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In the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, where does Roger Rabbit live?Toontown
What does the Energizer Bunny wear on his feet?Flip-Flops
How did Peter Rabbit get into trouble?He snuck into Farmer McGregor's garden
How is Benjamin Bunny related to Peter Rabbit?Cousins
What kind of accent is Bugs Bunny supposed to have?Brooklyn
In Alice in Wonderland, what intriguing item does the White Rabbit possess?A pocket-watch
What is the name of the Swiss chocolate manufacturer that produces rabbit-shaped chocolates?Lindt
In the famous children’s book of the same name, what colour was the Velveteen Rabbit?Brown and White
In the novel Watership Down, how many 'black stones' did Kehaar get out of Hazel's leg?2
In Winnie the Pooh, what is Tigger's Nickname for Rabbit?Long Ears


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