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EMMA’S - 1. Who was once a Spice Girl? 2. Who married Greg Wise in 2003? 3. Who took over as fallon Carrington Colby in Dynasty? Watson, Bunton, Thompson or SammsWatson
COCKTAILS - 1. Which cocktail contains Cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice? 2. Which cocktail is usually served with a green olive? 3. Which cocktail is the national beverage of Puerto Rico? Pina Colada, Martini, Sidecar or Harveyu WallbangerHarvey Wallbanger
EAGLES HITS - 1. Which Eagles song includes the line ‘She’ll beat you if she’s able’? 2. Which song won a Grammy in 1977 as Record of the Year? 3. Which single was released in 2006? New Kid in Town, Hotel California, Desperado or No More Cloudy DaysNew Kid in Town
FAMOUS SIGHTS - 1. Where would you be if you visited the Alhambra Palace? 2. Which city is home to the Cathedral of St Basil? 3. Where is the famous Raffles Hotel? Singapore, Granada, Brisbane or MoscowBrisbane
SINGERS IN FILMS - 1. Which singer made an early appearance in ‘Easy Rider’? 2. Which singer starred in the 1969 version on ‘True Grit’? 3. The film ‘Performance’ starred James Fox and which singer? Toni Basil, Glen Campbell, Mick Jagger or David BowieDavid Bowie
FICTIONAL PIGS - 1. Which pig in literature was based on Joseph Stalin? 2. Which pig did Charlotte save from slaughter? 3. Which pig is known for his stuffer? Wilbur, Porky Pig, Napoleon or Gub-GubGub Gub
SUPERHEROES - 1. Which superhero’s real name is Billy Batson? 2. Who is John Reid also known as? 3. Dick Grayson becomes which superhero? The Lone Ranger, Spiderman, Robin or Captain MarvelSpiderman
BRITISH QUEENS - 1. Who was known as ‘the Virgin Queen’? 2. Who was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon? 3. Who married George of Denmark? Victoria, Mary I, Elizabeth I or AnneVictoria
BEATLES SONGS - 1. Which song is the opening track on the 1969 album Abbey Road? 2. Which song is also the title of a 1964 film starring The Beatles? 3. On which record do none of The Beatles play instruments? A Hard Days Night, Eleanor Rigby, Come Together or YesterdayYesterday
NUTS - 1. Which nuts are used to make marzipan? 2. Which nuts come from the same order as blueberries and tea? 3. Which nuts are really legumes? Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, BrazilsCashews


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