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Which 1979 science fiction/horror film, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Sigourney Weaver, names its monster in the title?Alien
Which literary fantasy classic, made into an epic film trilogy in the early 21st Century, had creatures including the Balrog and Shelob?The Lord of the Rings
True or False, Despite its legendary status, there was no feature film made about the Loch Ness monster in the 20th century?False
Which creatures appear in both the movie "The Lost Boys" and the book "'Salem's Lot"?Vampires
Not all monsters are scary, even in video games. What is the less-than-scary name given to a minigame within "Final Fantasy IX"?Friendly Monsters
Which monster, commonly referred to as a Lycanthrope, first appeared in medieval literature as a placid creature, but later went on to be portrayed as a violent half-man, half-animal killer?Werewolf
What kind of lagoon did the creature from the now infamous cult 1954 film come from?Black
The TV series "LOST" included several monsters: perhaps the most puzzling was the "smoke monster". What does this monster turn out to be?A Man
Which TV show revolved around a family including Frankenstein's monster married to a vampire, with a werewolf son?The Munsters
Which 1986 novel, made into a 1990 film, centres around a clown named Pennywise who exploits the fears of the victims it stalks?IT


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