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  1. Where is Sir Chris Hoy from?
  2. What animated character is football star Wayne Rooney usually called?
  3. What nationality is Novak Djokovic?
  4. Sachin Tendulkar is a famous icon in which sport?
  5. What is the name of Everton FC’s stadium?
  6. In what sport is the position WD?
  7. How many bases are there in a game of Rounders?
  8. In basketball, how many players can be on the court at a time?
  9. What happens when a football player gets two yellow cards?
  10. What athlete once set four world records in 45 minutes?
  11. Footballer Ryan Giggs had an affair with which former Big Brother UK contestant?
  12. Which sport originated from circus performances?
  13. What nationality is Carlo Ancelotti?
  14. Which English football club plays their home games at the Stadium of Light?
  15. Which sport was named after a place? Hockey, Rugby, Tennis or None of these
  16. What sport does the team Saracens play?
  17. Who was the first gymnast to obtain 10 points in the Olympic Games?
  18. How many pins do you need to hit if you want a strike in bowling?
  19. What is the highest scoring ball on a Snooker Table?
  20. Which of these nations does not take part in the annual 6 nations Rugby Union Tournament? France, Spain, Italy or England
  21. Chris Froome is a what?
  22. Which manager led Tottenham Hotspur on their first UEFA Champions League campaign?
  23. Which of these is not a famous race horse? Sea Biscuit, Shergar, Mick the Miller or Red Rum
  24. What racecourse was established by Queen Anne in 1711?
  25. At which Melbourne park does the Australian F1 Grand Prix take place?
  26. What sport involves horses? Basketball, Football, Polo or Tennis
  27. In which sport can you win the Davis Cup?
  28. What changes come with dimples on golf balls?
  29. Which football club plays at Hillsborough?
  30. Which country was the host nation of the 1994 football World Cup?
  31. In which county was the first steeplechase held?
  32. Which horse won the first post-WWII Grand National?
  33. Who sponsored the Derby at the turn of the century?
  34. Which horse finished first in the last Grand National of the millennium to be abandoned?
  35. Which was the first filly to win the Derby?
  36. What was Frankie Dettori’s forst 1000 Guineas win of the 1990s?
  37. Which member of the Royal Family got married the year Aldaniti won the National?
  38. What was the last year before 1993 that the Grand National was not run?
  39. In which park is Ireland’s Clonmel Racecourse?
  40. Which horse ran the fastest Epsom Derby of the 1980s?
  41. Which Gary said, ‘This is not a normal injury. Fashanu was playing without due care and attention’?
  42. Whose departure from Lazio caused the president to remark ‘He will only return to Rome as a tourist’?
  43. Which manager suffered from the Sun’s turnip jibes?
  44. Which Brazilian great talked of ‘The beautiful game’?
  45. Which England International Peter said, ‘I often get called Quasimodo’?
  46. Who claimed in 1996 that he had ‘Given up beer and guzzling’?
  47. Which German said in 1994, ‘Me drive? Never!’?
  48. Which team did Alf Ramsey liken to ‘Animals’?
  49. ‘As daft as a brush’. Who was Bobby Robson talking about?
