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  1. In which decade did Prince Charles marry Lady Diana?
  2. In 2002, the Queen celebrated how many years as monarch?
  3. Prince Michael’s title is of which County?
  4. Who is Prince Andrew’s eldest Daughter, Beatrice or Eugenie?
  5. What is Princess Anne’s Son’s first name?
  6. Which royal title do Princess Anne’s children have?
  7. What was the occupation of the late Princess Margaret’s first husband?
  8. What was the name of the king who abdicated in 1936?
  9. What was the surname of the woman Edward VIII married in 1937?
  10. What was the name of the first monarch of the 20th Century?
  11. In which Country did Charles and Camilla spend their honeymoon?
  12. Who is the first female in line to the throne?
  13. Which King was subject to a 1995 film?
  14. Who are the parents of Lady Helen Taylor?
  15. Who played John Brown when Judi Dench was Victoria on TV?
  16. Who interviewed Princess Diana for ‘Panorama’ in 1995?
  17. Princess Diana confessed to having had an affair with whom?
  18. Who was Princess Anne’s bridesmaid when she married Mark Phillips?
  19. Who was Serena Linley’s mother-in-law?
  20. How many lots were there in the Christie’s sale of Diana’s dresses?
  21. Which Jubilee did the Queen celebrate in 2002?
  22. In 2002, the Queen lost her mother and which other close relative?
  23. Which castle was badly damaged by fire in 1992?
  24. What is Prince Harry’s proper first name?
  25. Which Royal survived a kidnap attempt in 1974?
  26. Which son of the Queen has a daughter called Louise?
  27. Prince Charles is Duke of which County of Southwest England?
  28. Which title did Edward VIII take after he abdicated?
  29. What is the name of the Queen’s residence in Norfolk?
  30. The Queen’s granddaughter Zara Philiips is accomplished in which Sport?
  31. Which Duchess comforted a weeping Jana Novotna at Wimbledon?
  32. What was the maiden name of Sophie, Countess of Wessex?
  33. Who was Queen Elizabeth II’s Father?
  34. Which school did Prince William attend in his teens?
  35. Who is next in line to the throne after Prince William?
  36. With which Royal did Capt Peter Townsend have a romance?
  37. What was the name of the king immediately before Elizabeth II?
  38. Which royal has a daughter called Zara?
  39. Which royal couple organised a large golden-wedding anniversary celebration in 1997?
  40. Which royal highlighted the problem of landmines in Angola?
  41. Who had a father called Prince Andrew and has a son called Prince Andrew?
  42. In which cathedral did Charles and Diana marry?
  43. In which decade did Queen Elizabeth II come to the throne?
  44. How many children did Queen Elizabeth II have when she became Queen?
  45. Whose country home is at Highgrove?
  46. Which Birthday did the Queen Mother celebrate in 1996?
  47. Rear Admiral Timothy Laurence is married to which Princess?
  48. Which of the Queen’s children is Earl of Wessex?
  49. Which Princess married Angus Ogilvy?
  50. What was Lord Mountbatten’s first name?
  51. What is the official London residence of the British Monarch?
  52. Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car crash in which City?
  53. How many grandchildren does Queen Elizabeth II have?
  54. Which member of the Royal Family was born on 22 July 2013?
  55. Zara Phillips is married to which former Rugby International?
  56. Prince William worked as a search and rescue pilot on which Welsh Island?
  57. In which Country of the UK is the royal residence Balmoral Castle?
  58. True or False – Queen Elizabeth II is a fluent French speaker?
  59. Who is the first female in the line of succession?
  60. In which year was Prince William born?
  61. Which member of the Royal Family caused controversy for wearing a Nazi uniform at a party?
  62. Who was Queen Elizabeth II’s only sibling?
  63. Which parade marks the Queen’s official birthday?
  64. Prince Philip was born in which European Country?
  65. Who was the first British Prime Minister to serve under Elizabeth II?
  66. Prince William is a supporter of which Football Team?
  67. What was the name of the royal yacht that was decommissioned in 1997?
  68. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both studied at which Scottish University?
  69. How old was the Queen Mother when she died?
  70. In which year was Queen Elizabeth II born?
  71. Who is the father of Princes William and Harry?
  72. Did Camilla Parker Bowles use the title Duchess or Princess after she married Prince Charles?
  73. Did Prince Harry join the Navy or Army after his gap year?
  74. Which Prince is Duke of Edinburgh?
  75. Which Prince was an Helicopter Pilot in the Falklands War?
  76. How many children does the Duchess of Cornwall have?
  77. What is the Queen’s favourite breed of dog?
  78. What was the name of the woman for whom Edward VIII abdicated?
  79. Which Queen was married to Prince Albert?
  80. How many English Kings have been called George?


  1. 1980’s
  2. Fifty
  3. Kent
  4. Beatrice
  5. Peter
  6. None
  7. Photographer
  8. Edward VIII
  9. Simpson
  10. Victoria
  11. Scotland
  12. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  13. George III
  14. Duke and Duchess of Kent
  15. Billy Connolly
  16. Martin Bashir
  17. James Hewitt
  18. Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones
  19. Princess Margaret
  20. 79
  21. Golden Jubilee
  22. Her sister (Princess Margaret)
  23. Windsor
  24. Henry
  25. Princess Anne
  26. Prince Edward
  27. Cornwall
  28. Duke of Windsor
  29. Sandringham
  30. Horse riding
  31. Kent
  32. Rhys-Jones
  33. King George VI
  34. Eton
  35. Prince George of Cambridge
  36. Princess Margaret
  37. George VI
  38. Princess Anne
  39. The Queen and Prince Philip
  40. Diana
  41. Prince Philip
  42. St Paul’s
  43. 1950’s
  44. Two
  45. Prince Charles
  46. 96th
  47. Princess Anne
  48. Prince Edward
  49. Alexandra
  50. Louis
  51. Buckingham Palace
  52. Paris
  53. Eight
  54. Prince George
  55. Mike Tindall
  56. Anglesey
  57. Scotland
  58. True
  59. Princess Charlotte
  60. 1982
  61. Prince Harry
  62. Princess Margaret
  63. Trooping the Colour
  64. Greece
  65. Winston Churchill
  66. Aston Villa
  67. Britannia
  68. St Andrew’s
  69. 101
  70. 1926
  71. Prince Charles
  72. Duchess
  73. Army
  74. Philip
  75. Andrew
  76. Two
  77. Corgi
  78. Mrs Wallis Simpson
  79. Victoria
  80. Six