gershwin
  719. Your Feet. It determines your shoe size
  720. Woody Harrelson
  721. Seven: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming
  722. The Pussycat Dolls
  723. Roy Jenkins
  724. Mars
  725. Helium
  726. South Africa
  727. Margaret Thatcher
  728. Behaviour
  729. Vanessa Mae
  730. Joseph
  731. Spanish Main
  732. Duck
  733. Los Alamos, New Mexico
  734. Sonny and Cher
  735. Derek Randall
  736. 1948
  737. Steve Brookstein
  738. An Anchor
  739. Iron
  740. Full House
  741. A young female horse
  742. Facsimile
  743. Dinosaur
  744. It’s Army
  745. Pool
  746. Bull
  747. Lapwing
  748. Capitol Building
  749. Machine Guns
  750. 1
  751. Opal
  752. Stevie Wonder
  753. Id est (ie that is)
  754. The Star-Spangled Banner
  755. Mumbai
  756. Birmingham
  757. Charles De Gaulle
  758. Bloemfontein
  759. Antifreeze
  760. Dusty Springfield
  761. Isle of Wight
  762. Terrence
  763. Strasse
  764. Norfolk
  765. Brassica
  766. Arrow
  767. Albert Einstein
  768. Giant Ape
  769. Five
  770. Picts
  771. Devil’s Island
  772. One
  773. Heartbreak High
  774. Brussels, Belgium
  775. Saturn
  776. New York
  777. Bono
  778. Attack of the Clones
  779. Four. 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006
  780. Kentucky
  781. Rihanna
  782. Adolf Hitler
  783. Groucho Marx
  784. Jupiter
  785. Ante Meridiem
  786. The Hague
  787. Kaiser Chiefs
  788. Egypt
  789. Charles and Henry
  790. Polyvinyl Chloride
  791. Sir Laurence Olivier
  792. Bubba Watson
  793. Warlock
  794. Worcestershire
  795. Work
  796. World’s Strongest Man
  797. Wigan Pier
  798. Withers
  799. Westminster Abbey
  800. Wednesday
  801. Winnie Mandela
  802. All answers start with a ‘W‘
  803. Full Metal Jacket
  804. Abraham Lincoln
  805. Tassimo
  806. Chow Chow
  807. American Civil War
  808. Choke
  809. 2000 AD
  810. The Princess Bride
  811. Tommy Cooper
  812. Burke and Hare (both William)
  813. 1940
  814. 5
  815. Oklahoma
  816. Sun Protection Factor
  817. Tetanus
  818. 333
  819. Brooklyn
  820. A Great White
  821. Queen
  822. Abba
  823. A brain, a heart and courage
  824. Michelangelo
  825. Diego Maradona
  826. Stingray
  827. Colman’s
  828. The Python
  829. Twenty-One
  830. 1994
  831. Vulcan
  832. The Red Lion (518 – stats from 2017)
  833. Wallace and Gromit
  834. South Korea
  835. Charles Darwin
  836. His Tarzan call
  837. Black Mamba – Dendroaspis polylepis
  838. Abraham Lincoln
  839. Japan
  840. Saudi Arabia
  841. Dr. Frank N. Furter
  842. Dunkirk
  843. Twenty-four (12 pairs)
  844. The continents
  845. Mick Hucknall
  846. Thailand
  847. Thomas Edison
  848. Pistil
  849. Courgette
  850. Tatum O’Neal
  851. 1988
  852. The teeth
  853. Jellyfish (They are 98% water)
  854. It will rise and fall continuously
  855. They were both deaf
  856. The founder Mark Zuckerberg is colour-blind
  857. Used Furniture Dealer
  858. Europe
  859. Britney Spears
  860. Princess Anne and Zara Phillips
  861. Monkeys have tails, Apes don’t have tails
  862. The Microwave Oven
  863. Australia
  864. 10
  865. When flown on a ship
  866. An olive branch
  867. Krypton
  868. His bayonet
  869. Canada
  870. Boxing
  871. Goliath Birdeater
  872. Brandy
  873. Do your best
  874. Barbie
  875. All four fingers (of the right hand)