  50. What did Jose Mourinho say Spurs left in front of the goal after a 0-0 draw?
  51. Japan beat which team in the opening game of the 2019 Rugby World Cup?
  52. How many red balls are used in a game of snooker?
  53. Tynecastle Park is which football clubs stadium?
  54. What is professional wrestler John Cena’s famous catchphrase?
  55. In which Olympic event did Jessica Ennis-Hill win a gold medal in 2012?
  56. Which football manager is known as ‘Big Sam’?
  57. In rugby, a conversion is worth how many points?
  58. At which famous racecourse is Red Rum buried?
  59. When was the golfer Rory McIlroy awarded an MBE?
  60. The Old Firm Derby involves which two football clubs?
  61. Who is Gary Neville’s Netball playing sister?
  62. What were Joe DiMaggio’s last words?
  63. Who won BBC Sports Personality of the 20th Century?
  64. What was Muhammad Ali’s name at birth?
  65. What famous bike company is associated with Nottingham?
  66. What is the nickname of Bolton Wanderers FC?
  67. At which ground do Liverpool play?
  68. Of which football team was Elton John the chairman?
  69. Which ex-footballer is famous for claiming that the Royal Family are ‘Shape shifting reptilians’?
  70. The Bella Twins are famous professionals in which field?
  71. Which singer from New Zealand released the single ‘Tennis Court’ in 2013?
  72. How many times has Roger Federer won Wimbledon?
  73. Which force slows down a served tennis ball? (A) Gravity (B) Lift or (C) Drag
  74. Which championships make up the Grand Slam?
  75. The 2017 film Battle of the Sexes focuses on a tennis match between Billy Jean King and which male tennis player?
  76. Which two players met in three consecutive Wimbledon finals in 1988, 1989 and 1990?
  77. Roger Federer was born in which Swiss city?
  78. Who did Roger Federer beat in the final to claim his first Wimbledon title in 2003?
  79. Serena and Venus Williams played each other in four consecutive Grand Slam finals between 2002 and 2003. How many of those matches did Venus win?
