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  1. What element symbol is Au?
  2. Which of the following is not a valid field of science? Geology, Calligraphy, Physics or Astronomy
  3. What disease of the human body is often called the white death?
  4. How many arms do most starfish have?
  5. On 27 January 1880, who patented the first electric lamp?
  6. What is the smallest organ in the human body?
  7. The spinal cord lies in which part of the human body?
  8. What is a group of owls called?
  9. What is the correct name for an interstellar cloud of dust?
  10. What force causes oceans to have tides?
  11. What is concrete reinforced with to make reinforced-concrete?
  12. What is the K on the Periodic Table of Elements?
  13. What does your blood carry?
  14. What is the Moon? A planet, An asteroid, A natural satellite or A star
  15. What category does an Elephant Seal belong to? Carnivore, Vegetarian, Herbivore or Vegan
  16. What is another name for water?
  17. What symbol is Scandium on the periodic table?
  18. What was Y2K?
  19. What pest can survive a nuclear blast in close proximity?
  20. Why do male peacocks have such fancy plumage?
  21. Lunokhod 1 was the USSR’s first what?
  22. Which Insect has the shortest life?
  23. What is the Chemical Symbol for Mercury?
  24. ‘Planet’ comes from a Greek word meaning what?
  25. How many noble gasses are there?
  26. What flowers name in Greek means ‘Rose Tree’?
  27. What is a fibrous band that connects muscle to bone?
  28. How does a Lamprey feed?
  29. What followed the Triassic Period?
  30. The opossum belongs to what animal group?
  31. Which Bird can swim but can’t fly?
  32. Where in the Human Body do you find Collagen?
  33. How many stomachs has a cow?
  34. Which metal has the highest melting point?
  35. Which salad item is Nasturtium Officinale?
  36. What is the highest cloud formation?
  37. What high-tech item can slide, swivel or flip?
  38. What did James Hargreaves invent in 1764?
  39. How is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research better known?
  40. What is a male swan called?
  41. Glaucoma affects which part of the body?
  42. Which flightless bird lays the worlds largest eggs?
  43. What is a puffball?
  44. What happens to a female butterfly after it lays eggs?
  45. In what type of environment do most crustaceans live?
  46. Which natural disaster is measured on the Richter Scale?
  47. What is the main ingredient of glass?
  48. Does a millipede have more, less or exactly 1,000 feet?
  49. An ore is a mineral that contains what?
  50. Is the Whale Shark a mammal or a fish?
  51. Tsunami is another word for what type of wave?
  52. Where would a melanoma appear?
  53. Which disease in humans has been linked to the cattle disease BSE?
  54. What sort of bird is a Merlin?
  55. Which part of the body might suffer from labyrinthitis?
  56. Which racing creatures live in lofts?
  57. What condition is caused by a shortage of haemoglobin?
  58. Where is a human’s scapula?
  59. What do most shark’s live on?
  60. A BCG is a vaccination against which disease?
  61. What is the soft tissue in bones called?
  62. What is the name for the condition of an abnormally low body temperature in a warm blooded creature?
  63. What colour is the skin when jaundiced?
  64. What is the medical term for short sightedness?
  65. To which of the senses does the word olfactory relate?
  66. What is the common name for alopecia?
  67. Where in the Human Body is the Jejunum?
  68. Where in the Human Body are the Palatine bones?
  69. What is the more common name for the medical procedure of spinal tap?
  70. How many teeth should an adult human have?


  1. Gold
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Tuberculosis
  4. Five
  5. Thomas Edison
  6. Pineal Gland
  7. Back
  8. Parliament
  9. Nebula
  10. Gravity
  11. Steel
  12. Potassium
  13. Oxygen
  14. A natural satellite
  15. Carnivore
  16. H20
  17. Sc
  18. A computing flaw for the year 2000
  19. Cockroach
  20. To attract a mate
  21. Robotic ‘moon-walker’
  22. Mayfly (from 1/2 an hour to a few weeks)
  23. Hg
  24. Wanderer
  25. Seven
  26. Rhododendron
  27. Tendon
  28. By sucking
  29. Jurassic
  30. Marsupials
  31. Penguin
  32. The Skin
  33. Four
  34. Tungsten
  35. Watercress
  36. Cirrus
  37. Mobile Phone
  38. Spinning Jenny
  39. CERN
  40. Cob
  41. Eyes
  42. Ostrich
  43. Fungus
  44. It dies
  45. Water
  46. Earthquake
  47. Sand
  48. Less
  49. Metal
  50. Fish
  51. Tidal Wave
  52. On the skin
  53. CJD
  54. Falcon
  55. Ear
  56. Pigeons
  57. Anaemia
  58. Shoulder Blade
  59. Fish
  60. Tuberculosis (TB)
  61. Marrow
  62. Hypothermia
  63. Yellow
  64. Myopia
  65. Smell
  66. Baldness
  67. It’s a portion of the small intestine
  68. In the Mouth
  69. Lumbar puncture
  70. 32