  876. Lady Gaga (Radio Ga Ga)
  877. Cow
  878. The SAS
  879. Britney Spears
  880. Duran Duran
  881. 1969
  882. Jane
  883. Laugh Out Loud
  884. The Penny Black
  885. Great Britain and Argentina
  886. Seven
  887. Aniseed
  888. Chief Executive Officer
  889. Girls Aloud
  890. Herbivore
  891. Water
  892. Three
  893. The PM’s audience with the Queen
  894. Banksy
  895. Outnumbered
  896. Muse
  897. Humber Bridge
  898. Hamster
  899. The Holy Grail
  900. Saint George
  901. Jean Claude van Damme
  902. Ellis Island, New York City
  903. George II
  904. True
  905. The only member of the band without a beard
  906. Bloody Ploughman
  907. Part of his finger
  908. Easter Island
  909. Murder
  910. Mayflower
  911. Ravens
  912. Dracula’s Cloak
  913. Unchained Melody
  914. Cricket
  915. Alfred Hitchcock
  916. Take That
  917. Charles Dickens
  918. MW
  919. A King
  920. Angostura Bitters
  921. Jennifer Aniston
  922. Queensland
  923. Bird’s Custard
  924. Oliver Cromwell
  925. The Kookaburra
  926. Alicia Keys
  927. The Suez Canal
  928. 27 Days
  929. Acetic Acid
  930. 3rd Generation
  931. Q & Z
  932. The Garden of Gethsemane
  933. The Hunger Games
  934. Doe
  935. Elton John
  936. 4
  937. Lilliput
  938. Dish
  939. George Best
  940. One Minute
  941. Badger
  942. Dr Who
  943. Charles M. Schulz
  944. A fingerprint
  945. Queen
  946. Bleach
  947. White blood cells
  948. Eddie Murphy
  949. Dan Quayle
  950. Algeria
  951. Libra
  952. Almonds
  953. John Thaw
  954. Phoenix
  955. Smokie
  956. A Stipend
  957. Bob Champion
  958. 45
  959. 6076.12
  960. Mars and Murrie
  961. 7
  962. Sahara
  963. Dynasty
  964. Cobra
  965. Saturn
  966. Kill Bill
  967. A Hard Days Night
  968. Robin
  969. Sunnydale High
  970. Alcatraz
  971. Glen Campbell
  972. Napoleon Bonaparte
  973. Fruit Fly
  974. New York, London, Milan & Paris
  975. Amps
  976. Orlando
  977. It’s own language
  978. Princess Diana’s
  979. Computer programming language
  980. Provence
  981. Antarctica (parts of it have had no rain for 2 million years)
  982. Rodeo Drive
  983. It can change sex
  984. 46 days
  985. Heaven 17
  986. 6
  987. George Clooney
  988. Horse Chestnut
  989. T Rex
  990. None
  991. Fergus Henderson
  992. Oxygen
  993. Density
  994. Adventure Time
  995. Eighth Wonder
  996. Lego
  997. Hungary
  998. Yellow
  999. Endeavour
  1000. Mama Cass
  1001. AB
  1002. Australia
  1003. Alfred
  1004. Aardvark
  1005. Agatha Christie
  1006. Aled Jones
  1007. Agnetha
  1008. Ali G
  1009. Antoinette
  1010. Adagio
  1011. Aberdeen
  1012. Chris Martin
  1013. Pickled Cabbage
  1014. Rising Damp
  1015. Apple
  1016. Tennis
  1017. Orange
  1018. Ernest Hemingway
  1019. John
  1020. 14
  1021. 1940’s
  1022. 23
  1023. Jennifer Connelly
  1024. 12
  1025. Antelope
  1026. Vostok 1
  1027. Curling
  1028. Aspirin
  1029. Samoa
  1030. Alexandra Palace, London
  1031. Oscar Wilde
  1032. 9
  1033. Jersey
  1034. Skyler
  1035. Elton John
  1036. Victoria
  1037. Anode
  1038. Six
  1039. Butterfly
  1040. Doe
  1041. The Taming Of The Shrew
  1042. 1745
  1043. Butcher
  1044. Water of Life
  1045. Two Years
  1046. 21%
  1047. Preston
  1048. A Nurse
  1049. 9
  1050. 42
  1051. Sir Richard Branson
  1052. 12
  1053. True
  1054. True
  1055. 1900
  1056. Loiners