  80. How many Olympic gold medals has Andy Murray won?
  81. Who was the first professional footballer to be knighted?
  82. How many lanes has an Olympic-sized swimming pool?
  83. What does ‘TT’ stand for in the Isle of Man TT Race?
  84. What are ‘Zippers’ to an American Footballer?
  85. Which of Bristol’s two major Football Clubs is oldest, City or Rovers?
  86. Who was the first woman to run a mile in under five minutes?
  87. What sporting weapon fires a quarrel?
  88. Who succeeded Ian Botham as England Cricket Captain in 1981?
  89. In which Year did Jenson Button win his first Grand Prix?
  90. How many points is a blue ball worth in snooker?
  91. Which British Indianapolis 500 winner was killed in 2011?
  92. Which Cricketer played 153 successive Tests for Australia?
  93. Who scored France’s try in the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final?
  94. Which skier won three gold medals at the 1968 Winter Olympics?
  95. Where was the game of Squash invented?
  96. Which British driver won the F1 World Championship in 1976?
  97. Who did Roger Federer beat in his first Wimbledon Final?
  98. Who was the Football Writers 2010 Player of the Year?
  99. Where is the Test Cricket ground of McLean Park?
  100. Add the sporting surname: Adam and Ben…
  101. What are Sandlotters?
  102. How many balls are used in a game of pool?
  103. How many players are there on a netball team?
  104. If a golfer loses his/her ball, what is the penalty?
  105. A table tennis game is won by the first player to reach how many points?
  106. The Westchester Cup is awarded in which Sport?
  107. Which American Team won the 2006 Super Bowl?
  108. When was the first England v Australia Test Match played?
  109. In what year did Steve Davis win his first World Title in Snooker?
  110. Which grand-slam winning Tennis player was nicknamed ‘The Rocket’?
  111. Who missed a penalty kick and put a bag on his head in a pizza place?
  112. Beardsley and Shearer have been on the spot for which club?
  113. Andy Brehme scored a World Cup final penalty for which Country?
  114. Where should a goalkeeper stand for a penalty?
  115. Who made the first Wembley save from an FA Cup Final penalty kick?
  116. Ron Flowers has been on the spot for which Country?
  117. Which England player missed in a shoot-out in Italy in 1990 but scored in Euro 96?
  118. Which Julian became a 1990’s penalty expert for West Ham?
  119. Yorke and Townsend have been on the spot for which club?
  120. Robbie Rensenbrink scored four penalties in the 1978 World Cup finals for which team?
  121. Tim Sherwood led which club to the Premiership?
  122. David Platt, Ray Parlour and Liam Brady have all played for which club?
  123. Which French superstar was European Player of the Year three times in the 80’s?
  124. According to song, who was dreaming of Wembley with Tottenham Hotspur?
  125. Which Billy was at the heart of Leed’s success in the 1960’s and 1970’s?
  126. Which English club did Kazimierz Denya join in the 70’s?
  127. Which former Liverpool Skipper moved to Sampdoria?
  128. Which midfield dynamo captained the West German’s in Italia 90?
  129. Which Gary has played for Luton, Forest, Villa and Leicester?
  130. Which London team did Stefan Schwartz play for?
  131. Mark Spitz won seven Olympic Golds at record speeds doing what?
  132. Which South American Soccer Team has won the most World Cups?
  133. How many seasons did Alan Shearer play for Newcastle? 3, 6 or 10?
  134. Lyn Davies broke the British record in which Jump Event?
  135. David Campese was leading try scorer for which Country?
  136. Which Sally was a world record hurdler and 1992 Olympic Champion?
  137. Who was made England’s youngest ever football coach in 1996?
  138. Did Roger Bannister run the first four-minute mile in Oxford or Cambridge?
  139. Was Martina Hingis 13, 15 or 17 when she first won Wimbledon doubles?
  140. Who was the first Rugby Union Player to win 100 England Caps?
  141. Graham Swann made his Test debut against which Country?
  142. How many yellow cards appeared in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final?
  143. Which Country made its Rugby World Cup debut in 2011?
  144. What is the maximum weight of a Golf Ball?
  145. What non-clothes item are Jockeys not allowed to wear?
  146. ‘Brain Fade’ is motor-racing slang for what?
  147. Which Athlete was known as ‘The Flying Housewife’?
  148. Who get to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy?
  149. Which Rugby League Player was nicknamed ‘Chariots’?
  150. Who became President of the MCC in 2010?
  151. Who won the 2005 World Snooker Championship?
  152. 2006 sadly saw the demise of which legendary racehorse at the grand old age of 27?
  153. Who was crowned Wimbledon Champion for the fourth year in a row in the 2005 Tennis Championships?
  154. Which horse and jockey team rode to victory in the 2006 Grand National?
  155. Which famous Lord, a former athlete, led the bid team that won the 2012 Olympic Games for London?
  156. Which Formula One team did Damon Hill end his motor racing career with?
  157. Where is the World’s Professional Darts Championship staged?
  158. Rugby ace Gavin Henson has an equally famous former girlfriend, can you name her?
  159. Which famous female athlete set a new women’s World Record as she stormed to victory in the 2003 London Marathon?
  160. How many consecutive Olympic Games has Sir Steve Redgrave taken the Gold Medal?
  161. As of 2017, who is the tallest player to ever play for the England National Team?
  162. Which rugby club was at the centre of the 2009 Bloodgate scandal?
  163. What is the nickname for Norwich City FC?
  164. In which sport would you go to a Basho?
  165. In the game of darts, what is the highest score possible with one dart?
  166. Which football team’s ground is Craven Cottage?
  167. How many players are there in a Baseball Team?
  168. Which English football club is called the Gunners?
  169. In what year did Ayrton Senna win his last Drivers’ World Championship?
  170. In 2006, who became the first daughter of a previous winner to become the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?
  171. Jamie Murray teamed up with which Miss Jankovic to win Wimbledon in 2007?
  172. Which Becker beat Andre Angassi in his final Grand Slam, the 2006 US Open?
  173. Where was former British Number 1 Elena Baltacha born?
  174. Who lost both his singles for Britain in their 2008 World Group relegation play-off?
  175. What feature is at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena and was at Wimbledon in 2009?
  176. Which woman tennis player’s mother was a Wimbledon finalist in 1962?
  177. With which doubles partner did John McEnroe have most success?
  178. Which British Man got to three Wimbledon semi-finals in the 60’s and 70’s?
  179. How are Mrs Barrett and Mrs Janes better known?
  180. What Nationality did Hana Mandlikova take after leaving Czechoslovakia?
  181. What sport involves ‘stones’ and a ‘house’?
  182. In which Country did golf originate?
  183. Which horse race is run at Churchill Downs?
  184. What is the name of the sport played on broomsticks in Harry Potter?
  185. What is the colour of Liverpool FC’s home kit?
  186. Who won the Wimbledon Men’s Singles
  187. Championship every year between 1976 and 1980?
  188. In which Country did Sumo Wrestling originate? Which football team is nicknamed ‘The Bluebirds’?
  189. What sport is commonly known as ‘America’s pastime’?
  190. Between 1900 and 1920, Tug of War was an Olympic event. True or False?
  191. Which darts player was known as ‘The Tornado’?
  192. How many hoops are used in a game of croquet?
  193. In which Year did Michael Jordan win his first NBA Championship with the Chicago Bulls?
  194. In which event did Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics?
  195. In which Country was Lionel Messi born?
  196. What is the maximum amount of time a golf player can look for a lost ball?
  197. Who succeeded Sven Goran Eriksson as England football manager in 2006?
  198. Which first class County Cricket Club did Phil Tufnell play for from 1986 to 2002?
  199. Which two boxers competed in the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’?
  200. In which Country does the sport camogie originate?
  201. The 2017 English Football League Cup Final was between which two teams?
  202. Which British tennis player had the biggest win of his career when he knocked Marin Cilic out of the 2017 Australian Open?
