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  1. Alfred was the name of Batman’s butler
  2. A tine is the name for the end of a shoelace
  3. If a Polish flag is displayed upside-down, it becomes the Thailand flag
  4. The second most-commonly used letter in the English language is ‘T’
  5. The Lone Ranger’s real name was John Reid
  6. Slugs do not have noses
  7. Tonto’s horse was called Scout
  8. It is estimated that 9% of the world’s dog population has only 3 legs
  9. Magellan was the first man to travel around the earth
  10. Bilbao is Spain’s largest port
  11. Kansas is the flattest state in the USA
  12. The Battle of Hastings took place on 14 October 1066
  13. There are 1 million ants for every human in the World
  14. The Scientific name for tennis elbow is ‘Tinea Pedis’
  15. There are 10 players on a women’s lacrosse team
  16. Justin Timberlake was the youngest member of 1990’s boy band ‘N Sync.’
  17. The Nebula Awards celebrate work in the field of astronomy
  18. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
  19. Switzerland has four official national languages
  20. In the geologic timescale, the Cretaceous Period followed the Triassic Period
  21. Britpop band Oasis were originally called The Rain
  22. Christopher Lee, who played a James Bond villain, is Bond author Ian Flemings cousin
  23. The longest river in the UK is the River Severn
  24. Dalmatian dogs have pure white coats when they are born
  25. Platform 9¾ is where Harry Potter boards the Hogwarts Express
  26. In Disney’s The Jungle Book, the snakes name is Shere Khan
  27. George Harrison was the youngest member of The Beatles
  28. Alfred Hitchcock made cameo appearances in 39 of his 52 major films
  29. A musical octave consists of eight notes
  30. A ton of bricks weighs more than a ton of feathers
  31. English computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, invented the Word Wide Web
  32. Rhinoceros horns are made from hair
  33. A baby Whale is called a calf
  34. Disney Princess Aurora is better known as the ‘Beauty’ in Beauty and the Beast
  35. Spheksophobia is the fear of wasps
  36. Frankenstein was the name of the monsters creator, not the monster itself
  37. The dictator Idi Amin was also known as the ‘Butcher of Uganda’
  38. India is the largest producer of films in the world
  39. Although never the same, snowflakes always have six sides
  40. Debbie Reynolds, star of the 1952 musical Singin’ In The Rain, is Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher’s mother
  41. Al Capone’s first full name was Alphonso
  42. Male mosquitoes don’t bite people
  43. Sharks have a sixth sense to detect electricity and vibration
  44. A whale is a type of fish
  45. John Wayne never won an Oscar
  46. The bar in the TV Show Cheers was situated below a restaurant called Melville’s Seafood
  47. An ‘Ortanique’ is a fruit thats a cross between an orange and a grapefruit
  48. Ziggy Stardust was Frank Zappa’s alter ego
  49. In Golf, the fringe of the green is called the ‘apron’
  50. Bumblebees live in nests with 50 to 400 bees


  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False
  7. True
  8. False
  9. False
  10. True
  11. False
  12. True
  13. True
  14. False
  15. False
  16. True
  17. False
  18. True
  19. True
  20. False
  21. True
  22. True
  23. True
  24. True
  25. True
  26. False
  27. True
  28. True
  29. True
  30. False
  31. True (www was born in 1989)
  32. True
  33. True
  34. False
  35. True
  36. True
  37. True
  38. True
  39. True
  40. True
  41. True
  42. True
  43. True
  44. False
  45. False
  46. True
  47. False
  48. False
  49. True
  50. True