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Who ruled England for nine days in 1553? Earl Grey or Lady Jane GreyLady Jane Grey
Before all-porcelain false teeth were perfected in the nineteenth century, what were dentures often made from? The teeth of dead dogs or The teeth pulled from soldiers who had been killed in battleThe teeth pulled from soldiers who had been killed in battle
Under what name did Simon and Garfunkel perform in their early days? Tom and Jerry or Pixie and DixieTom and Jerry
What is Cornish Yarg Cheese covered in? Anchovies or NettlesNettles
Which American City is home to the Liberty Bell? Philadelphia or BuffaloPhiladelphia
What did Peter the Great of Russia insist should be kept in a jar of alcohol on his wife’s bedside table? His false teeth or The severed head of her loverThe severed head of her lover
What can a mudskipper do that most other fish cant? Swim backwards or Move around on dry landMove around on dry land
What is the name of Bill Clinton’s wife? Hillary or MonicaHillary
Who face can be seen on an Australian $100 dollar note? Dame Nellie Melba or Skippy the bush kangarooDame Nellie Melba
Who co-founded Microsoft? Steve Jobs or Bill GatesBill Gates



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