  203. Which Olympic swimmer tested his abilities by racing against a shark for a TV Channels ‘Shark Week 2017’?
  204. Which sport was granted £16.9 million in 2017, in a bid to lure more women back into sport?
  205. Which pioneering former England cricket captain (1966 to 1978), died at the age of 77 in 2017?
  206. Which football club became the first non-league side to reach the Quarter Finals of the 2017 FA Cup for 103 years when they beat Burnley 1-0 at Turf Moor?
  207. Which sports film starring Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna celebrated its 25th birthday in 2017?
  208. Which Canadian tennis player went on a date with a fan after losing a wager on the outcome of the 2017 Super Bowl?
  209. Which eccentric, outspoken and corrupt FIFA Executive turned whistleblower, died aged 72 on 12 July 2017?
  210. Which female tennis superstar picked up her first title following a recent drugs ban with victory in the 2017 Tianjin Open?
  211. In the 1984 Winter Olympics which pair won gold and became the highest scoring figure scaters?
  212. At which Racecourse is the Grand National run?
  213. In the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final, who scored his third goal in extra time?
  214. Which tennis player made it to three singles grand slam finals in 2017?
  215. The term ‘Butterfly Stroke’ is referred to in which sport?
  216. Who has won the FIFA World Cup the most?
  217. What colour do the leaders of the Tour De France wear?
  218. The term ‘Gambit’ is used in which game?
  219. The Thomas Cup is related to which sport?
  220. Which motorsport is Lewis Hamilton most famous for?
  221. Whom was tennis star Martina Hingis named after?
  222. Athlete Kelly Holmes was formerly a member of which armed service?
  223. Which snooker champ Ray was nicknamed Dracula?
  224. Whom did Andy Murray beat to win his first Olympic Gold Medal?
  225. Which racing driver was first to clock up more than 75 F1 wins?
  226. Which Greg rejected a maple leaf for a Union Jack in the 1990’s?
  227. Which Princess won the 1971 European Three Day Event?
  228. What nationality is footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović?
  229. Which Boxer’s catchphrase was ‘Know what I mean ‘Arry’’?
  230. What was cricket umpire Harold Bird’s nickname?


  1. Scotland
  2. Shrek
  3. Serbian
  4. Cricket
  5. Goodison Park
  6. Netball
  7. 4
  8. 10 – 5 from each team
  9. The player is sent off
  10. Jesse Owens
  11. Imogen Thomas
  12. Trampolining
  13. Italian
  14. Sunderland AFC
  15. Rugby
  16. Rugby Union
  17. Nadia Comaneci
  18. 10
  19. Black
  20. Spain
  21. Cyclist
  22. Mauricio Pochettino
  23. Mick the Miller
  24. Ascot
  25. Albert Park
  26. Polo
  27. Tennis
  28. Improvement of aerodynamics
  29. Sheffield Wednesday
  30. USA
  31. Limerick, Ireland
  32. Lovely Cottage
  33. Vodaphone
  34. Esha Ness
  35. Eleanor
  36. Cape Verdi
  37. Prince Charles
  38. 1945
  39. Powerstown Park
  40. Kahyasi
  41. Mabbutt
  42. Paul Gasgoine
  43. Graham Taylor
  44. Pele
  45. Beardsley
  46. Paul Gasgoine
  47. Jurgen Klinsmann
  48. Argentina
  49. Paul Gasgoine
  50. The Bus
  51. Russia
  52. 15
  53. Hearts (Heart of Midlothian FC)
  54. ‘You Can’t See Me’
  55. Heptathlon
  56. Sam Allardyce
  57. 2
  58. Aintree Racecourse
  59. 2012
  60. Celtic and Rangers in Glasgow
  61. Tracey Neville
  62. ‘I’ll finally get to see Marilyn’
