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In which part of the body would you get gingivitis?Gums
What does the word ‘Hemo’ refer to?Blood
After exercise, what compound builds up in the body, causing pain?Lactic Acid
What is the common name for the chemical compound sodium chloride?Salt
What is the weight of a black hole?Between about 3 and 10 solar masses
Most of the UK’s Golden Eagles and Peregrine Falcons are found in which Country?Scotland
Animals that are primarily awake during the day are known as?Diurnal
What part of your body is the cranium?Skull
What is the name of the vessels coming out of the heart?Arteries
What is the normal body temperature for an adult human?98.6°F (37°C)
What is the scientific name for the Northern Lights?Aurora Borealis
What type of drug would most likely be used to treat a pulmonary embolism?Anticoagulant
'Planet' comes from a Greek word meaning what?Wanderer
A BCG is a vaccination against which disease?Tuberculosis (TB)
A Blue Whale has a heart roughly the size of a what?A Volkswagen Beetle
Ambidextrous refers to which ability?Ability to use both the right and left hand equally well
An abnormally high concentration of salt in the Black Sea causes visitors to what?Float
An ore is a mineral that contains what?Metal
Anemia is caused by a deficiency of what?Red blood cells
Anhidrosis is the inability to do what?Sweat
Bruxism is the medical term for what activity?Grinding of the teeth
Does a millipede have more, less or exactly 1,000 feet?Less
For how many years can some Olive Tree's survive?Over 2,000 years
Frogs belong to which animal group?Amphibians
Glaucoma affects which part of the body?Eyes
How do you find age in trees?It’s girth
How does a Lamprey feed?By sucking
How is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research better known?CERN
How many arms do most starfish have?Five
How many eyelids does a Camel have per eye?Three
How many noble gasses are there?Seven
How many stomachs has a cow?Four
How many teeth should an adult human have?32
In East Africa, safari ants are used as what?Surgical Suture
In what type of environment do most crustaceans live?Water
In which part of the body does scorpion store venom?Tail
Is the Whale Shark a mammal or a fish?Fish
Lunokhod 1 was the USSR's first what?Robotic 'moon-walker'
On 27 January 1880, who patented the first electric lamp?Thomas Edison
The Bobcat is native to which continent?North America
The epidermis is the outer layer of what human organ?Skin
The opossum belongs to what animal group?Marsupials
The spinal cord lies in which part of the human body?Back
The word 'Pharmacy' applies to what kind of establishment?Chemist
To which of the senses does the word olfactory relate?Smell
Tsunami is another word for what type of wave?Tidal Wave
Vinegar and Baking Soda have a chemical reaction because…..?one is an acid and the other a base
What category does an Elephant Seal belong to? Carnivore, Vegetarian, Herbivore or VeganCarnivore
What colour is the fever transmitted by the mosquito?Yellow
What colour is the skin when jaundiced?Yellow
What colour is the strong alkaline on the Ph scale?Purple
What comet was first recorded in 240 BC and returns every 74-79 years?Halley's Comet
What company commercialized aspirin?Bayer
What condition is caused by a shortage of haemoglobin?Anaemia
What did James Hargreaves invent in 1764?Spinning Jenny
What disease of the human body is often called the white death?Tuberculosis
What do most shark's live on? Fish
What does the NHS stand for?National Health Service
What does your blood carry?Oxygen
What element symbol is Au?Gold
What fleshy muscular organ is joined to the hyoid bone?Tongue
What flowers name in Greek means 'Rose Tree'?Rhododendron
What followed the Triassic Period?Jurassic
What force causes oceans to have tides?Gravity
What happens to a female butterfly after it lays eggs?It dies
What high-tech item can slide, swivel or flip?Mobile Phone
What is 'Cold Fusion’?A hypothetical nuclear reaction
What is a Canis Latrans, popular in the American West?Coyote
What is a fibrous band that connects muscle to bone?Tendon
What is a group of owls called?Parliament
What is a hemostat?Surgical instrument
What is a male swan called?Cob
What is a number times itself called?Squared
What is a puffball?Fungus
What is a synchronous diaphragmatic flutter?Hiccups
What is an ocean gyre?A large, oceanic surface current
What is another name for water?H20
What is concrete reinforced with to make reinforced-concrete?Steel
What is Misophonia?Negative reaction to specific sounds
What is Munchausen Syndrome?Psychological Disorder
What is the Big Bang said to have created?The Universe
What is the Chemical Symbol for Mercury?Hg
What is the common multiple of 4 and 5?20
What is the common name for alopecia?Baldness
What is the common name of the plant ‘hedera helix’?Common Ivy
What is the correct name for an interstellar cloud of dust?Nebula
What is the greatest invention of the Wright Brothers?Airplane
What is the hardest working muscle in the Human body?The Heart Muscle
What is the highest cloud formation?Cirrus
What is the K on the Periodic Table of Elements?Potassium
What is the longest nerve in the human body?Sciatic Nerve
What is the main ingredient of glass?Sand
What is the medical term for short sightedness?Myopia
What is the medical term for the 'collarbone'?Clavicle
What is the Moon? A planet, An asteroid, A natural satellite or A starA natural satellite
What is the more common name for the medical procedure of spinal tap?Lumbar puncture
What is the name for the condition of an abnormally low body temperature in a warm blooded creature?Hypothermia
What is the name of the process in which plants convert sunlight into oxygen?Photosynthesis
What is the scientific study of life called?Biology
What is the smallest organ in the human body?Pineal Gland
What is the soft tissue in bones called?Marrow
What joint is supported by the rotator cuff?Shoulder
What kind of cells compose the human nervous system?Neurones
What liquor is made from agave plants?Tequila
What male sea creature is the only male animal to become pregnant?Seahorse
What part of science is the plum pudding theory about?Atoms
What pest can survive a nuclear blast in close proximity?Cockroach
What science deals specifically with plant and animal life in the sea?Marine Biology
What sort of bird is a Merlin?Falcon
What symbol is Scandium on the periodic table?Sc
What vitamin are citrus fruits noted for?Vitamin C
What was Y2K?A computing flaw for the year 2000
Where can a melanoma occur?Skin
Where in the Human Body are the Palatine bones?In the Mouth
Where in the Human Body do you find Collagen?The Skin
Where in the Human Body is the Jejunum?It’s a portion of the small intestine
Where is a human's scapula?Shoulder Blade
Where is the Zunil impact crater located?The planet Mars
Where would a melanoma appear?On the skin
Which Bird can swim but can’t fly?Penguin
Which creature has the longest pregnancy time?Elephants
Which disease in humans has been linked to the cattle disease BSE?CJD
Which disease is known as pink eye?Conjunctivitis
Which element is needed for combustion to occur?Oxygen
Which famous scientist said 'Imagination is more important than knowledge'?Albert Einstein
Which flightless bird lays the worlds largest eggs?Ostrich
Which Insect has the shortest life?Mayfly (from 1/2 an hour to a few weeks)
Which metal has the highest melting point?Tungsten
Which natural disaster is measured on the Richter Scale?Earthquake
Which of the following is not a valid field of science? Geology, Calligraphy, Physics or AstronomyCalligraphy
Which part of the body might suffer from labyrinthitis?Ear
Which part of the human body never gets cold?Eyes
Which racing creatures live in lofts?Pigeons
Which salad item is Nasturtium Officinale?Watercress
Which scientist is credited for inventing the industrial process for making ammonia?Fritz Haber
Which term describes twins resulting from two different eggs?Fraternal
Who invented vulcanized rubber?Goodyear
Why do male peacocks have such fancy plumage?To attract a mate


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