  1057. It was May Day Bank Holiday (Free Parking)
  1058. Gary Oldman
  1059. All of them
  1060. Approx. 9 Million
  1061. Carmarthenshire
  1062. Janette Tough
  1063. Joint Photographic Experts Group
  1064. Vegetable
  1065. Dog Whistle
  1066. The New Deal
  1067. Bubbles
  1068. Wilma
  1069. Winston Churchill
  1070. Esther Rantzen
  1071. Diurnal
  1072. Anglesey
  1073. A spinning wheel
  1074. Of Mice and Men
  1075. I Dreamed a Dream
  1076. Father Ted
  1077. Prince
  1078. Heights
  1079. Captain Ahab
  1080. 4
  1081. Salt
  1082. 2
  1083. A4
  1084. Orange
  1085. Apple Records
  1086. The Brain
  1087. The Spice Girls
  1088. Samuel L Jackson
  1089. Toothpaste
  1090. Commander
  1091. The Holy Grail
  1092. Irving Berlin
  1093. Greece
  1094. School
  1095. Han Solo
  1096. Marathon
  1097. The M6
  1098. King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn
  1099. In a cask of brandy or rum
  1100. Boris Johnson
  1101. Turkey
  1102. PJ & Duncan
  1103. Game Of Thrones
  1104. Chug
  1105. Freddie Mercury
  1106. Red
  1107. The Tongue
  1108. The Hunger Games
  1109. Pawn Shops
  1110. The name of the country
  1111. Trigger
  1112. Steve Irwin
  1113. Witches
  1114. Great Dane
  1115. Winnie the Pooh
  1116. The Krays (1952 for 7 days – failing to report for National Service)
  1117. Blackbeard
  1118. The Wizard of Oz
  1119. Vodka and Orange Juice
  1120. God
  1121. Macbeth
  1122. Cockles and mussels
  1123. 210
  1124. Internet Protocol
  1125. The Battle of the Little Bighorn
  1126. Dracula
  1127. Beyoncé
  1128. Albert Einstein
  1129. Ted
  1130. District of Columbia
  1131. Amsterdam
  1132. Game of Thrones
  1133. 16
  1134. Purple / Blue
  1135. Libra (Scales)
  1136. Drinks
  1137. Bread & Cheese
  1138. U2
  1139. Article 50
  1140. Romantic
  1141. Paris
  1142. Bulletin
  1143. Arsenal
  1144. Pyramids
  1145. Sheep
  1146. Gates
  1147. Christmas
  1148. Nile
  1149. Dog
  1150. Kurt Cobain
  1151. Donkey
  1152. Italy
  1153. 85th
  1154. Malta
  1155. Poppy
  1156. 48
  1157. Lah
  1158. A calf
  1159. China
  1160. Frank Sinatra
  1161. Chequered
  1162. Lana Del Ray
  1163. C
  1164. Bach
  1165. Ellen MacArthur
  1166. Hole In My Shoe
  1167. Sink Ships
  1168. Bournemouth
  1169. Charles Manson
  1170. In your foot
  1171. The Green Man
  1172. Sheffield
  1173. The Teddy Bear
  1174. Geraldine McQueen
  1175. Clontarf (Village in Dublin)
  1176. 1970’s (26 May 1907 – 11 June 1979)
  1177. Two to Three Years
  1178. The Peril
  1179. Trombone
  1180. The Farmers Wife
  1181. Texas
  1182. Elvis Presley
  1183. Elizabeth I
  1184. Lady
  1185. Commonwealth Day
  1186. Swimming
  1187. Britney Spears
  1188. Shaun Of The Dead
  1189. Greenland
  1190. Acid
  1191. Nothing
  1192. Stem
  1193. Sea Weed
  1194. Vinegar
  1195. Star
  1196. Green & Yellow
  1197. iPhone
  1198. Liverpool
  1199. None
  1200. Lady Jane Grey
  1201. The teeth pulled from soldiers who had been killed in battle
  1202. Tom and Jerry
  1203. Nettles
  1204. Philadelphia
  1205. The severed head of her lover
  1206. Move around on dry land
  1207. Hillary
  1208. Dame Nellie Melba
  1209. Bill Gates
  1210. An Embarassment
  1211. Portland Stone
  1212. Hypnotist & Motivator
  1213. Spetsnaz
  1214. Longannet
  1215. Amazon
  1216. The Trotters
  1217. Penny
