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What is Carl looking at right before he gets shot in Season 2?A Deer
What is the name of the Governors Daughter?Penny
What word does Morgan write over and over again in Season 3?Clear
What game do Beth and Daryl play after a harrowing day at the Country Club?Never Have I Ever
What was Glen’s job before the apocalypse?Pizza Delivery
What position does Rick hold at the Police Station before the outbreakSheriff
Where did Glenn get the ring to propose to Maggie?A Walkers Hand
Where was Carol’s Daughter, Sophia, eventually found?Hershel’s Barn
Who rescued Rick and the others from Terminus?Carol
Why did Carl almost shoot Rick?He thought he was a walker
How did Carol prepare to operate on Lori?Operate on a walker
Who killed Merle?The Governor
Who was handcuffed to the roof in Season 1?Merle
Who shot Carl?Otis
What did Hershel keep in his Barn?Walkers
Who was left behind when they leave the prison?Andrea
What does Michonne get for Carl in the Café?Family Photo
What name does Lizzie and Mika give to a walker?Nick
What does Carol tell Lizzie to look at before shooting her?Flowers
What does the man at the CDC tell Rick?They all have the disease