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Which competitive sport had its hi-tech clothing banned in 2010?Swimming
The abbreviation OS usually stands for what?Operating System
Which 2014 film, see’s Benedict Cumberbatch play real life British cryptanalyst, Alan Turing?The Imitation Game
When was the first iPhone released? July 2005, December 2006 or June 20072007-06-01 00:00:00
Who recorded a song called ‘Computer Love’ from the album ‘Computer World’ in 1981?Kraftwerk
What were first broadcast on the BBC on 5 February 1924?The Greenwich Time Signal (the hourly ‘pips’ on the radio)
What 2012 pop song became the first YouTube video to reach one billion, and the two billion views?Gangnam Style by Psy
Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of which university to launch Facebook?Harvard University
What is the name of Elon Musk’s rocket manufacturing business with which he aims to colonise Mars?SpaceX
How many foreign languages does Bill Gates speak?None


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