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  1. Who sang the theme tune to Pixar’s Toy Story films?
  2. What was the first children’s toy advertised on TV in 1952
  3. Name the classic child’s toy that uses aluminium powder to create images on a small screen?
  4. Name the table top game that uses miniature football players and a flick of the finger to demonstrate your skills?
  5. Which ‘Robots in disguise’ made the leap from toy to TV series and then feature film franchise?
  6. What doll, created in 1959 was named after the inventor’s daughter?
  7. Play Doh was originally invented for what purpose?
  8. Which two countries banned the hula hoop in the 1950’s?
  9. In 2001 Yasmin, Jade, Cloe and Sasha became serious competitors to Barbie how are these dolls collectively known?
  10. What was the nationality of professor Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube?


  1. Randy Newman
  2. Mr Potato Head
  3. Etch-a-Sketch
  4. Subbuteo
  5. Transformers
  6. Barbie
  7. Wallpaper Cleaner
  8. Japan and Russia
  9. Bratz Dolls
  10. Hungarian




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