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'God Save the Queen' is the oldest National Anthem that is still in use today. What year was it first performed? 1745, 1845 or 1945?1745
In Gaelic, Whiskey is known as Uisge Beatha (ish-key Byah-ha). What does Uisge Beatha mean?Water of Life
What percentage of Welsh can speak in their Native Tongue?0.21
Before becoming an actress, what did Julie Walters originally train to be?A Nurse
How many grandchildren did Queen Victoria (1819-1901) have?42
At what age did Horatio Nelson join the Royal Navy?12
True or False? By 1949, it was estimated that 81% of men and 39% of women in the UK were smokers?True
What are Natives of Leeds known as?Loiners
Laila Morse who plays Mo Harris in EastEnders is the elder sister to which English Actor and Filmmaker?Gary Oldham
Wales has a population of just over 3 million people, what population of sheep does Wales have?Approx. 9 million
What was the occupation of Leicester-based, Henry Walker who served his first cooked sliced potato in 1945 and founded Walkers Crisps in 1948?Butcher
In her life-time, how long does the average British Woman spend looking in the mirror?Two Years
Where is the oldest Mormon congregation in the World?Preston
How many of the 30 'Carry On' Films did Barbara Windsor appear in?9
When he left school, the headmaster of Which English Billionaire told him 'I predict you will either go to prison on become a Millionaire'?Sir Richard Branson
True or False? Sherlock Holmes never said 'Elementary, my dear Watson' in any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Novels?True
In Britain, were infant mortality rates higher in 1800 or 1900?1900
In 2003 a traffic warden issued 101 tickets in 1 day. Why did all 101 tickets get cancelled?It was May Day Bank Holiday (Free Parking)
Queen Anne (1665-1714) had 17 children but how many of them died before she did?All of them
Bethlehem is not only a town in Israel, but is also a tiny farming village in which Welsh county?Carmarthenshire
What pet did super-nurse Florence Nightingale always travel with?Owl
How many assassination attempts did Queen Victoria survive?Seven
The last horse-drawn bus ran in London on 25 October 1911. True or False?True
In 2002, why did MP's sign a motion to bring cats into the Houses of Parliament?To deal with the growing problem of mice
What inspired 3-time Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Chris Hoy to start cycling?The 1982 Film, E.T
The phrase 'Girl Power' is often associated with which 1990's girl band?The Spice Girls
Is it only the male or only the female wasp that stings?Female
Which chocolate biscuit was the first to be advertised b name rather than by the company that manufactured it?Penguin
What breed of dog has to be delivered by Caesarean section, as their large heads mean that they can get stuck in the birth canal?Bulldog
What is the most popular month to get married?August
The Slaughter, Heel and Station Stones can be found where in Britain?Stonehenge
Who was the only British prime minister to have spoken English as a second language?David Lloyd George
The Angel of the North was completed in 1998 and designed by which sculptor?Anthony Gormley
The world’s oldest surviving working clock is in which British cathedral?Salisbury Cathedral
The worker bee is widely used as a symbol of which British City?Manchester
One American State still has the Union Jack as part of its state flag – which is it?Hawaii
What is the only team from outside Scotland that plays in the Scottish Professional Football League?Berwick Rangers FC
Which City was the inaugural UK City of Culture in 2013?Derry / Londonderry
Which English King’s remains were discovered under a Leicester city centre car park?Richard III
What was Liverpool John Lennon Airport previously known as?Speke Airport
Scouse is a popular stew made up of cheap cuts of meat and as many potatoes as possible. What would it mean to eat 'blind scouse'?No Meat
Who is the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated?Spencer Perceval
Which Prime Minister led Britain to victory in WW1?David Lloyd George
How did Charles I die?Execution (beheading)
Traditionally found in the industrial north, Pease Pudding is made by simmering a muslin bag of split peas in a stockpot of ham. But why is the southern town of Pease Pottage named after this dish?For providing pease pudding to convicts being transported to the South Coast
What is inside a ‘Welsh Cake’?Dried Fruit
A modern version of the Scottish speciality dish called haggis can be ordered in fancy restaurants under the title of 'Flying Scotsman'. What is this dish?Chicken breast stuffed with haggis
Depending where you are in the UK, you'll need to ask for a roll, bap, barm cake, bun, buttery or even a stottie cake. So where in the UK would you be if you order a cob?West Midlands
On which river is the city of Liverpool located?Mersey
Which band member from the British rock band, The Who, was the first person in rock n' roll history to smash an instrument on stage during a live show?Pete Townsend
Whom did Margaret Thatcher replace as the leader of the Tories?Edward Heath
In pop, who was the king of the wild frontier?Adam Ant
Deadly Nightshade is related to which vegetable?Potato
Alphabetically, which is the last County?Worcestershire
In which year did Celtic FC first have numbers on the back of their shirts?1994
0131 is the dialling code of which City in the UK?Edinburgh
Which English King died at the age of 14?Edward VI
Who sits on the Woolsack?Lord Chancellor
What plant was originally known as the love apple?Tomato
Are the Channel Islands a part of the United Kingdom?No
Who was Britain’s first Olympic Gold Medalist in a throwing event?Tessa Sanderson
A fizzy drink popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s was called ‘Dandelion and ……. ‘?Burdock



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