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‘Build your own’ quiz night with a large selection of pub quiz questions


176 Questions

The Opossum and Skunk are famous for what?Bad Smell
What is another name for the grey wolf?Timber Wolf
Which animal is known as the ‘King of the Beasts’?Lion
Which creatures diet consists almost entirely of eucalyptus leaves?Koala
Which bird can only eat when its head is upside down?Flamingo
Where on their bodies do hamsters store food for later consumption?Cheeks
What are male honeybees called?Drones
What is the small extra toe on a dogs foot called?Dewclaw
What animal's name means 'Twig Eater'?Moose
What's an animal that lacks pigmentation called?Albino
Collies were originally bred to do what job?Herd Sheep
What do gecko's do with the skin they shed?Eat It
A fish breathes through what?Gills
A leveret is a young what?Hare
A Mollusc’s body is covered in what?Shell
A sardine is a young what?Herring
Approximately, how much of the Earth's water is in the oceans? 67%, 87% or 97%97%
Are crocodiles carnivorous or herbivorous?Carnivorous
Are Mammals warm-blooded or cold-blooded?Warm-blooded
Blue, Fin and Humpback are all types of what?Whale
Caviar is the name given to which fish's eggs, seen by many as a great delicacy?Sturgeon
Do tigers hunt in packs or alone?Alone
From what country did the Yorkie breed dog originate?England
From what country does the Doberman Pinscher originate?Germany
From which animal would you get mohair?Goats
Great White and Hammerhead are types of what?Sharks
How does a Tiger hunt?Alone
How many legs does a Seahorse have?None
How many legs does an adult insect have?Six
How many lives is a cat said to have?Nine
How many movie versions of Black Beauty had been made up to 1997?Three
How many tentacles does a squid have?10
How much of an iceberg is visible on or above the surface of the sea? 12%, 50% or 90%12%
In Finding Nemo, what type of fish is Nemo?Clownfish
In which Continent would you find the Coachwhip Snake. Asia, North America or Europe?North America
In which Country are Emus found in their natural habitat?Australia
In which Decade was the first Lassie film made?1940’s
In which film does Tom Hanks use the help of a dog to solve a murder?Turner and Hooch
In which hemisphere do penguins live in the wild?Southern
Name the world’s first mammal to be cloned from an adult cellDolly the Sheep
Nurse and tiger are both types of what?Shark
On whose novel was 101 Dalmatians based?Dodie Smith
Shrews have acute sense if smell and hearing to compensate for which weak sense?Sight
The Bandicoot is a marsupial from which Country?Australia
The Chipmunk is related to which creature?Squirrel
The Dodo was an endemic bird from which island?Mauritius
The llama is native to which continent?South America
The Merino is a breed of which animal?Sheep
The name of which breed of dog literally means 'badger dog'?Dachshund
The Northern Gannet hunts in association with which aquatic mammal?Dolphins
The Orangutan in the wild is restricted to Sumatra and where?Borneo
The peregrine is a type of which bird?Falcon
The Sea Elephant is the largest of what type of creature?Seal
The Whale Shark is the largest what?Fish
The word ‘Octo’ means an Octopus has how many tentacles?Eight
True or False: The Black Mamba is the largest venomous snake in Africa?True
True or False: The Steller Sea Lion is the World's largest sea lion?True
True or False? Usain Bolt is faster than a cheetahFalse
What are Salmon called during the first two years of their life?Parr
What are the main respiratory organs of fishes and many aquatic animals?Gills
What bird is a merganser a type of?Duck
What breed of dog features in ‘K-9’?Alsatian
What breed of dog was Beethoven?St Bernard
What can be Persian Long Hair, British Short Hair or Oriental Short Hair?Cat
What colour fur does a baby grey seal have?White
What colour is a Kingfisher’s back?Blue
What do all mammals feed their babies on?Milk
What do carnivorous animals live on?Meat
What do marine mammals feed their babies on?Milk
What do Pelicans mostly feed on?Fish
What is a baby lion called?Cub
What is a baby whale called?Calf
What is a female sheep called?Ewe
What is a Kookaburra?A Bird
What is a young penguin called?Chick
What is Dorothy’s Dog called in The Wizard Of Oz?Toto
What is the biggest mammal in the World?Whale (Blue Whale)
What is the name for a whale's layer of fat?Blubber
What is the name of Britain’s only venomous reptile?Adder (Common Viper)
What is the name of the heaviest mammal which lives in the sea?Blue Whale
What is the neck region of a Cobra called?Hood
What is the only bird that can fly backwards?Hummingbird
What is the only type of mammal that can fly?The Bat
What is the principle lioness called in ‘Born Free’?Elsa
What is the world's largest fish?Whale Shark
What kind of animal is a Hobby? Bird
What kind of animal is a Wolverine? Mammal
What percentage of all living animals are rodents?0.4
What predominant colour is an Irish Terrier dog?Red
What sort of Animal was the star of Gus?Mule
What sort of creature is a cisticola?Bird
What sort of creature is a Tasmanian Devil?Marsupial
What sort of feet do tortoises have?Claws
What sort of Whale was Willie?Orca (Killer Whale)
What term is used to describe a group of fish?School