  63. Muhammad Ali
  64. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr
  65. Raleigh Cycles
  66. The Trotters
  67. Anfield
  68. Watford
  69. David Icke
  70. Wrestling
  71. Lorde
  72. Eight
  73. (C) Drag
  74. Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open
  75. Bobby Riggs
  76. Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg
  77. Basel
  78. Mark Philippoussis
  79. None
  80. Two (2012 and 2016)
  81. Sir Stanley Matthews
  82. Eight
  83. Tourist Trophy
  84. Scars
  85. Bristol Rovers
  86. Diane Leather
  87. Crossbow (Bolt)
  88. Keith Fletcher
  89. 2006 (Hungarian)
  90. Five
  91. Dan Wheldon
  92. Allan Border
  93. Thierry Dusautoir
  94. Jean-Claude Killy
  95. Harrow School
  96. James Hunt
  97. Mark Philippoussis
  98. Wayne Rooney
  99. Napier (NZ)
  100. Hollioake
  101. Amateur Baseball Players
  102. 16 – 1x White & 15x Coloured balls
  103. 7
  104. One stroke is added the his/her score
  105. 11
  106. Polo
  107. The Pittsburgh Steelers
  108. 1877
  109. 1981
  110. Rod Laver
  111. Gareth Southgate
  112. Newcastle United
  113. West Germany
  114. On the Goal line and between the posts
  115. Dave Beasant
  116. England
  117. Stuart Pearce
  118. Dicks
  119. Aston Villa
  120. Holland
  121. Blackburn Rovers
  122. Arsenal
  123. Michel Platini
  124. Osvaldo Ardiles
  125. Bremner
  126. Manchester City
  127. Graeme Souness
  128. Lothar Matthaus
  129. Parker
  130. Arsenal
  131. Swimming
  132. Brazil
  133. 10 Years
  134. Long Jump
  135. Australia
  136. Gunnell
  137. Glenn Hoddle
  138. Oxford
  139. 15
  140. Jason Leonard
  141. India
  142. 14
  143. Russia
  144. 46g
  145. Beards
  146. Driver error
  147. Fanny Blankers-Koen
  148. Winners of the NFL Super Bowl (USA)
  149. Martin Offiah
  150. Christopher Martin-Jenkin
  151. Shaun Murphy
  152. Desert Orchid
  153. Roger Federer
  154. Numbersixvalverde, ridden by Niall Madden
  155. Lord Sebastian Coe
  156. Williams
  157. Lakeside, Frimley
  158. Charlotte Church
  159. Paula Radcliffe
  160. Five
  161. Peter Crouch (6ft 7in)
  162. Harlequins
  163. Canaries
  164. Sumo Wrestling
  165. 60
  166. Fulham
  167. Nine
  168. Arsenal
  169. 1991
  170. Zara Phillips
  171. Jelena
  172. Benjamin
  173. Kiev
  174. Alex Bogdanovich
  175. A retractable roof
  176. Helena Sukova
  177. Peter Fleming
  178. Roger Taylor
  179. Angela Mortimer, Christine Truman
  180. Australian
  181. Curling
  182. Scotland
  183. Kentucky Derby
  184. Quidditch
  185. Red
  186. Bjorn Borg
  187. Japan
  188. Cardiff City
  189. Baseball
  190. True
  191. Tony West
  192. Six
  193. 1991
  194. Ski Jumpig
  195. Argentina
  196. 5 Minutes
  197. Steve McClaren
  198. Middlesex
  199. Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier
  200. Ireland
  201. Manchester United and Southampton
  202. Dan Evans
  203. Michael Phelps
  204. Netball
  205. Racheal Heyhoe Flint
  206. Lincoln City
  207. A League Of Their Own
  208. Eugenie Bouchard
  209. Chuck Blazer
  210. Maria Sharapova
  211. Torvill & Dean
  212. Aintree
  213. Geoff Hurst
  214. Rafael Nadal
  215. Swimming
  216. Brazil
  217. Yellow
  218. Chess
  219. Badminton
  220. Formula One
  221. Martina Navratilova
  222. Army
  223. Reardon
  224. Roger Federer
  225. Michael Schumacher
  226. Rusedski
  227. Anne
  228. Swedish
  229. Frank Bruno
  230. Dickie Bird