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  1. The legendary Sawney Bean is particularly associated with what?
  2. Which King of Scotland went on to unite the crowns of Scotland and England?
  3. Name one of the two football teams who are known as the “Old Firm“?
  4. Which city is the capital of the Highlands?
  5. Who plays the character Begbie in the film ‘Trainspotting’?
  6. The Loch Ness monster is among the best known Scottish legends, but Nessie has a rival in Loch Morar. What name is give to the monster believed to live there?
  7. The holiday town of Rothesay. This is the chief town of which island in the Firth of Clyde?
  8. Another well known legend of Scotland involves a spider, who is said to have inspired which future monarch?
  9. Where would you find the Royal & Ancient Club?
  10. What was the name of the world’s first cloned mammal, made in Edinburgh?
  11. Along Royal Deeside now to a small town famous for its annual Highland Gathering, when the Queen and other members of the Royal Family attend the Highland Games. Which town is this?
  12. Although the legend of King Arthur is primarily English, his nemesis was raised on the island of Orkney. Who was he?
  13. Scotland`s largest city, Glasgow: its name comes from the Gaelic language, meaning what?
  14. A traditional name for the devil, with or without trousers, in Scotland is which of these?
  15. Who was the manager of Scotland at the 1978 World Cup in Argentina?
  16. Which town lies in the shadow of Scotland`s highest mountain, Ben Nevis?
  17. Who is the Scottish national bard?
  18. This author, who is perhaps most famous for his series “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” set in Botswana, also wrote a series based in Edinburgh, “44 Scotland Street”, serialized in Edinburgh newspaper “The Scotsman”. Which Rhodesian-born Scottish writer is this?
  19. How many people make up a jury in a criminal trial in Scotland?
  20. Along the banks of the Tay to Perth; what is the nickname of this town?
  21. Which Edinburgh band found success in the 1970s, reaching UK number one with their first two albums, “Rollin'” (1974) and “Once Upon a Star” (1975)?
  22. Benandonner is associated with his Irish counterpart, Finn MacCool. What type of mythical creatures are they both?
  23. What is the name of the Royal Palace in Edinburgh?
  24. The town of Kirkwall is the capital of which group of islands?
  25. The Blue Men of Minch are a particular threat to which group of people?
  26. The town of Melrose is famous for devising which sport?
  27. The city of Aberdeen enjoyed an economic boom in the 1970s and 80s as a result of which industry?
  28. The creatures of myth which can transform from seals to humans are known by which name?
  29. The 1996 film “Trainspotting” was based on the novel written by Irvine Welsh in 1993, and tells the stories of a group of friends, some of whom are heroin addicts. It is set in the area of Leith in which Scottish City?
  30. This small village is famous for weddings. Eloping couples from England have come here for many years to be married in the Old Blacksmith`s shop. Which village?
  31. When is St. Andrews day?
  32. Which Scottish golf course is known as “The Home of Golf”?
  33. In Scottish folklore, the wulver is equivalent to which mythical creature?
  34. Which Scottish band sent a “Letter from America” in 1987?
  35. What is the capital of Scotland?
  36. Which hills separate Scotland and England?
  37. Edinburgh’s mainline railway station is named after a novel by which Scottish writer?
  38. In the southwest corner of Scotland is the port of Stranraer. Which country would you most likely catch a ferry to from this town?
  39. Johnny McElhone founded this Glasgow band, whose vocalist is Sharleen Spiteri, in 1986. With hits such as “Summer Son”, “Say What You Want”, and “In Demand”, they are named after which of these US states?
  40. The kelpie is a water spirit which sometimes appears in human form but is most often seen as which animal?
  41. Travel along the banks of the River Forth to the ancient town of Stirling. On the southern outskirts of Stirling is a village which was the site of a famous battle in which the Scots defeated the English in 1314. What is its name?
  42. Ayrshire and the birthplace of Scotland`s national poet, Robert Burns. Where are we?
  43. The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. What is the name of the Queen’s official residence here?
  44. The picturesque village of Luss, crowded with tourists in the summer, stands on the banks of which famous loch?
  45. There was a surge of interest in all things Scottish in 2012 with the release of Disney-Pixar’s animated film “Brave”. Which Glaswegian actress provided the voice of the protagonist, Merida?
  46. We stop off at the County Town of East Lothian. Which town are we in?


  1. Cannibalism
  2. James VI
  3. Celtic and Rangers
  4. Inverness
  5. Robert Carlyle
  6. Morag
  7. Bute
  8. Robert I
  9. St. Andrews
  10. Dolly the sheep
  11. Braemar
  12. Mordred
  13. Dear Green Place
  14. Black Donald
  15. Ally McLeod
  16. Fort William
  17. Robert Burns
  18. Alexander McCall Smith
  19. 15
  20. Fair City
  21. Bay City Rollers
  22. Giants
  23. Holyrood House
  24. Orkney
  25. Sailors
  26. Rugby Union Sevens
  27. Oil
  28. Selkie
  29. Edinburgh
  30. Gretna Green
  31. November 30th
  32. St Andrews
  33. Werewolf
  34. The Proclaimers
  35. Edinburgh
  36. The Cheviots
  37. Walter Scott
  38. Northern Ireland
  39. Texas
  40. Horse
  41. Bannockburn
  42. Alloway
  43. Holyrood House
  44. Loch Lomond
  45. Kelly Macdonald
  46. Haddington