What type of animal is a booby?A Bird (Sea Bird)
What type of bird is the only one that can fly backwards as well as upside-down?Hummingbird
What type of creature is a Black Widow?Spider
What type of creature is a Mandrill?Monkey
What type of creature is a Portuguese man-of-war?Jellyfish
What type of creature is an Aylesbury?Duck
What was Clint Eastwood’s Co-Star in Every Which Way But Loose?Orang-utan
What was the first animal to be domesticated?Goats
What was the first Lassie film called?Lassie Come Home
What was the Lone Ranger’s horse called?Silver
What was the most successful ‘Creature’ film of the 1970’s?Jaws
What was the sequel to ‘The Incredible Journey’ called?Homeward Bound
What was the sequel to Beethoven called?Beethoven’s Second
Where do Koala’s live?Australia
Where do Sloths live?Trees
Where does a Kangaroo keep its young?In a pouch
Where does a marine creature live?In the sea
Where would you find a Fossa. India, Argentina or Madagascar?Madagascar
Where would you find Plankton?In the Sea
Which actress founded the Born Free Foundation after appearing in the movie?Virginia McKenna
Which animal adopts the piglet in Babe?Sheepdog
Which animal can turn saltwater into freshwater?Penguin
Which animal is considered to be the Chinese treasure?Panda
Which Animal is nicknamed the ‘ship of the desert’?Camel
Which animal’s nickname is ‘Ship of the Desert’?Camel
Which bird can remember human faces for up to 5 years?A crow
Which bird has the longest migration route?Arctic Tern
Which black and white Mammal lives in China’s bamboo forests?Panda
Which breed of dog can run the fastest?The Greyhound
Which breed of spaniel shares its name with a king?King Charles
Which city has a unique cat sanctuary which floats on one of the canals?Amsterdam
Which cord connects the placenta to the embryo in mammals?Umbilical
Which Country has the most Asian Elephants in their natural habitat?India
Which Country is the setting of Born Free?Kenya
Which creatures contributed to the most successful film of 1993?Dinosaurs
Which creatures predominate in Deep Blue Sea?Sharks
Which dog breed was originally bred for rescue missions in the Swiss Alps?St Bernard
Which extinct flightless bird has the Latin name Didus Ineptus?Dodo
Which farm animal chew the cud?Cows
Which film about rats had a theme song with lyrics by Don Black?Ben
Which film was described as ‘Eight Legs. Two Fangs. And an attitude’?Arachnophobia
Which fish has been nicknamed 'Tin Plate'?Silver Bream
Which fish shares its name with a sports boot?Skate
Which fish was at the centre of the so-called fishing wars involving Great Britain and Iceland?Cod
Which group of animals shares its name with an archbishop?Primate
Which hole helps a dolphin to breathe?Blowhole
Which horse eventually had co-star billing with Gene Autry?Champion
Which is the most intelligent? Baboon, Chimpanzee or Gorilla?Chimpanzee
Which is the world's longest insect?Chinese Stick Insect
Which land mammal has the largest ears?(African) Elephant
Which land mammal has the largest ears?(African) Elephant
Which large American frog can jump up to 6 feet?Bullfrog
Which large water bird has a pouch underneath its long bill in which it stores fish?Pelican
Which living bird lays the biggest eggs in the World?The Ostrich (Eggs around 15 cm long, 13 cm wide)
Which movie saw a creature threatening Amity off the Long Island Resort?Jaws
Which nationality Man O’War is a Sea Creature?Portuguese
Which nocturnal beetle is also known as the 'glow-worm' or 'lightning bug'?Firefly
Which northerly US State is famous for the Brown Bear?Alaska
Which of the following is not a type of whale? Blue, Gold or WhiteGold
Which of the following is the crayfish related to? lobster, sardine or whaleLobster
Which of the Primates’ senses are the weakest?Smell
Which of these birds has be known to attack live sheep: Kestrel, Buzzard or Kea?Kea
Which of these is not a fish - cod, osprey or perch?Osprey
Which one of these creatures has pincers – Dolphin, Lobster or Seal?Lobster
Which part of its body does a snake use to detect noise?Jaw
Which part of the human includes loops and whorls?Fingerprint
Which predatory whale is also named the 'Wolf of the Water'?Orca (Killer Whale)
Which Progressive Rock Stars released an album entitled ‘Animals’ featuring Battersea Power Station on the cover?Pink Floyd
Which sea creature is known as a Portuguese Man of War?Jellyfish
Which studio made the seven official ‘Lassie’ films?MGM
Which term best describes the eyesight of a whale? excellent, outstanding or poorPoor
Which veteran, and former child star, was one of the voices in the 80s The Fox and the Hound?Mickey Rooney
Which weighs the most – African Elephant, Hippopotamus or White Rhinoceros?African Elephant
Which wild animal is the domesticated dog descended from?Wolf
Which wild dog of Central and North America is also known as a prairie wolf?Coyote
Which word would describe a Wombats diet?Herbivorous
White Fang is a cross between which two animals?Dog and Wolf
Who has the most teeth, reptiles, fish or mammals?Reptiles
Who or what was Andre in the film of the same name?Seal
Who was the voice of Rocky in the animated film ‘Chicken Run’?Mel Gibson
Who wrote the book on which ‘Babe’ was based?Dick King-Smith