  1218. Ermine Street
  1219. The Yorkshire Ripper
  1220. Cell Phone
  1221. Bitch
  1222. Harold Steptoe
  1223. Chuck Norris
  1224. Reggae Reggae
  1225. 2011 (29 April)
  1226. Twice (Debbie Rowe (m. 1996 1999), Lisa Marie Presley (m. 1994 1996)
  1227. Yes
  1228. Six
  1229. Dancing With The Stars
  1230. Are You Being Served
  1231. John Cena
  1232. The Calypso
  1233. Three
  1234. Phillip Pullman
  1235. Weightlifting
  1236. Eleven
  1237. 78
  1238. 365 feet
  1239. 37 plays
  1240. £3.60 per hour
  1241. 117 miles
  1242. 0 hours and 38 minutes
  1243. 959
  1244. Seven countries
  1245. 15
  1246. Murphy’s Law
  1247. Amsterdam
  1248. Russia
  1249. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  1250. Man
  1251. Oliver Cromwell
  1252. False
  1253. £500
  1254. 7am
  1255. Penguin
  1256. Edward
  1257. Crazy Frog
  1258. Everton
  1259. Films
  1260. Hillary Clinton
  1261. Eyes
  1262. Fishermen
  1263. Siam
  1264. Scorpio
  1265. Good Morning Vietnam
  1266. Wonder Woman
  1267. Poland
  1268. Tintin
  1269. The Needles
  1270. A Knot
  1271. Crown
  1272. Eight
  1273. The Australian Dollar
  1274. Petri
  1275. Aquamarine
  1276. Leslie Nielsen
  1277. Blue
  1278. The Nutcracker
  1279. Kylie Minogue
  1280. Mungo Jerry
  1281. Anne Summers
  1282. Rummy
  1283. Vermeer
  1284. The Monster Raving Loony Party
  1285. Paul McCartney
  1286. Theme Parks
  1287. Tyson Fury
  1288. 1995
  1289. Red
  1290. Maidstone
  1291. 11
  1292. Jonathan Creek
  1293. Jasper Carrott
  1294. The Apollo
  1295. The Nina
  1296. Eggplant
  1297. Seagull
  1298. California
  1299. Penicillin
  1300. Limerick
  1301. Eton
  1302. 13
  1303. Isle of Man
  1304. Oranges
  1305. Horse Guards Parade
  1306. 3
  1307. Return of the Jedi
  1308. Lily
  1309. Grouse
  1310. Israel
  1311. Memphis
  1312. The News of the World
  1313. 28
  1314. Snake
  1315. Nero
  1316. Led Zeppelin
  1317. Jaws
  1318. John Lennon
  1319. Game of Thrones
  1320. His Feet
  1321. Roger Moore
  1322. Cheese and Tomato
  1323. National Aeronautics & Space Administration
  1324. Tequila and Cointreau
  1325. Butterfly
  1326. Alma Mater
  1327. Red Rum
  1328. Fantastic Mr Fox
  1329. Winnie-the-Pooh
  1330. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  1331. Kenneth Grahame
  1332. Charlotte’s Web
  1333. Beatrix Potter
  1334. Bucket
  1335. David Walliams
  1336. Shelock Holmes
  1337. WWII
  1338. A pandemic
  1339. Medical Practitioner
  1340. Cable News Network
  1341. Forty
  1342. Brian Epstein
  1343. Nicholas
  1344. London
  1345. John Wayne
  1346. Rebekah Wade
  1347. The Social Network
  1348. Ruble
  1349. Fitz
  1350. Mel Blanc
  1351. Claire Danes
  1352. Steal
  1353. Liverpool
  1354. Drum
  1355. Dr Quinn
  1356. Spotify
  1357. Red
  1358. Instagram
  1359. Dido
  1360. Germany
  1361. Victoria
  1362. Bill Clinton
  1363. Falklands War
  1364. Green
  1365. Root of all evil
  1366. Silver
  1367. Golf
  1368. Lada Gaga
  1369. 12
  1370. Head/Shoulders
  1371. Julienne
  1372. Belgium
  1373. Manchester
  1374. 61
  1375. Manoeuvres
  1376. Violin
  1377. American Pie
  1378. Typically Tropical
  1379. Green
  1380. Neighbours
  1381. Tooth
  1382. Netiquette
  1383. Hundreds and Thousands
  1384. A Tale Of Two Cities
  1385. New York and London
  1386. Fishing
  1387. Orbit City